Drag queen story time

RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

Ah well - good to see that propaganda is taken.

As I said before - your kids are only safe in upper-elite schools (at cost of 10.000$/month - UK, Switzerland, Germany) or at home being home-schooled by your wife/self and tutor if you can afford it.

Anything else takes constant re-brainwashing of your progeny.

The pendulum will swing back one day - mark my words. The gay/trans agenda and feminism/SJW mindset will bow down one day, because science and reality will prove them wrong. They will study trans and see the mostly for what they are - mentally disturbed people, some with a fetish (some drags just dress up for kicks, but are just strange gays - no need punishing them, but also no reason to push their lifestyle as wonderful).


RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

Whatever happened to libraries being places to read and books everywhere?


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RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

Worst parents of the millennium award goes to...
RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

Before I lefted Western society years ago, I said to myself that things couldn't get any worst!

The current generation of kids are so messed up... The next generation are going to be 10x worst! Can you imagine the next!!!

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RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

Earth to God. Earth to God.

Request immediate assistance.

Strike package 'flood' required.

Danger close. Request sea level plus 100 yards vertical. I say again. Plus 100 yards vertical.

Earth out.

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RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

I live in King County and believe me, most of the parents wouldn't have a problem with their kids seeing some trannie's junk The people here are insane, and terrified of offending anyone or having other looney lefties think they're a "bigot". Someone I know is taking a class on race/gender/sexual orientation or some stupid Marxist nonsense.

I saw a couple walking the other day, and the man had really long hair, and the women really short hair. Not a huge deal, but a great representation of what these Marxist cities are turning into and gender roles becoming meaningless to them. Strange times.

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RE: Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

rotekz said:

So a Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh allegedly doing that to a random adult woman at a party is a federal crime, but a deranged transsexual doing that to 8-year old children is education.



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Is anyone here even slightly surprised that the hand-rubbers created, fund and organize the Drag Queen Story Time movement? Every. Single. Time.

The Money Behind It All

Groups opposing Drag Queen Story Hour encounter such defeat, and often feel like they are beating their heads against a brick wall, because of the tremendous institutional support that Drag Queen Story Hour receives.

It is important to understand that such a well respected and ubiquitous organization as the ALA is actively providing institutional support for the program, but the funding comes from elsewhere.

Drag Queen Story Time as a Concept was created by a Jewish lesbian named Michelle Tea (Tomasik) and RADAR Productions of San Francisco. RADAR productions is a Bay Area production company whose mission statement reads “RADAR is a Bay Area queer literary arts organization creating and supporting a community of queer artists through commissioning, developing and presenting ground-breaking literary work”.

RADAR Productions is also instrumental in disseminating the program throughout the country.

RADAR is funded by a number of organizations, including The California Arts Council, The San Francisco Public Libraries, The Horizons Foundation, and notably The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation, and The Zellerbach foundation.

The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation is a Bay Area "philanthropy" founded by Walter Haas. Walter Haas is the son of Jewish Bavarian immigrants, who married Elise Stern, daughter and niece of the founders of Levi Strauss Jeans. Haas is best known for being the President of Levi Strauss from 1928-1955, he is credited with saving and growing the brand. The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation focuses their energy and capital on 5 areas, according to their website, The Arts, Economic Security, Education, Jewish Life, and Net Safety. The site prominently features articles like “How the World Should Be: Jews, Social Justice and GLIDE” by Rabbi Michael Lezak.

The Zellerbach Family Foundation is the other Bay Area “philanthropic” organization that funds RADAR Productions and Drag Queen Story Hour. The Zellerbachs are a wealthy family of Jewish immigrants known for owning a huge paper and paper pulp conglomerate and enormous timber and land holdings in the Pacific Northwest.

They are credited with inventing the folded paper towel and windowed envelope and were the subject of a 1958 antitrust investigation by the U.S. Justice Dept. The Zellerbach corporation profited greatly during WWII when European paper companies were unable to export products to the United States. A Huge portion of The Zellerbach Family Foundations operating budget is also devoted to encouraging mass immigration and refugee resettlement.

The Zellerbach foundation has donated over $46 million dollars to date, and is devoted to “building vibrant communities” by supporting refugee and resettlement NGO’s like The Tahirih Justice Center who have “served over 25,000 courageous individuals fleeing violence since 1997.” Tahirih Justice Center Executive Director, Morgan Weibel states “without the critical support of the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Tahirih would be unable to continue its necessary work to support immigrants”

Average Americans look at images of drag queens reading to children in libraries and understand on a visceral level that it is wrong. What they do not understand is that this phenomenon is not “just stupid”, it is not just a fluke or a fad, it is not a genuine, if misguided attempt to teach tolerance. Drag Queen Story Hour is just another arrow in the quiver of the same wealthy, Jewish elites who are systematically flooding America with 3rd world refugees, censoring speech, chipping away at the Constitution, racially attacking white Americans in the media, and smashing the building block of Western civilization: the traditional family. .


First off, may I say I am deeply disturbed by this phenomenon. I really want to look every liberal in the eye and ask them - why are you so obsessed with sex? And why are you so obsessed with sex and kids? When I called and spoke to the "librarian" at a library in fall river massachussetts that hosted one of these events, her only justification was "this engenders tolerance". And there you have it...what has made an otherwise benevolent soft spoken bookworm cinnamon bunn female librarian into a supporter of degenerate and radical sexual practices and a supporter of pedophilia, knowing or unknowingly, is the appeal of "tolerance". In fairness to most of these book touting people, mostly women, the tolerance factor seems to be the thing they're most focused on. I did call the librarian at fall river a pedophile and I did tell her that if I ever encounter her with my kids that she will maintain a minimum 100 foot distance from them and to not, under any circumstances, engage with them, especially physically, and to not make eye contact. Extreme? IMO, no, in fact, necessary, because shame, when applied appropriately, yields results. She's very likely mislead by this religion of tolerance as opposed to being a legitimate pedophile, so, was I wrong to label her as such. No. I did her a favor and hopefully my impression was sufficient for her to embark in a much needed self reflection. Because the stakes are too high and she played a party to put a pedophile and pedophilic behaviors around kids, both deliberately and willingly. Perhaps her sin here is that she's allowed herself to be blinded by this notion of compulsive tolerance. But that begs a question that is being asked today, which the left is incapable of answering, and that is; if tolerance is one of the newly imposed "morals" and one of the highest of these new, and un-vetted, morals, than if tolerance results in things like tolerating the exposure of children to graphic sexual behaviors and, apropos, celebrates 11 year old male cross dressers who go to homosexual night clubs to perform strip teases to the sexual amusement of adult homosexual men while they throw money at this child as though he were a worthless whore, THEN, the only sane conclusion is that this ideal of compulsive "tolerance" is in fact not a "moral" or anything good at all. Indeed there are things that society and decent people are not supposed to tolerate in the slightest. Ergo, compulsive tolerance is evil and wrong and should be immediately dispensed with. The left is impotent to address this, because, similar to discrimination they maintain an all or nothing position on these issues. Matter of fact, racism (a la discrimination, bigotry etc) has seemingly replaced things like murder as the highest of sins in this new moral system (that nobody voted for and nobody wants). You see, if you are not allowed to discriminate or to be intolerant of anything than invariably the things that should rightly be discriminated and in tolerated will be allowed. And just in time, as it seems, pedophilia is creeping into our society. How many sodomized raped children will it take before we simply admit a truth that has been known for eons - tolerance is a good thing but be careful to not take this to an extreme, because there are many things and people that should not be tolerated. BTW, the left knows this all too well. They're hypocrites because they're no believers in compulsive tolerance as evidence of their open hostility, bigotry and intolerance of tradition, conservatives, white people and Christianity.



Totally normal.


Look at that crowd and tell me how surprised you are.


Mostly single mothers put their children into situations like watching your kids a faggot time story.

The few fathers that are involved in this, were raised by single mothers aswell. No self respecting men wouldn't beat the shit out of a faggot telling your kid a "story" wearing make up. Good thing I don't live in the US. In Europe they only push your kids to attend Gretha worshipping evenings or the good old: "cuddle with an immigrant" but that's exclusive for germany.


rotekz said:
The Zellerbach Family Foundation is the other Bay Area “philanthropic” organization that funds RADAR Productions and Drag Queen Story Hour. The Zellerbachs are a wealthy family of Jewish immigrants known for owning a huge paper and paper pulp conglomerate and enormous timber and land holdings in the Pacific Northwest.

What's the matter, goyim? You don't like a tranny cock in your five-year old's face? You must be a white nationalist.


Local Library Introduces Controversial Drag Racing Story Hour

Last Tuesday, families gathered for Drag Racing Story Hour, put on weekly at the Alachua County Library by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). But local mother, Nance Schmidt couldn’t help but feel as though placing her six year-old son, Devin, in the middle of a 1,000 ft racecourse with two fire-spewing top fuel dragsters running him down at speeds in excess of 300 mph, might make her a bad parent.

“I mean I know this is the hip new thing, and I’m as PC as the next gal,” said Schmidt tearing up in an interview, “but are we just exploiting and endangering our children so that we can pat ourselves on the back and fit in with a culture rapidly spiraling out of control at the hands of extremists?”




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