Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


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Good article and interview with a psychiatrist who clearly states that what we have now is mass delusional psychosis.

Cheah goes on to review a number of irrational behaviors that have become all too commonplace, such as parents being kicked off planes because their young children refuse to wear a mask during the flight, or people having hysterical meltdowns when they see a person not wearing a mask.

The science3 is quite clear about the risk posed by asymptomatic individuals, meaning anyone who feels perfectly healthy yet may have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 with a PCR test set to an excessively high cycle threshold. They pose an exceptionally low risk to others, if any risk at all. Science is even clearer on healthy individuals who test negative for SARS-CoV-2. You simply cannot spread a virus you do not have.

The bulk of published science4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 also shows that masks do not prevent the spread of viral infections, and this is particularly true if you're wearing cloth masks,12 surgical masks or masks with vents.

Despite all of that, many still enter a state of hysteria when they see an unmasked person, even if they look perfectly healthy and clearly are not suffering from any kind of respiratory issue. This is a highly irrational state that has no basis in reality.

You have even snippets of Fauci and other medical officials saying still in march 2020 that masks don't work, that asymptomatic do not spread, that every PCR test above 35 cycles is meaningless - also the PCR test must only be done with the symptomatic and thus sick - never with asymptomatic because it's meaningless for them.

It seems to me as if the elite was even surprised how easily the peasants jumped on the hysteria bandwagon, so they upped it up themselves. They created essentially mass hysteria and are unning that pony until the full New World Order and Gulag Dictatorship.

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Well, there goes any respect I had for "peer review."

It's one of those terms "BELIEVE SCIENCE!" people love to throw around, and I used to think it meant something. It probably used to, when scientists were straight white male nerds trained in the scientific method.


It seems to me as if the elite was even surprised how easily the peasants jumped on the hysteria bandwagon, so they upped it up themselves.

We have a big problem with the judicial system.
I,m not even talking about the defacto martial law - billions of taxpayer money gets spent for a pointless fight against the seasonal flu.
The judicial system is supposed to be a safeguard against insanities like that.
The NHS is encouraging people to add these photo frames to their profile pictures. Amazing that they have to run such intense ad campaign during a pandemic so awful that you can't see any evidence for it around you...


Edit: Note the "thank you NHS" in the heart. Something about that seems really self-congratulatory, arrogant, and conceited. They are making you be grateful. NHS worship is the new cult. Chant the mantra "thank you NHS" for salvation.
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Edit. Post's deleted. After looking for the source, there is no way to verify or authenticate the original post/data. Getting too old for this.
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I’m a clinical lab scientist, C19 is fake, Wake Up America​

I watched the video of this guy, who claims to be a scientist, and didn't find anything to verify who he is. If I can't ascertain a person's credentials, he's a nobody.


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Big problem in Germany - the covid numbers are dropping and they can't push them up as their medical system is not corrupt enough. If only they could cripple healthcare more, refuse even car accidents entry to hospitals, count every hospital-patient automatically as a covid patient - then they would be up. And I am not kidding because some European countries are doing just that - everyone who enters a hospital gets counted automatically as covid-suspected and is added to the daily list even if he came to have his cut on his finger treated.

And now we are getting a significant uptick in heat in Europe, so it looks really bad for them. Germany as well as many countries are absolute vaccine skeptics with a single-digit flu vaxx rate and this covid vaxx is also hardly accepted.

But I am sure that the ruling psychopaths will think of something to keep the country shut down and covid1984 on track to the global gulag.
I just had this random thought about event 201:

The fact that it's NEVER mentioned in MSM speaks volumes.

Why wouldn't they write piece after piece about this? How much more interesting can a story get? After all it wasn't a secret or anything conspiratorial. It was out in the open and we should be thanking our leaders in business and politics for being so thoughtful.

Let's do a crazy thought experiment: Pretend our governments and leaders were wholly benevolent (like they claim) and fully transparent (like they claim).

Can you imagine the bragging and boasting that would take place if a pandemic were to hit a mere couple of months after they practiced such a scenario?
You wouldn't be able live a day without being reminded that your leaders had supernatural premonition and saved hundreds of thousands of lives by being prepared for all this.

But they don't.

Despite them always having nothing but praise for themselves, their actions and their abilities noone wants to mention that they saw this coming.

Weird, eh?

But when you leave the thought experiment it's obvious again:

They don't mention it because they don't want people thinking too hard about why it took place. And whether other events like this have taken place. And who sponsors them... and... and... and...
Yes, man. It's what they don't say that exposes them. I've known that the MSM is in the tank for years. They won't touch the family court junta, they won't touch Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, they promote the crap out of the Pharma cartel and medical industrial complex- etc etc....

This is a very reliable tell for any organization or any person. Want to know how I can be certain that Trump was in the tank? Because he wouldn't touch Canada, the UK, or Australia.


a random ZH comment on the "500 000 covid deaths milestone"

500 000 "deaths". Only 6% of those 500,000 deaths had only COVID as the cause of death; the rest had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities per the CDC official stat available on their website for all to see.

"More Americans succumbed to the virus last year than those killed by chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, flu and pneumonia combined in 2019."

BS. Actual deaths from JUST COVID are in the 30K range, according to the CDC; the rest are primary deaths such as heart attack with a positive Covid test.

Wonder why no one's dying from the flu this season? Because hospitals get paid when it's listed as a Covid death.

6% of 500,000 is 30,000

Do you know what the annual deaths for flu are in the US in the previous years? 30,000.
Do you know how many deaths for the flu for last year? Miraculously, for the first time in history, nill.

Anyone that still believes there was or is a pandemic or that Covid-19 poses a risk at all to anyone healthy under 70 is unsalvageable.

Think back a year ago, we had all this crazy propaganda coming out of China. Remember the reports of people falling down and dying on the sidewalk? Remember seeing Chinese welding people in their homes, spraying disinfectant on the streets with water trucks and reports of people’s skin turning black from WuFlu? Then think about the backlash from the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi urging people to go to a Chinese New Year Celebration and hug a Chinaman or that was racist. Schumer pulled the same stunt in NY in Chinatown. Then Trump got pig piled on for being racist and xenophobic for closing the borders. Queue up media hysteria, daily briefings, total alarmism, and people got freaked. CDC and surgeon general telling people to not wear masks. Hospital ships being deployed and all the fake news about hospitals being overwhelmed, freezer trucks with bodies and mass graves being dug in NYC. Democrat Mayors and Governors went nuts with Covid related tyranny that people went along with because it was the right thing to do and Republicans reluctantly followed suit. Small business got crushed, Trump’s economy was in ruins, travel, lodging, food and beverage, retail sectors of the economy were targeted and destroyed. Only the big box stores and online retail was thriving...all selling massive amounts of Chinese crap. China’s economy was booming and they relaxed all of their restrictions as soon as their enemies all locked down.

By May, the pandemic was pretty much over. People were starting to calm down. But a new plan was firmly in place by then to steal the election. Queue up the Summer of Floyd. This was a deep state **** test to see if Trump would take some action, Trump was so engrossed with pandering to blacks that he was paralyzed by optics of being called racist. His failure to act was the green light to steal the election. They at this point went all in with the testing using blatantly inaccurate PCR tests with insanely inflated amplification thresholds to create the second wave hysteria.

The new narrative became Trump rallies are super-spreader events. Ignore the looting and riots in over 140 cities. It was the evil Trumpians that were to blame. Queue up massive media hysteria terrorizing the people and Democrats doubling down on restrictions and lockdowns in NY, Chicago, California, Michigan and phase two was firmly in sway all driven by the new data showing resurgence that was all make believe based on fraudulent PCR tests. Democrat governors (and some Republicans) now were firmly on course with the program knowing that the only way to recoup their losses was to ensure the election was rigged so they could get bail out money. TX, GA, UT, NH all with Republican govs were in on the rigging at this point.

Election season comes and goes. People at this point are beyond it. Democrats are convinced that they are all going to die. Many Republicans are too. A lot of people that would have voted for Trump too are beaten down to the point they just want it all to go away and demoralized don’t vote or even vote for Pedo Joe. The election steal happens. The media goes into a fake news frenzy. We all thought things would die down after the election. They don’t. The terror and lies intensify. Trump retreats. Trump Cucks. The media and Democrats make MAGA into a terrorist movement. It’s all lies but people buy it.

Now we are clearly into phase three of the program. Democrats are firmly in control but know their grip on power is tenuous and that the people don’t buy it. They need to surround themselves with troops to maintain the illusion of power. Conservatives are disgusted and demoralized and as expected are leaderless and thus incapable of taking action. Also they were bludgeoned with the wall to wall hysteria around the fake Capital insurrection narrative. Pedo Joe has now erased all of Trump’s work for the last four years with a slew of Executive Orders literally attacking America. There is zero leadership or even resistance from the GOP, they Cuck out as usual.

Now when everything is supposed to be getting better it’s all seemingly worse. We were supposed to be getting back to normal, instead we are facing round three of hysteria. America is now clearly divided into two camps. Hysterical brain dead, pandemic believing NPCs and demoralized, beaten down, MAGApeeds that are rolling over and showing their bellies and shuffling around with Cuck masks on begging to get back to a normal life and clearly over it all.

I don’t know where we go from here but clearly things aren’t going well and they aren’t going right. Business is dead. The economy is in rubble. China is stronger than ever. Globohomo is stronger than ever. The despicable lying traitorous media is stronger than ever. And America is weaker and more on the brink than at any time that I can see in my lifetime.


their medical system is not corrupt enough. If only they could cripple healthcare more

Medical personnel should be vaccinated first so that this goal you mentioned can be achieved.
If MDs and nurses get servere side effects or even die because of the poison this mission is accomplished.

Temporarily closed: Team suffers from side effects?

Anyone who had an appointment at the praxis of ear, nose and throat specialists Michael Prasch and Anke Prasch-Beginen in Viersen-Süchteln on Tuesday afternoon was faced with a closed door. The doctors had closed their practice on Ostring at short notice. The reason could be read on a big yellow sign: "We have all been vaccinated against Corona last night. 2/3 of the team is suffering from side effects, so no consultation hours can take place."


Temporarily closed: Team suffers from side effects?

Anyone who had an appointment at the praxis of ear, nose and throat specialists Michael Prasch and Anke Prasch-Beginen in Viersen-Süchteln on Tuesday afternoon was faced with a closed door. The doctors had closed their practice on Ostring at short notice. The reason could be read on a big yellow sign: "We have all been vaccinated against Corona last night. 2/3 of the team is suffering from side effects, so no consultation hours can take place."

I've already heard multiple stories (in MSM even) of ambulance teams, and clinic staff being cut in half for days because of the vaccine. In Germany the harsh side effects of the AstraZeneca are widely known now, and people don't want to get the shot anymore. Now MSM pushes the narrative of 'life ain't a picknick' and basically tells people if they're scared of side effects they are weak-minded.

Another recent clown world event:

In a mini documentary they tell the story of an elderly care home with ca. 40 patients. In the past they had no trouble at all with corona. Only ever two cases and noone died. Then a team of doctors/medical staff rolls in to vaccinate everyone (except two who refused) and ONE DAY later everyone except the two are bedridden.
Some are showing weird symptoms, like staring at the walls and scratching themselves in a daze.
Within two weeks 12(!) people die.
The nurses say that is absolutely unheard of and has never happened before. And some of these symptoms were pretty unusual for 'covid'.

Nonetheless, guess what. They claim it's a corona virus outbreak and NO AUTOPSIES are done. A veil of silence as they say is thrown over the incident and MSM papers make outrageous claims like : "It's safe to assume they were infected before." without citing ANY sources.

This is outright criminal behavior. The vaccine is approved for emergency use only on the condition to meticulously document its affect on the population.

According to alternative news sources similar stuff happened in dozens of other places.