Did we land on the moon?

Do you believe that we landed on the moon?

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Was there communication between Earth(Nasa) and Moon(astronauts)?

To me, while seeing the above Lunar take off videos, communication seemed instant.

Light takes 1.3 seconds to reach us from the moon and it is somewhat in a fixed orbit with the earth. That means if Nasa sends a message to the moon, the message will take 1.3 seconds and if moon immediately replies back, the reply will take another 1.3 seconds.

There will be a very noticeable lag of at least 2.6 seconds during live communication

This did not seem prevalent in the videos.

Eg. In the above Apollo 17 Lunar take off video, at the 7 second mark the astronaut in the Lunar module finishes his communication. Immediately, at the 8 second mark Nasa replies back.

Unless NASA(Houston) had already known what to reply back or are just agreeing to what the astronaut said 2.6 seconds back( at the 4.4 second mark of the video) which does not seem to me to be the case in the video (I might be wrong), then this communication is not possible as it seems instant.


I studied aerospace engineering at a respected university in the Netherlands once, but never finished it and switched to mechanical engineering instead. Among other things, we were thorougly educated on the course of history in aviation and aerospace with all its milestones, such as what the Wright Brothers achieved and how they did it. Or the many technological advances that were made during and after the Second World War for that matter.

Looking back there were never any references to the moon landings in any course. No one dared to touch the subject. I wonder how many teachers or professors secretly had their doubts on it. Probably at least a few.


I have no opinion on this, but let's assume we did not land on the moon. If this is true it says many things, for sure. It implies there's also an underlying hardship and even impracticality of space travel even to our closest neighbor (the moon). I can see that. Indeed, the early days of both the US and Soviet space programs were dedicated to research and exploration, so, practicality wasn't a paramount issue. But, the idea that it could one day be as common as conventional air travel seemed possible. Decades later that once very steep innovation curve seems to have gone flat. It now being 20 years since 2001, we are nowhere close to the sort of world Kubrick and indeed many people of the 60s thought we would have. No Pam Am flights to the orbiting and massive space station. In fact, no Pan Am and, by comparison, a paltry space station.

Today we have private industry entering into space. I'm open to this and, inspired, I suppose. But, all this hype around SpaceX etc...I think space is a Billionaire's pet project. Nothing would please me more than to see our tech elites, bezos, gates etc, decide to man the first trip to Mars. I suspect these same programs will end up being disappointments too. Its a question of economics. What sort of profit can an enterprise expect to get in space? Now, there are profitable businesses, ancillary suppliers, contractors and the launching of satellites into orbit. Beyond that, I see the sheer hardship and hostility of space as a compelling deterrent. Mining the moon is a ridiculous idea. Ditto for an asteriod. The amount of energy to leave the earth and then return is staggering. Whatever benefit you get from the abundance of certain valuable materials on the moon or even asteroid will quickly be offset by incredible operating costs. Plus payload limitations. You can't launch oil tanker sized vehicles into space. I can see low-level orbit space tourism but not much beyond that. Maybe Elon can pull off a profit from that.

Also, for all its benefits, private space companies are really not the best for space. Again due to the economics. Elon is very wealthy but he's not endlessly wealthy and everytime he launches a rocket he's paying out the nose. He'll go broke if he keeps this up.

Of course, let's not leave out the woke. If the recent overtures from the American Medical Association are any indication, black, lesbian, disabled, mentally ill, cross dressing, trans-species are going to run both NASA and SpaceX. If they're willing to S*&t-can competency in medicine they'll surely do it for space. Under such conditions not a darn thing will be launching anywhere anytime soon.

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Oh and my 2 cents. We landed on the moon. TPTB found something which is why we haven't gone back.

You'd think the chinks would be all over going to the moon. They haven't either. I wonder why?


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Oh and my 2 cents. We landed on the moon. TPTB found something which is why we haven't gone back.

You'd think the chinks would be all over going to the moon. They haven't either. I wonder why?

What did they find there, a no parking sign?

China is going full bore into its space program, they got a space station going and have landed probes and rovers on the moon and Mars. I'm not sure if they will attempt a manned lunar landing though, it is supposed to be in the works for them in later in the 2030s. If it was as easy as it was and could have been done with 1960s technology, Chinese astronauts would have been on the moon by now, or very soon.

I think the main interest in space is military. For China there is also a large element of national pride and prestige, same as there was for the US in the 1960s.