Decline of health food blogger Cheeseslave/Ann Marie Michaels

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She was the hot thing on the block back in the days of village green network, a collection of organic/health food bloggers, I believe she created it, and it influenced hundreds of thousands of readers, with dozens of blogs. I don't know how narrow this health sphere is, but I was big into it back in the day.

Now she's big into Trump, conspiracies, Qanon, etc. She's begging for help, and resorting to scam MLM tactics and paywalls to trick people to get money.

How the mighty have fallen.

Does anyone know more about her or VGN or the other health blogsphere people? I actually trusted her a lot, but felt betrayed when she supports MONAT and is apparently a big market partner/affiliate. And posts such obvious lies here. Now I have to go back and re-evaluate all the health advice from her. She was big on calling out the Fermented cod liver oil thing. Now I don't even know who to believe.

Edit: An old article about VGN. I believed her at the time. But I can't really if she blatantly shills MLM schemes like this.

And a comment here:

AnonymousNovember 4, 2013 at 9:22 AM
Maybe someone could publish Google analytics for the Cheeseslave blog, which appears to be in serious decline. It's all affiliate links and giveaways, and it appears as though few people seriously comment there anymore. Most of AnnMarie's posts -- both on her blog and her Facebook page -- are gimmicky, full of pseudoscience, silly internet memes, and come across as downright spammy. Her blogosphere credibility has really gone down the tubes in recent years, as she jumped from bandwagon to bandwagon -- I think the way she falsely touted the crash diet she went on to lose weight for the Emmys was the final straw for many folks.

It's obvious that money is her main objective and it's clear that little that will stop her from attaining that goal. She has openly stated in the past that she wants to be rich; she has a bevy of paid household help to care for her home and ONE child. I do hope more people catch on to her schtick and stop giving her pageview$ to finance her lavish lifestyle -- or, even better, publicly question her financial motives/sponsor relationships, because she really hates it when people do that.
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