Decoding the words and works of Bill Gates



IT would be a lot more interesting if the title was:

Rich People should shift entirely to synthetic beef


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Bill Gates: Third shot may be needed to combat coronavirus variants​

With more than 40 million Americans having received at least the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, a third dose may be needed to prevent the spread of new variants of the disease, Bill Gates told CBS News Tuesday.

Gates’ comments come amid growing concern that the current vaccines are not effective against the more contagious Brazilian and South African variants.



perpetually confused how people look up to this guy and think “wow he’s so generous he spent 2bil on corona vaccines”

NO idiot

he INVESTED 2bil into various businesses that have profited more in a few months than almost his entire career in Microsoft

and... what is this unhealthy obsession with “carbon zero” ? What does that even mean? Last I checked carbon was a naturally occurring element & building block of life. I can understand reducing unnecessary emissions, or reducing Rich ppls ability to travel non-stop on private fuel... but reducing anything to zero has to have unintentional consequences in terms of balance in the environment

people are stupid.


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This man needs stopping. We are going into a solar minimum not a warming phase this could indeed be a disaster. Been looking into how many organisations and how much land he owns and have a feeling all these things are interconnected. He thinks he can have total control but he will learn not to mess with the creation of our lord. He will lose in the end.