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Mostly a North America and European thing. I got into disc golf in the last couple years because of the pandemic. It was outside, involves hiking and good walks in beautiful locations. Very technical but not at the level of ball golf. Cheap, although after you play some most people buy a bunch of discs that fly differently and that can cost a couple hundred dollars.

Is this a hobby that anyone is into?

Another interesting part is that in most areas there are courses that will have weekly leagues. Almost every weekend you could play in a tournament in a couple hour drive if a person wanted to.

I'm really enjoying it, although its winter now in my area and having cold hands and feet makes it much less fun.


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I got into it this year. Because as you say it is cheap, it is outside, and I have a few friends who are into it.
I have trouble throwing correctly though, and before the snow came I hurt my shoulder. Definitely requires a lot of practice to get into.

ball dont lie

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Being playing for 20+ years. Still can't throw side arm however.

Finally got my first ace about a year ago. :)
I use an overstable disc for a lot of my approach shots and throw side arm. I am normally a back hand player. Its nice looking at the basket for shorter throws.

I can not throw a side arm well off the tee for power, but will work on it.

I got an ace this summer and it was first year and having a bag and more than 3 discs. I played the year before with a few discs that were given to me to start with and a backpack.

I highly recommend disc golf to anyone who likes being outside. The entry to start is almost zero. Being out on the courses is a lot of fun. Most areas will have many disc golf courses.