Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube sort of "leaks" out some kind of unrealistic way to estimate how much you can make on the channel, in order to attract people to it.
That's exactly what they do. It's actually another unsuspecting process of the "Transhumanist" Future. A Future where there is no such thing as privacy, as earning, and where people pay for advice and attention instead of meeting for coffee with friends and buying them a coffee.

With using the estimates / projections for even unmonetized channel, it makes people get suspicious or jealous of thinking people are making money even when they might not be at all, or people will size others up based on how much money their channel earns or would earn.

I've watched how YouTube has evolved over the years and with finesse they have gradually been reprogramming everyone without them realizing what's going on. It used to be all that much more fun and novelty when it was a New thing, but not so much in the last few years.
A California restaurant (Bistro St. Germain) posted this "CDC Inside Dining Requirements" sign:


Later, the same restaurant removed the sign immediately when the owner received feedback from customers about it.

At this point, I don't care if businesses like that one fail, and their families suffer the consequences. It sounds insensitive, and even uncharitable, but the freedom and greater good of society in general is more important than one family's comfort. I'd rather have people suffer for the truth rather than be financially comfortable while being complicit with lies. If a business owner puts his own neck above the good of society by promoting this evil fear-based propaganda and harmful vaccine, he deserves to be called out for it and punished by the community through boycotts or any other means that don't oppose Christian charity.
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I have to disagree with you. We have to have proper moral justice, not unbridled vengeance, and we also have to forgive people that persecute us, because that's when God's power enters into the picture and changes people. If you want to punish people on your own accord without mercy, just go to South Sudan where everyone has a grievance with everyone and just runs around shooting each other up. I just advocate for standing up for what's right, and what's good for your children's future, and not letting comfort or other people be tyrants over you.


A California restaurant (Bistro St. Germain) posted this "CDC Inside Dining Requirements" sign:


Later, the same restaurant removed the sign immediately when the owner received feedback from customers about it.

ONly a matter of time - all restaurants will be that way:


Ikea tables only for the vaccinated. Food court only for the vaccinated - everyone else only take-out and you better be glad, that they allow you to order.



I apologise if this has already been posted, however this is far too interesting for me to ignore:

It's a six page document which hypothesises that wearing masks and social distancing is likely to result in a more virulent and more transmissible virus. It uses a couple of analogies to explain why:

The reason we are so reluctant to accept that lockdowns and indeed other nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) have little to no impact on the mortality burden of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is that it’s difficult to find an explanation for it. However, rather than denying the evidence in the absence of an explanation, the evidence should drive us to reconsider what we know and apply our knowledge in a different way. One possible explanation for the ineffectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions lies in our understanding of evolution. We all understand that humans evolved to become more intelligent over millions of years, but this did not happen by design. Humans that were born with larger brains owing to a random, spontaneous, genetic mutation had an advantage over those with smaller brains and were therefore more likely to survive and reproduce. The more intelligent “strain” of humans dominated and displaced the competition. But a species only evolves in this way when it is put under pressure. Without environmental challenges to overcome there would have been no fight for survival and the more intelligent “strains” of human beings would have had no advantage. In other words, if living on earth was easy we would still be apes.

Is anyone able to explain whether or not this is scientifically plausible?


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It makes perfect sense, if you understand the principles and science of epidemiology. Normies aren't smart enough to get it, either because they're too easily scared into believing the Fauci narrative, or simply because they're not smart enough, and are slavishly obedient to the cult of scientism.


This only works if we behave like obedient slaves.
On the contrary, this works if the number of vaxxed hits a critical mass point. You can refuse to be obedient, but if 90% are compliant, businesses denying you service will not hit their bottom line, and thus they can easily enforce these requirements. Remember that resistance only works in large numbers; otherwise you just end up a pariah / martyr who can't sit down for a meal at a food establishment.


People shouldn't believe the lies being spread about Sweden somehow locking down like crazy. The mainstream media tries to put out fake stories constantly.

Here a recent example of Sweden which exists in opposite-world:

So a brianwashed little kid following the brainwashed little advice of his parents I guess decided to wear a mask to school and was sent home.


Meanwhile in normal Bizarro land:

Bringing back public torture just for the perpetrators of all of this is frankly a decent and just decision to me.


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MIAMI -- Two Royal Caribbean cruises will resume in June, ending a yearlong hiatus, but passengers 18 and older must test negative for COVID-19 before getting on a ship.

The company's Celebrity Cruises subsidiary said Friday that its Celebrity Millennium ship will relaunch on June 5 from St. Maarten. One itinerary will stop in Aruba, Curacao and Barbados, and another will stop in Tortola, St. Lucia and Barbados.

Celebrity Cruises CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo said returning to the Caribbean "marks the measured beginning of the end of what has been a uniquely challenging time for everyone."

She told "Good Morning America" that all guests and crew over the age of 18 must be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 shot. Children will be required to show a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their cruise.

Royal Caribbean Group's namesake line will start a week later with a voyage leaving from Nassau, the Bahamas on the Adventure of the Seas.

In both cases, passengers 18 and older will be required to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of boarding the ship.

the high

I guess the sliver of white pill in that Denmark video is that non-tested, non-vaccinated people will still be able to function in some capacity in normal society as opposed to being completely de-personed.


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Oregon Health Officials Propose Making Mask Mandates Permanent​

Oregon state health officials unveiled a new proposal in January which seeks to make temporary mask mandates permanent.

The current order, passed in November by the state’s workplace safety department, which requires all employers to implement state-imposed guidelines for social distancing and mask compliance, is set to expire on May 4. Oregon health bureaucrats are now seeking to make the rules permanent.

“Although the rule must be adopted as a permanent rule, its purpose is to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” the proposal reads. “Oregon [Occupational Safety and Health] intends to repeal the rule when it is no longer necessary to address the pandemic.”

No threshold for what constitutes when the mandate is “no longer necessary” however, is offered in the proposal.

New COVID cases in Oregon meanwhile, are averaging less than half what they were when the temporary order came into effect last fall. The state saw 769 new cases with a seven-day average of 603 positive tests the day to order was announced on Nov. 6 as they began to rise going into the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Wednesday however, the state say 264 new cases with a seven-day average of 284.

Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen announced Wednesday all adult residents will be eligible for the vaccine by May 1, three days before the existing mask mandate is set to expire.

“In Oregon, every single adult will be eligible for a vaccine on May 1 – which does not mean they will get a vaccine on May 1, but they will be eligible,” Allen told a local paper.

The state mask mandates however, which are particularly stringent, are becoming a progressively burdensome issue for a COVID-fatigued public one year into the pandemic.

Even outdoor sports teams under state regulations are mandated to wear facial coverings where the arbitrary measure of six-feet distancing cannot be guaranteed.

On Wednesday, the Register-Guard, a local northwestern newspaper reported on several cross-country teams meeting on their own in the absence of large invitationals to keep the season alive and their students engaged. The outdoor mask requirements however, have caused students to struggle despite their happiness to compete.

“It’s tragic to watch,” coach Steve Richards told the paper. “It’s hard as a coach to send your kids out there. There’s been a lot of theorizing about the health risks between wearing a mask and not wearing one, and I can’t speak to those. I just know the looks on their faces. They’re running their guts out.”

Others believe the masks themselves have become a higher safety hazard than the comparatively low risk of viral transmission among high school teenagers outdoors.

The paper reported:
The state has mandated masks be worn during all practices and competitions for high school sports. It’s a rule many coaches and runners are unhappy with, saying it’s difficult to competitively run 5,000 meters while masks. They also worry it could be dangerous.

‘I have two kids with asthma,’ Junction City coach Shannon McAdams said. ‘Running a 5K is hard enough. Running with a mask on could be detrimental.
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