Do any of you watch Aurini?

The Lizard of Oz

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MikeCF said:
He has a great speaking voice. If I were him, I'd try monetizing that voice. His voice reminds me of this guy:

Thanks for posting that, Don LaFontaine was awesome, cool dude and what a crazy gig. Aurini's got a ways to go before he reaches that level voicewise. ;)


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Check out jake fushee as well. The timbre of voice is the result of the interaction of forments (little cavities in the head). There might be away to increase the size of forments to give yourself a lower voice bigger sounding voice.


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His videos are too long. The drinking and smoking makes them twice as long as they need to be. IMO he is trying to hard with the props.

Even with a deep voice he still sounds effeminate.

The body language is what makes him seem feminine. All the flair with the wrists and hands.

Also I can't stand people who over-enunciate every syllable of every spoken word. It's a try-hard way of sounding intelligent and comes across as obviously fake to anyone who's truly well-spoken.


cardguy said:
Is this quote from the same Aurini? I just came across it:

The truth about the PUAs is that they’re nothing but extremely successful pussy-beggars; they’re the top 1% of Nice Guys.
Yes, that's the same Aurini. I remember reading that post on his blog:

Aurini's most-viewed video succinctly sums up what is wrong in society in ten minutes. It's stuff people here will know, but if only all the men of the West could watch this..

This is also brilliant:


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I believe that article was written when a lot of the game guys were getting into a Twitter tiff with the dark enlightenment/neo-con guys.

Btw, count me in as another Aurini fan.
I recently started watching Aurini's videos and he is pretty good. He seems to throw off a lot of people because of his 'attitude', that's what some guys on /pol/ told me.


I didn't know people actually thought highly of him, my first ever knowledge of the dude was Thunderf00t's videos ripping on him, he's even got his own meme from that:

I'm a fan of neither of these two because at the end of the day it's just 2 dudes arguing on the internet, but he came out of that argument with Thunderf00t looking pretty awful, I think the name "Thunderfart" was used at one point lol so much cringe.


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Our very own Aurini on this year's Millenniyule, a festive favourite of mine. I know Roosh and Woes have had their differences, but in light of what Colin and Davis talk about in the video regarding no longer publicly attacking those on the right — I'd love to see Roosh on next year's edition. It's a good conversation, and I particularly enjoyed Davis' breakdown on how modern movies encourage narcissism and don't provide proper male role models.

It's funny, by every Christmas I'm completely sold on white nationalism due to this show, and by the time February rolls around I'm back to my position just to the left of it. Woes you evil radicaliser!

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I have watched his videos and I liked a few of them. He is an intellectual with a bit of a Christian touch. Funny thing , it took a minute for me to realize he was Canadian. I don't agree with his views all the time (because I am a lecherous, sexual degenerate and a slave to my desires with little self control ) but I respect his honesty and the fact he is not a bitch(he served in the military and means what he says).


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Not anymore I dont. What the fuck???

This is a sad day for Hawaii's Davis Aurini viewership, and the Forneycaters.



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I originally came across his video on generational cycles and watched it in one sitting (it was almost two hours long if I recall correctly). After that one, I was hooked and went through the catalog.

I got introduced to ROK and the Forum through him. He is one of those posters/writers/thinkers that usually gives a perspective on things that I haven't considered, and more often than not I end up agreeing with. I also got introduced to a lot of other interesting people through him, so it's safe to say Aurini has had a great influence on me, something for which I'm grateful. In fact, he did a requested video for me answering a question and I did end up taking his advice, which had an immense impact on my life - real life, not just intellectual life. Money well spent.

It is a shame he got kicked off of Youtube (though I can't say I'm surprised). He had a lot of interesting and valuable things to say.

Even if he doesn't keep going somewhere else, people should reupload his stuff so others can learn from him. I hope he's doing alright.