Does the mRNA vaccine (specifically) cause cancer?


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Lots of new comments on her injection day video. So weird to see one year old comments downplaying symptoms. "It's a rare side effect." "So happy you got vaccinated". Talk about ageing worse than milk. People are responding those old comments too.

I have observed an uptick in cancer related deaths in older people only. I also suspect most deaths are happening in those who received the first injection between 12 and 18 months ago.

Here's my favorite
I also got Pfizer, and like Tiny I also experienced some weird heart stiffness/pain. I was tired but thankfully my first dose was in the evening so it just meant I didn't have a problem going to bed that night. The heart stuff goes away after a while, I felt like my arm pain/aches went away after 5 days and then the heart thing lasted a bit longer. It was a bit stronger with the 2nd dose (just so Tiny knows) but didn't require any medical treatment/hospitalization. I was also much more sleepy the 2nd one. I had like 3 naps in one day during the 2nd dose (I got it at 9am, slept until noon, then had a 2-4 nap and then a 7-9pm nap and still went to bed before midnight) but the next couple of days I didn't nap that many times and it got easier. The arm pain definitely is there for the 2nd dose too. Both times I hardly even felt the needle, it was so crazy! And I went to a vaccination centre here in Canada not even a dr office. But everyone is so kind and the process is so easy :)