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Safemoon looks extreemly trashy.
Fistly, as opposed to Dogecoin, it doesn't have it's own blockchain, but it runs on the Binance Smart Chain.
Secondly, as opposed to Dogecoin, it's not de-centralized. There is a number of fat top wallets that could potentially pull the rug at any time.
The market is all about looking for opportunities not about idealogy.

People loss and win, that is what the market is all about.


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Thankfully sold my HBAR before the dump, I can't believe I fell for that scam of a project. I missed the XMR bullrun and finally bought back in at over double the cost basis as when I sold at. Oh well. Im probably gonna finish stacking Monero and just leave the crypto sphere for a few years. With the way taxes and the attitude towards crypto from the fed, I cant imagine a world where Monero doesn't blow up out of sheer usefulness

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I just want to take a shot at a crypto futures play in the next 6 months, because i think all will go up during that time. I'd close the position by late Fall of this year, if I had to guess. I think it's a good time to take a shot, but am a little concerned (not with anything long term) with taking a derivative position based on timing and liquidations prices, when the short term drops from BS "leaks" or emotional trading can hurt you, depending on your position or leverage.


to each their own, but i think fundamentals are important...BTC, XMR have strong communities that aren't going to quit, ever. you may not make 100x, but you are far less likely to lose.

I've had 3 of my positions really pump this year, all based on fundamentals and not meme hype. If not for those fundamentals, I'd be near 0 in my portfolio. Instead I'm up 300% all-time. That's even after losing about $1000 to rugpulls.

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Margin trading is the path to getting rekt. Do not recommend

Alpaca should be lower risk. With normal margin trading the only real factor is price action. Alpaca utilises pools, which accrue revenue from trading fees. So the trading fees will offset a lot of negative price action. I put in $6K a few days ago, already up $1K. BNB and the ecosystem not really going down much.
Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, which is a software company that works with mid cap and larger enterprises for data mining type stuff, I think. He converted 100% of his corporate treasury into BTC. Tesla followed a few months later with a small portion (5% maybe?).
He's become probably one of the best BTC evangelists out there, though some find him a little too salesman like.
He's an aerospace engineer, I believe, and has a very methodical, rational delivery, which is enjoyable for me to listen to.
Cliffs Notes:
1. Since about 2001, and especially 2008, inflation has been 5%, and companies like his simply need to expand and invest in things that would at least increase by 5% in monetary value, just to not lose money.
2. In 2020, he realized that with inflation near 15%, the only way to maintain the economic value that was stored for re-investment or to weather a crisis, was to invest in a hard asset that increases in value at or better than 15%. The wealthy use art, prime real estate, and other investments that appreciate at a rate faster than inflation, then take out loans tax free, at an artificially low interest rate (Fed buying Treasuries). Thus making money while the asset appreciates, and also money in the form of negative interest.
US Treasuries might be losing to inflation, but in the previous decade, inflation wasn't so high that they were losing huge amounts of capital every year. That changed in 2020, and thats when he decided he needed a hard asset that would at least keep pace with inflation, and thats when he re-thought BTC.
Really fascinating and enjoyable to listen to for me, because his logic is easy to follow.
My Alt coin bull market strategy: I'm planning to take 10% profits for every 50% increase in each coin. Re-invest in BTC, ETH, or XMR, depending on what looks cheaper I guess. I don't know how to chart, so I'm more buy and hodl, rather than trade. Trying to be mathematical about it.
Right now I have XTZ, FIRO, RUNE, BOND, UNI...I don't have any real moon shots in there except for maybe BOND. Whats your strategies, lounge members?


Do you care to explain, for those who don't have 3 hours to listen?
if you don't have time to learn investing, then don't. Good knowledge compared to most social media rubbish. For BTC, he also stated people who can invest (are not required to convince a board of investors and will takes years) are doing so now - Tesla, Chase, etc. More will follow. Reason is returns are great and liquidity is easy + taxation is advantageous.