Denial and Gaslighting

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer

Which stats? It was clear from day 1 that 99.8 percent survived and it were only sick old people who may die from it. Roosh showed this in his early april Roosh hour streams. Every retard with any ability ro read basic statistics saw this. Complete nonsense and another confirmation why the whole conservative movement is a bunch of cowards who are stuck in their prideful political ideas, hovering around the middle looking around them to see the PR impact their words and actions have in order to decide their actions. It's a bunch of leaves in the wind who'll never make a serious stance to go back to any truly conservative time, but typically will be trying to conserve "our liberal freedom values" which is a crock of Satanic deception to begin with. I've retracted any political interest and haven't voted in the last elections, nor will I ever do again most likely. Man's problems are spiritual not political.