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In a broader sense, this reminds me of Brandy Vaughan. Brandy raised awareness of vaccine dangers & was involved in protests against against mandatory vaccines. ~6 years ago, she posted the video below about being gangstalked & harassed. Recently, just ~8 months ago, she died of "natural causes" at age 44. Coincidentally, the "natural cause" was a Blood Clot, &, coincidentally, her death in December was right near the start of the current Covid vaccine roll-out. Like Dave, Brandy would have been extremely outspoken against vaccine mandates & passports. Brandy leaves behind a ~9-year old son (this part bothers me the most).

Edit: Here is the bill mentioned in the above video https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Senate_Bill_277:
California Senate Bill 277 (SB277) is a California law that removed personal belief as a reason for an exemption from the vaccination requirements for entry to private or public elementary or secondary schools in California, as well as day care centers.
Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) is being gangstalked in Ireland because of his internet content. I suspect this is a government operation against him.

He had a popular YouTube channel but got banned and moved to Bitchute.

His channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hybM74uIHJKf/
That's unfortunate, but not surprising.

His content is truthful and well articulated. And therefore threatening to the oligarchs.

He had a great video about marxism and feminism I played for my gf at the time in an attempt to bring her into alignment with reality.
Can't find it on his bitchute channel.


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That police 'dance' not only looks retarded but is also totally pathetic. To me it's as heinous as an act of sodomy performed publicly.

I feel sorry for Dave. Having your house vandalized is much worse than being attacked on the street. Make no mistake though that it's not just Dave who will be terrorized, assaulted and, God forbid, killed, but in fact everyone who speaks truth in public. This also includes Roosh. If the truth preachers continue on this path, sooner or later they will be martyred. It's all up to God but I don't see any other outcome.
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I really like him. He's honest and talented. He predicted the unfolding dystopia before many others.

I would like to see him transition to embracing Christianity more explicitly. I think the dialogue on "rights" has passed. We're living in a post-Truth age increasingly embracing the antichrist spirit. There are no political fixes for his Evil system (EU) or ours (USA).

Hard times are coming. The dystopia will provide many opportunities to repent and come to Christ (which is the only thing that really matters). Focusing on the eternal provides hope to withstand what is planned for the world.


I very much like David. He's yet another example of where things lead to when you red pill. He did a video, perhaps a year or so ago, where he talked about reigniting his faith. Specifically, he found himself saying the Lord's Prayer. I enjoyed hearing him go verse by verse and commenting on the applicability of the whole thing. I even think Sargon, who remains an atheist, has stated he's more of a cultural Christain.


He has been a solid source of information and analysis through all this. I respect him saying that they would have to kill him for the truth. I heard Barricade Garage say this recently. It's sad that it's starting to ring true for people as the tyranny rises towards what feels like an inevitability.