Cynthia McKinney


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The more I read about this lady the more I admire her. I don't agree with everything she says or does, but I think she deserves recognition for various brave stances she has taken (from Wikipedia):

9/11 Commission

On July 22, 2005, the first anniversary of the release of the 9/11 Commission Report, McKinney held a briefing on Capitol Hill to address alleged outstanding issues regarding the 2001 attacks on the US.[dead link] The day-long briefing featured family members of victims, scholars, former intelligence officers and others who critiqued the 9/11 Commission account of 9/11 and its recommendations. The four morning panels addressed flaws, omissions, and a lack of historical and political analysis in the commission's report. Three afternoon panels critiqued the commission's recommendations in the areas of foreign and domestic policy and intelligence reform. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial[55] said that the purpose of the event was to discuss whether or not the Bush administration was involved in the 9/11 attacks, expressing surprise that McKinney was once again taking on the issue that was believed to have cost her House seat.[55] The Journal-Constitution declined to publish McKinney's reply.[56] The 9/11 Commission has sealed all the notes and transcripts of some 2,000 interviews, all the forensic evidence, and both classified and non-classified documents used in compiling its final report until January 2, 2009. McKinney's interest in 9/11 relates specifically to what she expresses as her opposition to excessive government secrecy,[57] which she has challenged with numerous pieces of legislation.

McKinney has said that she "remain hopeful that we will learn the truth" about 9/11 "because more and more people around the world are demanding it."[58]



This is from a comment on the Unz Review:

The Ape-Pack [author referring to AIPAC] was primarily responsible for the loss to the American people of one of our most insightful and genuine Congress Representatives a few years back. Cynthia McKinney was considered “off message” when it came to the treasonous “Israel First” lobby’s agenda. She refused the junket over to Occupied Palestine, don the little green beanie and kiss Herod’s Wall.

For that uncooperative behavior on the part of a brave black woman who was one of the few non”prostiticians” in the Di$trict of Corruption. Cynthia appeared to be a genuine representative of her Atlanta district.

No problemo, said the Ape-Pack horde. Redistricting was coming up and their shekels went a long way with corruptible prostiticians in Georgia who made sure that her once totally safe district came up for grabs. So they heavily subsidized her also black opponent who happily shucked and jived his way into their hearts as a 100% supporter of the Zionist scheme. Armed with armloads of cash and carry, that “House N…..” defeated one of the few honest voices in our incongruous Congress.

To me, that's enough for her to warrant a bit of recognition!