Decoding the words and works of Bill Gates

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Ironically the best advice for navigating this peril is much the same advice that used to be given for men here concerned with being targeted by the feminist agenda.

Move somewhere unPOZzed and learn how to make money independently.

I would add "learn to live with less if necessary" and as a plan Z "learn to defend the heck out of your life and/or make peace God such that you can endure persecution, torture and death".
I thought the anti-christ for years would be this guy here:

He seemed to be loved enough by simple people everywhere that he may one day 'rise' to occasion for his family's name sake and take them into the public sphere of the billions they looted the wealth of the world from, somehow as a savior-like figure, and the opposition to his public image would be misconstrued as crazy 'christian' extremists who injure him, eye-injury most likely, because of all the one-eyed bullshit they throw up everywhere from the dollar bill to every damn movie poster. But this is probably my childish imagination taking off into overdrive.

Notice the foundation this guy is running: that globalist NLP code word "sustainability" is all over it:
I'll give him credit, for a tribal he at least made it out with good genetics enough to build muscle and not resemble his reptilian kin on the outside.

billie boy here is no antichrist, hellspawn for sure, a satanic worshiper no doubt, but that inverted dishonor is not going to be given to the likes of him.


Gates is buying land through subsidiaries:

"Lakeland Sands Florida, a subsidiary of Cascade Investments LLC, which oversees the Gates fortune, recently bought more than 4,500 acres in Suwanee County near McAlpin, an unincorporated community just south of here. "

I bet his investing in logistics operation also. He probably wants to corner the supply of food.

The foundation has a strategic investment fund:

One of their investments:



Anyone else feeling evil rising lately? Maybe even demonic attacks.
All I see now is evil, where are the powerful good guys?
Hard to put to words but the sense of dread is rising, like something big is about to happen.

We're living hell of a time. Already past the point of no return.
The powers that be are going all in now.
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Guys I watched this before bed so I would sleep tight knowing Big Daddy Bill will keep us safe. Everyone will get the vaccine and everyone will be saved. All 7.2 billion of us. I'll probably take at least 3 different vaccines out of the 100 to choose from because I am not a pussy. My immune system will be educated. I don't want lots of spiky balls in my lungs. Do you? The RNA never-done-before vaccine will code out how to birth parts of the virus inside us - in order to save us. It's kinda like the movie Aliens, just not as scary. Retweet now.

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It's always interesting how Martin Armstrong sees it ...
Here is another great blog entry, quite long and detailed, regarding the cyclical model Mr. Armstrong employs, and how Gill Bates ;) fits into the world and meddles in everything now. It runs the gamut but this is as good a place as any to include it, since I did before.

This is the ECM wave constructed from his date of birth in addition to the birth of Microsoft. All his awards and ventures have complied with the turning points on his personal ECM. This is the peak of his eighth 8.6-year wave which hit April 28th, 2020. This is a rather significant turning point and he has really stepped up and came out of the closet so to speak on his desire to usurp the democratic power and to create his New Green World Order. The ideal peak in his power may have taken place on April 28th and that is good news for us. If this proves correct, he should be in for a fall in prestige and power going into 2024.

Even Microsoft does not look good after 2022. It appears that Gates has underestimated the economic damage he has unleashed on the world. To survive, he may have to hide in a bunker for there are people who will hunt him down and not with a pie this time. He has destroyed the future of so many people it is unimaginable. I presume he is just an elitist and thus brain-dead to any concept that is outside of his narrow mindset.
Reading the Armstrong link posted, I’m hit with this class-based fact: our Elite—like Gates—are effectively godless. Even most of the so-called leaders of the new right—Trump, Bolsonaro, etc...—feign a Christianity that is more cultural than actual.

“Science” and “economics” now determine policies. Who are the new priest class? People like Gates and Fauci. The entire debate is being set by these secularists.

If there is no God, anything is possible. In this terrible worldview, the ends will justify the means. And, with their constant harping about “overpopulation,” how do you think they view us?


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I understood one more thing. The globalists won't stop their pedo meat supply. The talmudic jews won't hide in their homes. The oppressors are part of this world and they want to function in it too. Therefore they won't release any truly harmful virus because that would endanger themselves. That's why they need the vaccine. They won't take it but the "cattle" who will would be much more susceptible to the next virus they release. Therefore the vaccine is key. Those who won't take it will stand a chance to live.

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Speaking in broad terms the elites are nothing if not Darwinian in an abstract sort of way. Their manner of evil has a code of conduct that requires them to reveal their plans so to some extent the people smart enough to get out of the way of their schemes have a far better chance of survival than both the ignorant and the rebellious.

They want to have their cake and eat it too, yes, but if forced to choose between survival and their pleasures then unlike most people the elites will choose survival. Hence they will try to engineer their plans to maintain both their power and the their pleasures but they will not hesitate to flip the table if it looks like they're about to be dragged into the town square to face vigilante justice.

Moreover the system cannot be reformed. They are the system. You would have to remove everyone down to the janitor in order to cut out the rot, at which point you're left with something that's functionally no different from the table being flipped anyway. That's the whole point of the Trump stuff. To give the false impression that the system can be saved from within.

Member ilostabet has given us some exceptional explanations for why the technocratic hell we're careening toward cannot be stopped. If survival is your goal then eschew rebellion in favor of retreat. If rebellion is your goal then accept inevitable failure and death.

This world was not intended to be saved. Our souls are.
I think we share the same fate as Nineveh in Jonah’s time or King Ahab: God wants us to repent and turn back to Him. It’s not too late or hopeless (you could have said the same thing in 1942).

I see the antichrist system promoted by Gates (& other elites) as something that a critical mass needs to accept before the Final chain of events is started. How we react to these church closures (attack on Christianity) seems key. Effective pushback would involve a spiritual Great Awakening (not a secular Q-revolution). It can still happen.

God works miracles for His people—even in the most hopeless of situations. But if too few of us wake up, then I am certain He will allow people to believe the delusions in a technocratic utopia and permit it to be realized.



jews are cattle for their leaders. Just like the others. Let’s see if they learned lesson from WWII. And realize what they leaders have in store for them.
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jews are cattle for their leaders. Just like the others. Let’s see if they learned lesson from WWII. And realize what they leaders have in store for them.
Oh Bibsy, don'cha know not to turn the heat up too fast! I'm ready to jump out of this pot already.


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Based high-level Nigerian officials are up to Billy's shenanigans:

COVID-19: Nnamdi Kanu accuses Bill, Melinda Gates of planning to kill Africans using vaccine

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has alleged that billionaire businessman, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda are planning to kill Africans using the Coronavirus vaccine.

Kanu made the allegation in reaction to Melinda’s claim that she saw dead bodies on the streets of Africa.

Melinda in an interview with CNN had lamented that Africa may not be able to handle a Coronavirus situation if it escalates like it did in the west.

Reacting, Kanu insisted that Melinda must have adequate information at her disposal before making such remarks.

In his latest broadcast on Radio Biafra, the IPOB leader said: “Melinda Gates said she saw dead bodies on the streets of Africa, that COVID-19 will be horrible in the developing world, they will not say such things if they do not have enough information.

Kanu alleged that Bill Gates and his cohorts tried to reduce the black race using HIV but failed, hence will resort to the Coronavirus vaccine.

“Bill Gates and co tried to reduce the black African population, they first tried it in South Africa with HIV and it failed them and backfired.

They want to maintain white supremacy in Africa.

“Bill Gates father was part of those who initiated planned parenthood and also part of IBM. Their family business is white supremacy.

“Unless you vaccinate, you cannot be in any public gathering, said Bill Gates. Who is Bill Gates to tell the world what to do?. He is not working with the UN, they want you to vaccinate not because they want to protect you from Coronavirus but to kill you off, to sterilize our women.

“Dr. Fauchy is part of Bill Gates vaccine team, they are a gang of thieves. Dr Fauchy and Bill Gates knew Coronavirus would come since 2017. Bill Gates used his money and funded the study that led to today’s pestilence called (Coronavirus).

“Bill Gates has the patent of Coronavirus, we are in multiple danger, we must be extremely careful or we will sink. Until you accept their vaccine (Bill Gates vaccine), they will keep on bringing up new versions of it, that is why they are now saying only the vaccine will save you.”

Bill, Melinda Gates are satanic, demonic – Fani-Kayode

Published May 3, 2020
By Seun Opejobi

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has described the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and wife, Melinda as demonic, satanic and occultic.

Fani-Kayode said Bill Gates and his wife won’t prevail despite their financial and alleged demonic influence.
In a tweet, the former minister wrote:”The Bible says “the GATES of hell shall not prevail!.

“Bill and Melinda, no matter how much money, power and influence you possess and no matter how many demonic, satanic and occultic forces you control, you shall NOT prevail. I say it again, the GATES of hell shall not prevail.”

This is coming at a time when some citizens of the United States, US, had called for the arrest of Gate over claims of COVID-19 vaccine.

Recall that Gates had recently revealed a new RNA vaccine for COVID-19 amongst a list of things that must be done for life to return to normal again.

The Microsoft co-owner had said he was excited about pursuing a new approach called ‘RNA vaccine,’ with code needed to produce viral fragments on its own.

Not sure if this is true, but it certainly raises interesting questions:

What if their marriage is an evil biological inversion and Gates is a tranny puppet for the real PowersThatBe?
Not sure if this is true, but it certainly raises interesting questions:

What if their marriage is an evil biological inversion and Gates is a tranny puppet for the real PowersThatBe?
lmao, just like barry and michael, except this time its full opposite and inversion. Wouldn't be surprised, any links to if the daughter looks like either one of them? Decoding this disgusting freaks works isn't that hard, it's all based on lies and deceit, and a hatred for fellow mankind. One way or another, anyone who doesn't live by God's will is out to destroy his creations.
Their “children” look normal, but the recent revelations about the Obamas using IVF has me skeptical given modern medicine. “She” was around 32 for the first child (Bill was already a billionaire by then). The others were born when “she” was 35 and 38.

They have a very weird “vibe” as a couple—there’s more than meets the eye.


Not sure if this is true, but it certainly raises interesting questions:

What if their marriage is an evil biological inversion and Gates is a tranny puppet for the real PowersThatBe?
Gates is real, he is highly intelligent, and he has no boss to report to. He ruthlessly amassed his money (after receiving some help from his well connected father) by destroying all his competitors and overworking his staff. Microsoft's history and issues with the law are transparent and easy to research.

He is an oligarch among oligarchs, and he controls the WHO by being the largest contributor through his two foundations - over 1 billion dollars given in 2018 & 2019.

Stop with the false conspiracies, this is real and transparently happening.