Czechia travel restrictions


When it comes to entering country for foreigners, it depend what is your natioanlity, what country do you arrive from and what is the purpose to travel here. Government reuqires you to have a serious reason to come here, like a work or taking care of relatives. On the other hand, from what I know, entering the country is controlled only randomly.

Current situation is that bad, that you are not even allowed to travel between districts of the country, unless it´s for the same reasons as mentioned above (you always need documents to prove that, police and military have hundreds of check points). All the public places and bussineses are closed, except shops with food and pharmacies. It´s forbidden to gather, consume alcohol in public spaces and you have to use face cover everywhere.
This rules are valid for next two weeks. Then they might loosen it a little bit, but vision of living partly normal life, like going to restaurants or gyms is still months away.