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So every now and then I try to watch things from the left's perspective and the only person i can really stand to watch is David Pakman. As far as I know he seems like a pretty intelligent and educated guy, although I agree with him on virtually nothing. He did called out this douche bag a while back, Reza Aslan, which I appreciate but other than that, ya nothing.
So my concern with this guy and men like him is that he's aware of the rights positions: that whites will soon be a minority in white countries, race and IQ, 3rd world immigration, democratic candidates all suck, gay marriage and that slippery slope, health care with illegals on it etc... but he doesn't seem to be phased or care. He can hear beta o'roucke say he'll come door to door and grab your guns and STILL vote for him just because he's not trump.
Also, he seems to only pick hardcore redneck trump fans for interviews on the right for his show, when I know he knows about fuentes, ramzpaul, mccines etc. I have faith that these guys would smoke him and he may know that which, if true, only adds to the confusion of these leftist guys (they're excited to be a minority?) I don't think he's bought and payed for because YT keeps demonetizing him like crowders videos, so i'm not sure what to think about him and his Ilk.
Im curious what everyone thinks about these kinds of guys and how they came to be so firm in leftist ideology, even after hearing and seeing the same data as the right. Also, if you've met anybody like this in your day to day lives and have a perspective on their positions/world views or on pakman's in particular. If they're effeminate or really do believe the left isn't this satanic marxist religion or what have you. I think he is atheist btw.

some videos of his just for example.


Heard him on Joe Rogan, I agree he seems intelligent and sounds reasonable enough. Let’s dig a little deeper...from Wikipedia:

[Pakman says that he received "a relatively secular Jewish upbringing, but I've always been highly involved with my Jewish background, socially and culturally; I'm part of a local Jewish group and I attend their events. It's just generally how I identify."]

Obviously he has a vested interest in leftism and doesn’t give a flying fuck about white population metrics


In one of a few videos I clicked he referred to himself as a sodomite and a hispanic rapist (I'm paraphrasing). In other words, he's a f*g of hispanic origin. Argentina or something like this. Avoid f*gs.


In another video I watched he mentioned he wanted to introduce Spanish subtitles for low IQ Mexican freeloaders or even make some segments on Spanish. He seems very bright and caring.
Pakman is a dishonest alien. Back in Gamergate times he did a bait and switch hatchet job interview with Vox Day and tried to paint him as a rapey white supremacist. He failed and it got ratio'd. This interview was also my own personal introduction to Vox.
I remember that, he literally grilled Vox about an article he wrote a decade ago at that point which wasn't even related.

He actually started out covering Gamergate fairly honestly even going as far as hosting a debate between Hotwheels(founder of 8chan) and Johnny Flint(tranny grifter). SJWs came down on him hard and he started cucking out hard afterwards.

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