Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


Other Christian
Here's a great analysis of why so many "conservatives" are selling out to the leftists, and why they all went along with the Corona madness.

The main point is that you can't give the leftist an inch or they'll take a mile, so we can't make a single ideological concession, and that our only chance of defeating them is if conservatives go back to their roots and organize a mass populist upheaval. This part was especially poignant:
Thus MKH detects an important asymmetry between establishment leftism and the conservatives who appear to oppose it. The conservative is an instinctive defender of traditional, organic structures, “which function precisely because of their organic nature, that is to say because nobody planned them consciously or with intent” (p. 15f). The leftist, meanwhile, is an innovator, who deploys his theories and utopian hopes against the received tradition. Like many organic things, our traditional institutions have an intuitive appeal that is nevertheless difficult to articulate and entirely foreign to leftist theory. Things like marriage and the family, religious communities, and even the human immune system, are organic solutions to ancient problems, worked out over millennia of cultural and biological evolution. Not even their most ardent defenders understand their purposes or functions fully. Conservatives are therefore rhetorically disadvantaged: “The only conclusive proof that these structures are irreplaceable comes when one has destroyed them, and realised that no replacements are in sight. But then it is too late.” The leftist critique of traditional institutions, meanwhile, undermines the functioning of traditional society. By destroying solidarity and common-feeling, these tactics come to reinforce, perversely, the leftist critique itself. As natural social and cultural structures are destroyed by leftist propaganda and social engineering, churches, schools and governments indeed come to seem – as the left has always told us – “non-existent, irrelevant, repressive, reactionary” (p. 17).
I realized more than ever we're really facing an uphill battle with these people. It's not just that they're neurotic, or that they are authoritarians who love imposing their will on others. Their deranged quasi-rationalistic, atheistic minds cannot even fathom why injecting yourself with experimental drugs could possibly go wrong. That idea is completely foreign to them because they've lost touch with the ancient wisdom, AKA common sense. Of course The Science is never wrong, and if it is they'll find a way to explain that away.