Defunding the police is the next step in the BLM agenda


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Can it work? Is there any history of a large city anywhere defunding their police and being better off for it?

It sounds like the worst possible thing for black people possible:

Most of the calls that police get are in black neighborhoods, things along the lines of a 14 year old son beating his mother with a cellphone in the head, a boy and girl beating each other to death and the neighbors calling the cops because of the noise, and much worse.

I have to think that now the police will not be getting called in to put the violent offender in jail when they commit assault and battery, black people will just kill each other at a much higher rate. How is that going to help a group that’s very name is “black lives matter”?

Why would they think this is a good idea? To prevent institutionalized racism?

I’m genuinely curious, I’m hoping someone can play devils advocate and come up with a good live if logic how this could work out as some sort of improvement.

The riots will not stop. If all of the major cities defund the police,what will be the next phase of blm’s agenda? There is no way “defund the police” is their endgame, that is idiotic

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Confused, chaotic people who prefer lies to the truth tend to descend to these paths - they are not governed by planning or reasoning whatsoever, because one has to be of the truth to make sound decisions that have to do with reason. Sadly, people historically have always paid the price for their (bad) leaders. In this case, they will pay the ultimate price for voting Democrat for all of these decades, to get something for nothing ... finally finding out the hard way that the Devil always throws those dealing with him under the bus.
Can it work? Is there any history of a large city anywhere defunding their police and being better off for it?
The civilized West survived for a long time with little to no police presence. In the Middle Ages and into the early modern era, much of Western Europe preferred to have their houses robbed and rely on vigilante justice rather than submit to armed police presence.

But in modern times I don't think it's been successfully pulled off. Like Montreal's real-life purge in 1969 when the cops went on strike.


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There is no way “defund the police” is their endgame, that is idiotic
Sure it is. It’s long been theorized that the rise of BLM and anti-police rhetoric during the Obama years was meant to nationalize the police force similar to what happened with airport security after 9/11. For the last few years it seemed like this theory lost steam but all of the sudden it just became very plausible. In the near term if this happens there will be significant chaos which the elite want. Blacks killing each other more will just be spun as sysemic raysism and strengthen the justification for it. Get a Democrat in office this year, then enact a national police force and stack it with blacks and sjws. Things all of a sudden don’t look so good at all.


This is one area where I don’t understand the game plan. National Guard and Army aren’t reliable for the left because they voted Trump by a large majority, with the rate undoubtedly being much higher among combat troops because the diversity crowd is disproportionately represented in support roles.

Sheriffs aren’t because they’ve generally been at the forefront of resistance to enforcing both Gun and COVID orders.

So what does the left actually have? In order of top to bottom They’ve got federal agencies, police forces, ANTIFA, and ghetto dwellers.

ANTIFA tend to be soft as hell and only really good at downtown demonstrations in areas where law enforcement is supporting them (so useless in a hot conflict). The ghetto dwellers aren’t well organized and as we just saw in Chicago tend to murder mostly each other during conflict.

So the bulk of their hard power outside deep blue cities is Feds and cops.....and they want to disband the leg they have where the bulk of their raw manpower comes from?

That can’t be the end game because it’s insanely stupid.


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Let’s see how it plays out in the Twin Cities. They are the only city so far that agreed unanimously to defund their police department. Their city’s pd was inept and incompetent so in that case I doubt much changes (I guess now nonstop looting and riot will never cease?)

Other cities like New York and Los Angeles are making cuts but not fully defunding


I think the simple goal is to change the demographics of the police. Get many more minorities in there. Any occupying empire always does this, gets foreigners and minorities to serve as security forces, so that they are loyal to their bosses, but not to the people they occupy.
that theory makes a lot of sense.
Part of me hopes they actually do defund the police, so it can be seen how idiotic of an idea that it is. But I guess even if they do this and chaos ensues, people will ignore reality and see what they want to see.

I live in NYC and on Jan 1 of this year (long before COVID or this current unrest was a thing) Cuomo enacted bail reform in New York where they basically eliminated bail for all misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. New York City had a great run in the 90's under Giuliani, and even Bloomberg for the most part did an OK job of continuing these policies into the 2000s (which he completely renounced on his recent failed presidential bid). But i think it won't be long before it's like the 70s again and crime is rampant.

I just hope things are cyclical and we are currently in a downturn, because it's really easy to look at things and think we're on a one-way path leading down the shitter.

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Try not to get too demoralized. This is once again a blue city problem though if you're inextricably tied to a blue city for some reason then you do have my sympathies. If you're willing to concede that keeping the whole of the USA is no longer possible then this is a win, albeit a sad and ugly one. Alternately if you're committed to going down with the ship then there is no depths to which the American liberals will not drag you.

Nomadbrah is probably correct, though I think his prediction might be achieved in a roundabout way.

1. Defund the police: This sweeps out the white contingent entirely without appearing to be overtly racially motivated.
2. Start "community outreach" programs to take the place of police: You can guess what percentage will be straight, white Christian males.
3. Respond to continued violence by supporting "community outreach" workers with armed escorts.

Voilà. You now have armed communist enforcement squads community outreach teams. Shaniqua will be turning up at your house requesting your cooperation on this matter or that, and behind her will be Tyrone, Deshawn and Lavaughn holding AK47s, backed by the full weight of state law to administer and enforce vague and amorphous social justice legislation which will amount to "we do whatever we want".

The solution is the same as it ever was.

Leave, and #QuarantineBlueAmerica



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The mob turns on the Minneapolis mayor, who has certainly been a friend of theirs during this whole ordeal, for speaking out against this idea:

The left really painted themselves into a corner this time. If a Democrat don't support defunding the police then they will not be supported by a huge part of their base while if they do support defunding they will scare away the majority that thinks that's insane. Can't wait until Biden answers this question. I bet the media will do everything they can to make sure that never happens.

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I have an old friend whos a cop in rural Washington and I texted him the other day asking whats going on. He told me "its getting pretty weird". So I asked him "whats been going on", his response was a" lot of stuff, but i'm not allowed to talk about it, sorry my man its getting really weird"

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I don't think Biden will be able to just avoid the question of "defunding the police."

He will be forced to support defunding the police, at least to some degree, since he is beholden to black voters, and the BLM types won't let him get away with it given he helped write the 1994 crime bill that put a lot of blacks behind bars.

It will be interesting to see what happens in these big cites that start to "defund the police." NYC is already experiencing a rise in shootings and murders, and once the lockdowns end and the police ranks are thinned, all other types of crime will rise as well.

My guess is they will ignore it at first, then try to write it off, and finally when the problem gets too big to ignore, they will find a way to explain it as a result of "systemic racism".


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It will be interesting to see what happens in these big cites that start to "defund the police."
Trump needs to dump all illegals in these sanctuary cities while they strip the teeth from their police, or get rid of them outright.
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