Derek Chauvin Trial


It's been obvious from the start that this is not murder, not manslaughter, not even worth the slightest reprimand from Chauvin's superiors. While making an arrest, the suspect OD'd and the police held him in place until the paramedics arrived, but by then, the suspect was already too far gone to save. End of story.

If you are a cop and you work in a city where you will frequently deal with the jogging community. Move immediately. Don't worry about how many more years until you get full pension. Leave these idiot cities to burn themselves to the ground. There is absolutely no reason for you to go to prison for doing your job while the Prometheans are hellbent on turning it into a 3rd world sh--hole.

This does not mean I "back the blue." If you're a cop and you're enforcing covid restriction. Stop being a idiot. Quit obeying your psychopathic bosses. If you do so, you deserve whatever the angry mob might do to you. Instead, move to a city where they aren't going insane. Leave the dead to bury the dead.

The relocation of Cops is one of the most important steps that must happen in preparation for the big break up. The more the good cops sort themselves into good territory, the better off we will be. I hope the coming destruction in Minneapolis (that will happen regardless of how this trial turns out) will drive this home to them.
Oh boy. Chick has an attitude. Didn't answer a single question with yes or no.

A partisan testimony where she was determined to outwit and contradict the Defence.

But what was interesting was how calm and measured the defense lawyer was. No grandstanding whatsoever. That demeanor showed her up.

A sidenote of this trial is a lot of people who are "legends in their own imagination" are finding out that the "slay-queen" world that they have created in their own minds is a fictitious one.


Please, everyone remain calm

To negros: Please sir, oh please don't burn, loot and murder. It would be really nice ^_^

To Europeans: Shoot her in the neck.


Was watching the live stream today and at the end the judge informed the jury that he expects the trial to wrap up this week. However, he said he would have closing statements take place on Monday so that the jury is not sequestered over the weekend.

So, basically sounding like we'll have a verdict next week.


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Was watching the live stream today and at the end the judge informed the jury that he expects the trial to wrap up this week. However, he said he would have closing statements take place on Monday so that the jury is not sequestered over the weekend.

So, basically sounding like we'll have a verdict next week.
I predict a hung jury or conviction of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Manslaughter convPictionary can be set up to 10 years, but usually they get 4. Chauvin as a former LEO would be segregated from the general prison population.

I’m reading from some lawyers that the judge might throw out the most serious murder charge, because it requires intent by Chauvin, and the state offered zero evidence for that.

To convict Chauvin of “second degree” murder, the jury will be instructed that they must find that “Chauvin intended to kill Floyd”, in that he acted “with the purpose of causing death and believed the act would cause that result.”

There is simply no evidence presented anywhere in the prosecution’s case that would support such a finding, and I would not be surprised if the Judge dismissed this count when the prosecution rests its case.
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Definitely not in the case of covid-19. My dad got covid after being vaccinated. Everyone knew well before covid that the flu vaccine didn't work. The flu pretty much doesn't even exist anymore, officially, but they're still trying to vaccinate the entire populace for the flu. What is the ulterior motive?
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Oh yeah, we're all about protecting those at risk, for sure that's what's going on. That's why we gathered the elderly together, shut down elective surgeries, gave everyone mild schizophrenia and depression, and damaged the livelihoods of billions. Notice the combination of incentivization and fearmongering throughout these 5 points. They can't deal with reality.


Minnesota prosecutor says he will charge white officer with manslaughter in fatal shooting of black motorist (er, criminal resisting arrest)


Officials looking for motive in deadly South Carolina shooting (black man shooting white family).

The AP (and others) have something similar. Despicable one-sided racists baiting the public to ignite.


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