Do You Deserve A Good Woman?


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Roosh's old "7 Things I Require in the Future Mother of My Child" article still has some good advice in it. If she does believe in (the Christian) God, she should be willing to convert to your denomination (in my case, Orthodoxy).
Are you speaking from experience? I don't think I've heard of anyone here successfully pulling of the "flirt to convert." If anything we've seen the opposite, where guys meet protestant girls hoping to convert them, and failing.


While this (now-banned) member was an obviois troll, I must admit he does have a bit of a point here (quoted passage above).

Far too many men here try and plan/calculate how to find and choose a good wife by whether or not she ticks off your boxes on a list.

There is not enough "romance." God is supposed to choose a wife for you. And it happens mysteriously and spontaneously, not as the end result of your meticulously-planned and calculated system.

I've even seen many men here unironically compare marriage to a business contract, for goodness sake.

I'm not saying all men here have this attitude, but I notice it far too often (especially among the younger unmarried men).
Very well said! It took me decades to find someone and it didn't happen through a list. I had a must have of being a Christian and some "I'd like to haves". She ended up being a woman from the Philippines 27 years younger and a lot smarter than I am. So while it is important to have some criteria, for me, the distance was something I had to extend or I was "destined" to be single the rest of my life. Not really destined because I knew I had to have a wife, I just had to be open to going 10,000 miles for her but now we are together every day.