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The wisdom tooth has to go, it's pretty impacted at this point. The docs are trying to save the molar adjacent to it, if they absolutely cannot, they will extract it too.


Other Christian
Had an extraction done recently.

I didn't feel any pain but multiple dentist's said it was necessary including a 'biological' one.

Not sure if I 'need' the implant but the stories of sinking jaw etc...are quite disturbing.


What is the word on visits to have teeth cleaned?

I have been really busy with work for a while now and it has probably been over 2 years since I went in for a cleaning. Wondering if I should go in for one or just keep on skipping them.
Speaking from experience here, get them cleaned. Just do it.
Any calculus buildup present will cause all kinds of problems down the line.


Has anyone here experienced NICO or knows about this condition? It can develop in your jaw tissue when for example a tooth extraction didnt go 100% well.
And it can have severe impact on your body whole and may be linked to chronic diseases and inflammation. Only holistic dentists care about it because mainstream dentists/doctors deny it can exist (the same they deny chronic Lyme disease or possible side effects of vaccines)