Degree mills....anyone know anything about buying degrees?


Orthodox Inquirer
I've been going to a trade school for HVAC but a lot, if not most, of the jobs in my area require 2, 3, sometimes 5 years experience just to be considered. 2 being the entry-level ones. I've seen and applied to a few helper positions but there's not a lot of them and those don't require a certificate/degree. The career services office at my school will occasionally send out a list to everyone of places hiring for service techs/installs but it's mostly the same places I found online with the same requirements. I was pretty enthused at first about all this but now not so much. I'm not far from finishing but if it's not gonna mean anything anyway, then why bother right?
Update: I decided to stick with it and I will finish in a couple of weeks. Some friends from my class found employment and a lot of the places in my area do better with in-person applications. I'm just used to everything being all online that I figured all fields were like this now. I'm glad I went with a trade (and not "healthcare", like my gf wanted me to).