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I'm looking for advice.
I cashed out my crypto investments earlier this year, because I had good opportuntiy to buy real estate (nothing extra big, but it helped me with down-payment for mortgage). Extra money I didn´t need at the moment were reinvested again to following coins: RAY, CAKE, RARI and I kept holding some BLZ. Unfortunately, this reinvestment came before the crash. Some of the coins got back or higher to my buying price (RAY) and some are still undervalued in comparison to pre-crash price.
At this moment, I can see RAY being the most promising. While I am not sure about current potential of CAKE or RARI. Do you think it´s wise idea to move funds from mentioned underperforming coins to RAY or some other coin from Solana ecosystem?
I am not talking about some huge money, so I am opened for high risk/reward solution.

I'm also wondering about CAKE now and looking at RAY. If the bull market continues as people generally expect to around $150,000 for BTC, I can see SOL doing a 3-9X and RAY a 10-15X. CAKE on the other hand has gone sideways in terms of TVL, and BNB is not performing much better. BSC's reputation has been battered a bit and there is actually more flowing into ETH DeFi, despite the fees.

But with saying this, sometimes coins moon out of the blue. I have a lot of PRE, which had a decent run and them slumped. but then went 10X overnight.

I didn't think BSC would be that much of a long-term hold as it is just an ETH clone with faster blocks and lower fees. But I didn't think it's useful life might have been so short.

I also have a lot of UNI, which has been very sideways. It has a 3:1 Cap:TLV, while CAKE has a 1:1 and Raydium only has a 0.55:1. Another I had like this was LINK. It was going sideways for a long time, it seemed to have a fair top 10/15 valuation and little more reason to go up, so I dumped it.

I think the main query is - how many more pairs can they get on Serum/Raydium? There are a lot more pairs on BSC - BAT, BLZ, UNI, 1Inch, BTT, ADA, DOGE, AXS...

I think at worse, Raydium mirrors CAKE; while I think it more likely outperforms it considerably. There is a lot of talk about SOL, a lot of the smart people are talking and holding. If Solana can onboard a lot more coins onto the chain then it should keep the ecosystem boyant.

On RARI, we have seen very little movement for NTF related coins. The only big winner is ENJ, which I hold and am thinking about dumping.

One issue, is the real window to jump to Solana has gone. SOL is up about 8X, RAY up 5X, while all these other coins are maybe 1X. Which asks the question - are we going to see more of a pullback in SOL et. al. To me it looks like everything else - sideways-down into Oct and then there is a huge squeeze coming on 1W Bollinger bands. It will move swiftly from that position - buy/sell the movement - I think - up.

I'm def. going to change these for SOL ecosystem tokens:


PancakeSwap is still in about the top 500 sites on the internet, so I'm more bullish on that.

Saber and Sunny look undervalued to me.

@Thirdworlder - SUNNY and Saber seem the best to me. RAY is a higher-cap coin I think will outperform. But on these ones like Saber and Sunny, they tend to moon and then have big pullbacks. Other than that we have missed the window for nice buys when Solana was around $20. But I see there is another pullback today.

Keep your eye out on Solana Twitter and see if anything gets a lot of attention -

It looks like the BTC price might bounce of about $43K.

Big squeezes coming in on 3D and 1W into Oct:



Coja Petrus Uscan

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Bit of a dip today, it appears. Thoughts?

Technicals look like moving down a little, to a low of about $42K and closing around $43 by the end of the month. Looks like a big move incoming after that.

Looks like there was a huge move down in stocks:

German index down 2.5%.

This has probably had a small effect.
Technicals look like moving down a little, to a low of about $42K and closing around $43 by the end of the month. Looks like a big move incoming after that.

Looks like there was a huge move down in stocks:

German index down 2.5%.

This has probably had a small effect.

Does the dip has a lot to do with evergrande in China being unable to service their debt.

Could the recent dip a spill over from the distressed property market in China into crypto


I have serious reservations about NFT jpegs. It seems like more of a proof of concept than a sustainable art marketplace. The # of active traders on opensea is quite small and limited to the very wealthy. Ok you can use it as a twitter handle, but what is stopping you from making your own cryptopunk-esque jpeg? People aren't going to care to verify if your avatar is a legit NFT.

Just my (ignorant?) opinion.


NFTs make since in an access economy with micro transactions.

if you think about the Mona Lisa…someone can easily snap a photo, but they won’t have it hanging on their wall.

digital diamonds.

I think these are here to stay. Same as defi. Same as privacy coins. Same as bitcoin.


STEP took a hefty dump on my chest since I got greedy.

I had a plan that I didn't follow because of this greed. So instead of taking a near 6 figure gain I am back at par because I wanted a shot at retiring.
How big of a crap is crypto going to take with this China Evergrande thing and the SEC regulations attempt? Some people seem to think we might have another Lehman Brothers situation on our hands.

Is anyone selling now and waiting to see what happens?


I see NFTs being something worthwhile long term, but the current NFT market is a fad imo. I brainstormed a lot and still couldn't understand why it's (Opensea, the NFT marketplace) currently dominating the ethereum blockchain, but then I saw a tweet basically saying it's a scam and that people are creating fake bidding wars with themselves to drive up the price to just turn around and re-sell to some sucker who thinks it's actually worth as much as the previous (fake) guy paid for it. See now that would make sense. JPEGs going for $100,000 doesn't make sense, but a scam like that at least makes some sense.

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You know, I was almost disappointed by this news, because the price only dipped 5%, and is already climbing back up. I was kind of expecting a bigger dip, but this is frankly sad. This was already priced in and we are still climbing. Had it dipped a bit more it would have been a better buying opportunity, but this is hardly worth the time.


Historically price goes up after China ban but this time it's a bit different. They are actually following through. They clamped down on mining recently and now they are threatening any Chinese national that transacts crypto. I suspect this might be related to the Evergrande and how the government doesn't want people to sell their property to invest in crypto and use it move capital outside the country. Maybe it's related to legitamizing their own CBDC. Anyway, it seems like crypto might be taking a beating in the weeks ahead but I suspect it will pull through like in 2020 when covid devastated the markets.
Fantom will probably go to $10+ by December; I don't believe it's too late to get in. It'll go higher long-term; remember it's not even listed on Coinbase yet. October is supposed to be big for it-- new stuff, announcements, and an event in Dubai with potential investors, etc. Plus zoomers and kids will probably buy in around Halloween.

Has anyone heard of Revolution Populi (RVP) coin? It’s a low cap coin and hasn’t really mooned yet. Word around the net is it’ll probably go to $1 in October or November after the mainnet release. It’s currently at 7 cents.

They are developing a blockchain that will serve mainly as a database for a dApp ecosystem and a crypto clearinghouse that is in-demand by various tier 1 TradFi institutions. The team is calling this a 3-legged stool approach for data sovereignty and market infrastructure that'll encourage institutions to finally invest large sums of their own money into crypto. The team looks legit.


How do you buy tokens on solana? Connect metamask through an agreggator or in one of those websites just like Uniswap? send some sol and then trade it for tokens? Love all this crypto stuff still a bit new to me.