David Patrick Harry

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
Yeah he streams multiple times a week. Very interesting topics and gives fine perspectives towards the current situation. Such as this video where he talks about the parallels between former totalitarian regimes and the exact same reactions we see from people in response towards resistant people compared to then. Moreover he talks about the inversion of society, how it is degrading into Biblical proportions and that we as (Orthodox) Christians should only fear God and His judgment after we die, and nothing else. Very illuminating.



Orthodox Catechumen
Yeah his streams are really on point. When i first started tuning in i thought: "Does this guy just ape all the streams Jay has done in the past!?" B/c it seemed like all the streams were streams Jay had already done, basically saying the exact same thing about the topics as well.

I think it was a clear case of someone starting out, where you can see where their influence is from, and then as they get more and more experience under their belt they branch off and come into their own. Im really happy with where he's at now; he puts out very well thought out/researched presentations. Im a moderator for his YouTube channel, and im proud to be a part of it.