Distilled water, is it safe to drink?


Most chains in North America sell distilled water by the gallon for 89 cents to 99 cents. The refreshe brand is good, so is the vitamin cottage and the whole foods 365 brand, if you're stuck in an urban city with no distiller of your own. Just add minerals and amino acids and whatever else you need, and you wont be drinking "empty" or unbalanced water. Humic and Fulvic acid blend water is good to drink too.

I advocate distilled water especially for cooking, and for drinking when you do not know what is in your surrounding water system (high lead, cadmium, fluoride, estrogen, etc). If you have your own land and access to fresh water there are other options which would purify it further. I've seen a set up where a guy would re-route water from a river, in timed sequences, into a large boiler, then into a cooling tank, thus removing any water-borne illness-causing agents like giardia, whilst getting the cleanliness of non-metallized water. Iodine tablets are ok if you are on a camp or a trek and don't have any testing equipment (expensive but a worthy investment for transitioning to off-the-grid or rural life).

I don't own a car, so I'd rather not have to carry gallons of water for a mile multiple days a week. I suppose I could use shipt or something but that is a bit costly just for water...

I'm fine using a high quality pitcher-filter like the one I mentioned. Idgaf about "empty" water since I already supplement a lot. I am really only concerned with flouride and potential pharmaceuticals in the water supply; can you really guarantee that bottled water brands are clear of that? I don't really trust any brands unless multiple people have tested them.


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God didn't give us springs of distilled water to drink. If you're drinking distilled water with food, you'll be fine, but if you were to bottle it up and work in the summer heat for a few hours while drinking distilled water, you could rapidly deplete yourself of electrolytes even faster than you would drinking normal water. Also due to osmosis, your cells will end up balancing the levels of salts inside and outside the cell, and if there are fewer salts outside the cell membrane, the cell will absorb nutrient deprived fluids and could even burst.
I heard this but never believed it. One day I got back from a run in the heat really feeling almost about to die like I'd never felt before. Very bad feeling in the head. I figured I'd finally triggered that electrolyte deficiency thing and started trying to find sugar free electrolyte drinks to make sure it didn't happen again. Yes, in competitions, there may be Gatorade or Powerade but that is is definitely not something for the every day. That is how I found the Snake Diet and Snake Juice.
I think I will go back to drinking distilled, although I may attempt to remineralize it with some sea salt, as I did notice some lightheadedness when drinking it.
That snake juice contains potassium chloride, epsom salts (magnesium), pink Himalayan sea salt and baking soda, but again, it is probably wrong to make that an every day thing, or have it at a much lower concentration if every day. Probably is a good thing if the tap water where you live has estrogens etc to do something else for your daily needs.


Between unfiltered and distilled water, you should choose distilled water, it is still safe to drink. But since distilled water lacks salts and minerals, it will try to balance this out by taking minerals from whatever material it comes into contact with. If you keep distilled water in a plastic bottle for too long, you can drink all of the plastic. So you should not drink distilled water that has been stored for a long time.