Derek Chauvin Trial

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They will just decline to hear the case.

That's the funny thing about the "rule of law". Something can be blatantly illegal and any appeals judge can just decide not to hear the case. Case closed.
That's not true the Supreme Court can but not a court of appeals.


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Not a good sign for Chauvin, I've been a jury foreman and it was slam dunk murder but there was one Proud Black Woman on the jury who didn't want to put a "young black child" in jail.....mind you this "child" brought the AK and an extra mag over a cell phone killing an unarmed 17 year old....didn't even end up being the right guy. Took 4 days and a lot of BS mind games to convince her of the extremely blatant murder charge and still only got her to agree to second degree. I find it hard to believe that everyone there agreed on "not guilty" as all it takes is one race idiot to make it about that and my experience was black on black much less white cop on black criminal.

I hope I'm wrong, believe me I'm not happy with the behavior of police officers lately but I am definitely against sending one to jail, or anyone for that matter, over a violent junkie felon.


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Law enforcement sources with knowledge of Hennepin County and Minneapolis police investigations told radio host Stew Peters that "20 to 40 buses" full of militants in riot gear are arriving in Minneapolis ahead of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict.




They are actually at the most risk. Assuming they are allowed any ammunition for those usually-empty weapons, they will not have much. The weapons will likely not be loaded but if they do have a magazine in the weapon, it will not be charged (no round in the chamber). Even if by some miracle they do have a weapon at the ready, they likely have zero training on how to handle civilian mobs and a commander who's got an ROE thicker than a bible. Nobody gets shot on his watch (except maybe his own men/women/trannies) or he loses his promotion potential.

All that plus their high profile and recent attacks against domestic military targets makes them very very likely to be caught in the middle of a convenience flash-mob, regardless of which way the verdict falls.

A military colleague told me they've been warned about this kind of thing, and none of the official channels are referring to the potential threats as "peaceful protests," they are calling it what it is - a threat.


Well to appeal they'd have to appeal to the court of appeals and then if they affirm they can then appeal to the supreme court but they get to choose which cases they hear. I don't see how that statement could constitute jury tampering as long as the jury is sequestered properly. If convicted of manslaughter or anything else he is likely to appeal, but the facts are established by the district court so they would have to appeal based upon the district court erring on one or more of their legal conclusions in conviction. Im just a 1L though so I'm not too knoweldgeable on it and haven't really been following the case.
The jury was not sequestered.


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Guilty on all three.
A lot of you guys predicted guilty on at least one count (if not more). With this outcome, do you guys still think there will be rioting or protests in the streets tonight? The odds of that likely decreased I'm thinking. Guess you never know.


Sucks for Chauvin, but it'll be a lesson for cops henceforth. This system is not working, I think we can all agree on that. Some people have an idea for how it should work that I think is retarded, but at least we can all agree that the assumptions upon which the current system is based do not hold and the idea of the cops does not reflect reality. That's "progress" of sorts.