Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


Narrative: Father died from COVID.
Reality: Look at the picture. Did he look fit and healthy? He had to be more than 350 lbs.

He should've started losing weight as soon as it was clear, very early on (Summer 2020 at the latest), this was only killing the elderly and the obese. But it's not like he was alone:

the high

It's mostly on the surface to save face during the Olympics. Their shows regularly use half mask shields at best, and they have a history of bad vaccines so they conveniently "don't have supply" for their population. As if an advanced economy would really be behind African countries in line for a vaccine if they believed in it. Their government knows the people will reject it, and they're barred from forcing it on anyone.
I talk to a Japanese normie every week, and if she's indicative of the general sentiment there (at least in Tokyo) then I'm not very optimistic about the situation. The media there seems to be feeding them the same propaganda they're feeding us here in the states. Cases going up, new variants, "better get your vaccine to be safe", etc. Mind you her English level is laughable so it's not like she's reading/watching western news sources. I've pleaded with her not to get it but she's dead set and parrots the same points you'd hear braindead normies here say. And while it is true, it's illegal for the Japanese government to force vaccinate the populace, they can just pressure people socially and the people are way more conformist than westerners. Hopefully the government is one step ahead and gives everyone saline solutions or something.
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This is the beauty of America, or what it should have been. Self-governance means we the people decide if we want the lockdowns or not. If the people in the Ozarks want to go bare face, let them. If it means people die of COVID, fine. So be it. That is the choice they want to make. Again, that is what America is supposed to be about. We do different things in different places and see what works best. Leftists should not visit the Ozarks then. Problem solved.

But we know they will anyway, because leftists just love moving into those conservative "s***holes" and bringing with them all the leftist policies because they're like insane aging women who obsess over "fixing" men. For thinking we are a bunch of stupid evil hillbillies, they sure love moving in next doors to us.

In fact, I'm pretty positive that was the entire purpose of Politico running this story. They are trying to draw attention to this place so that they can get it shut down. White goyim being happy and having fun is just too triggering for those people. Also we can't have white goyim talking to each other and potentially building up resistance networks. Shut it down! Goyim should be depressed and addicted to temporary mood relief drugs and habits that we control like coomerism and consoomerism for momentary hits of happiness.
In the past I would've said the same. However, now I understand how the power structure and human psychology works I see there is one means that influences and decides behavior: information. We don't live in a fact free world. We know there is an objective truth (God), but with all different people, agenda's, ideas out there information eventually decides the choices we make. So in a completely rational way it could be said that people would make a ''logic'' decision in a community such as you described, however in this world with the MSM, internet and all other kind of information streams/ideas that are pushed the decision will be 99% based on the info that that control group has gotten. That makes it difficult for me to even adhere to democracy at the moment, for if people are given the wrong information they'll just push society towards the cliff and off it, which has happened in the last decades.
Plebs can come together with 2, they with 500

Pearl Jam refuses to play concerts because it's scary due to the virus.

Pearl Jam will play a large party with everyone close together because of communist politics.

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The country is back open, but City workers are already bracing for some parts of it to slam back shut again.

Just over 60% of UK-based market professionals in a poll from Deutsche Bank's research unit see some form of “daily life [or] economic restrictions to still be in place” and 16% expected life to be “heavily restricted after a fresh wave of Covid-19 cases” by December.

Only 1% of the 189 respondents in the poll, provided exclusively to Financial News, see life going “completely back to normal” by the end of 2021. The survey was conducted between 21 and 23 July.


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I was raised in a cult (Jehovah's Witnesses) and all of this narrative I'm seeing reminds me of cult behavior. How?

  • Jehovah's Witnesses (which I'll call JW) : If you question any of the teachings of the church leaders, it is an outrage (How dare you??)
  • Society: If you question the teachings of Saint Fauci, it is an outrage (How dare you question the "science"??)

  • JW: You're advised to avoid outside sources about the organization, and the only factual source with accurate information is from the Watchtower. Church members are even reprimanded for reading anything remotely critical of the organization.
  • Society: You're advised to avoid sources outside of government pages and only listen to the experts, with op-eds and articles telling you to "stop doom scrolling" because it is "psychologically unhealthy" -- just trust the science! People reading pages or listening to podcasts critical of COVID restrictions can become socially ostracized or even fired, if they get caught doing it at work

  • JW: If you think outside of the organizational teachings, you're socially ostracized. Eventually, you're taken to a room to meet with the elders (their name for pastors). If you keep it up, and don't repent, you're disfellowshipped (their term for excommunication). Once excommunicated, you cannot make any contact with church members --- even your family
  • Society: If you disagree with the saints of medicine, you're some hateful, anti-science caveman that is purposely keeping society backward. Eventually, you'll get warnings from the social media lords, possibly suspensions. If you keep it up, you're cancelled and cut off of social media, even traditional media, if you're famous. Once cancelled, you cannot post on social media. Once branded as a COVID skeptic, you're ridiculed and possibly lose friends, family, even your job.

  • JW: You're encouraged to go through the humiliating tasks with mutual members (a common cult tactic to break people down) -- in this case, preaching door to door or standing in the corner next to a cart full of literature
  • Society: You're encouraged to go through the humiliating task of wearing a mask. Masking is also symbolic gagging, and humans psychologically become more docile when they have a face covering

  • JW: Loaded language and key phrases abound - "We're not part of the world", "the great crowd", "the light is getting brighter", "the end of things", "the new system is coming"
  • Society: Loaded language and key phrases abound - "We're in this together", "Let's flatten the curve", "The mask is to protect yourself and others"

  • JW: People brag about the tough life consequences brought upon by following the cult's teachings -- such as a teenager enduring bullying for being seen preaching by his classmates on a weekend, a kid ostracized in school for not celebrating the birthday of another classmate, or most horrifically, losing a family member because they refused a blood's all viewed as "part of the struggle". Moreover, criticism against the cult or its members is viewed as "persecution"
  • Society: People brag about their inconvenienced life brought upon by forced lockdowns -- such as crippling unemployment, business closure, depression, and even suicide -- because the promise of flattening the curve is worth it. Anyone criticizing these moves are COVID skeptics and alt-righters

What's worse is that this cultish behavior is prevalent everywhere, there are few places to escape to