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All in the red right now, should have waited to buy some. Already told some of y'all....when Cattle Rustler comes in the scene, shit drops. Either way, good time to buy some shitcoins like ICX before the next bull run.

I'm not in this state yet but I'm sure all the normies feel like this:


Appropriate song for the time being:

Coja Petrus Uscan

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This bubble still hasn't blown off. I'm still looking at a pull back to ~$8,000 (BTC). The momentum has been distinctly down for the last month, with little sign of new money coming in, euphoria waning. 1 week MACD is getting close to being crossed. Bear.

3d MACD:

First major breach of the main trend-line on 3d since August 2018.





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Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks looking to accept BTC and ETH as payment methods next year.

The Dallas Mavericks, the U.S. basketball team, will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments during their next season, according to owner and investor Mark Cuban.

Cuban was asked about the possibility of paying for tickets with cryptocurrency on Twitter earlier today, to which he replied: "Next season."

In a follow-up comment to CoinDesk, Cuban confirmed the news and said that the team would take both bitcoin and ethers – as well as "possibly some other currencies."

He explained:

"We will be adding a crypto payment ability for next season. We will accept BTC, Eth, possibly some other currencies. [That's] to be determined."

Cuban is a backer of industry firms such as crypto-asset investment fund 1confirmation, and Unikrn, an e-sports company within the "Shark Tank" VC's portfolio, recently held an initial coin offering that ultimately raised $31 million.

Though he didn't offer any specifics, Cuban suggested that the Mavericks' crypto-payments system could, when launched, offer support for other tokens as well beyond the more well-known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether.

"We will also look at accepting tokens from companies we have traditional business relationships with as a way to expand our customer base," he told CoinDesk.


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I bought 1 LTC at $275 and was planning on putting more in after a dip, but after these mini-crashes I'm not so sure there's money to be made in the big cryptos right now. Seems like you were best off getting in before September.


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Just laughing thinking about how a buddy of mine told me a week or two ago about how his noob friend fomo'd hard and went all-in on TRX at 20 cents.




Welcome to crypto kid.


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I bought 20 btc in 2011 at 7 per sold them on the big run up to 250, it went back down 80 and stayed there a year. It's done this cycle half a dozen times, huge surge quickly with new money and then the market corrects itself to a new average significantly less than ATH but multiple times higher than when the surge started, samething is happening here. When it reached 20k I said it would probably correct to 6-7k and stay there awhile, thats what I think is happening.


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FOMO into TRX is a joke on wechat right now. I told so many guys not to touch that shitcoin and they didn't listen and got burned.

Shoulda went all in on Vechain like me.



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I always find it amazing how greedy people get when it comes time to take profits. Instead of taking a decent chunk to reward themselves, they take the smallest cut. This leaves them right in front of their computer to masturbate over their funny money even more.
So I'm hearing that today's crash was caused by many factors:

- Chinese pulling out funds via South Korean exchanges for Chinese New Years
- South Korean contemplated crypto ban
- Wall Street manipulating the market prior to CME futures contract ending tomorrow (01/17/2018)
- Bitconnect exit scamming and cashing out their BTC
- Newbies getting FUD'd from bad press and seeing all the red

You can see that a majority of the funds are actually being pulled out in South Korea Wan. That's where a majority of the funds are being allocated to.


Korea suffers from a severe case of group-think so it's plausible that won withdrawal contributed to the crash. However, it's important to remember that the same group-think had people buying crypto at a premium on Korean exchanges. Looking forward, that will also fuel the pump once the market bounces back.

Whatever the reasons may be, this is a good time for long-term investment in good coins as I said elsewhere on RVF.

Now, do I qualify as a shill if I'm shilling for a whole market? :D


looks like the drop aint quite over yet folks. I've sold all my shits and just waiting on the sideline until this whole thing stabilize. Looks like gework's prediction of 8k BTC is a real possibility.


gework said:
This bubble still hasn't blown off. I'm still looking at a pull back to ~$8,000 (BTC).

You are right on the money.

I agree that it will be around $7500 ~ $8,000 then it will re-establish or consolidate itself around that range for about 6 ~ 12 months.