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Here's one:
For the last few weeks dream usually involve a zombie + cybernetic surveillance sort of setting.
Im usually dodging and crawling and guding around and escaping through any shelter I xan find and get uneasy when in company of otjer people who for some reason wold rather afapt and live with the idea that the zombies could rain on in any time.or that a camera can spit you and decide to send a RC truck to run you over .

In the last time I was in such a dream there was a garage birthday party for kids, the parents outside smoking cigarettes with their weapons ready and leaning bg against their home made armor plated cars.
I couldn't take it anymore, walked upwards the riverstream towards the mountain where for some reason Norway was supposed to be with the intent of hijacking a small boat and escape towards warmer oceans.
The people were so very nice and receptive and I briefly considered weathering it even during the dark winter months but then I felt an even greater obligation to escape down the same river stream and unto the sea. So I did nit without certain regret.
Once I got the boat and went down the stream I entered a sort of video game mod where I tried different ways /instances of piloting the thing until I finally got it right and unto warmer waters...
Woke up then.

Edit :
I do achieve lucid dreaming many times but I become incredibly anxious to wake up as I realize my physical is immobile and vulnerable.
Often it involves waking up within dreams which makes me terribly unsure when I finally make it to the "conscious" realm.


As I said my advice is to pursue lucid dreaming completely, if you had lots of them, it could get easier for you then for someone who just started. I know I had to practice a lot (probably more than others) and still I got them rarely. But when I do, I make sure to use them as best I can.


Wow, you guys seem to have some crazy dreams. I've actually never had a dream. Not one. Perhaps I have, but certainly none that I can remember.


Everybody has from 5 to 7 dreams a night, you just don't remember them. And here is good reason. I am almost 100% sure you wake up some time after the REM (rapid eye movement) phase has ended. Because of that dreams cannot be stored properly in your short term memory.
You can easily fix this problem. There are REM phases diagrams on internet, look them up and adjust time when you lay in bed and alarm according to them.


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PainPositive said:
Roosh said:
PainPositive said:
I'm in Afghanistan on a patrol. We are in a firefight. I'm looking to my left and to my right, I see everyone in my platoon is on line and behind cover. I look to my best friend and he has a blank expression on his face. He stands up slowly from behind his cover. I scream for him to get down. His head explodes. I look to my teammates they all have the same blank expression my friend had. They stand one by one and are shot in the head. I'm screaming and yelling but they don't hear me. My voice is muffled. I watch them all die one at a time. I'm begging and I'm crying. "I love you" someone says. I thought it was me but I'm not sure. They are all dead but their eyes are open and they are looking at me. Sgt. Sanchez stares at me. I'm alone now but I see a mountain. I start to climb. With each step I get smaller and younger My rifle is heavy my boots don't fit. My helmet is too big. My uniform is huge. I'm about eight years old. I reach the top of the mountain or hill and my father is there. He has a yellow hardhat and a tool belt on. He's working. I start yelling at him that it's all his fault my friends died. He looks up at me and points to something. Sometimes he laughs.

I used to have this dream a lot now it's only once or twice a year.
You feel a sense of helplessness for not being able to help those closest to you. You may have doubts about an event in the past where you wonder if you could have done more to help someone who was hurt or killed. The mountain scene is your mind's effort at relieving personal guilt and trying to place it someone else, in this case your father, whose guidance or instruction may have led to a certain path.
You sound like you're well read on this subject; it seems accurate. How do you know this or where do you get your analysis from?
What you just saw was a demonstration of cold reading. Back in the day when game was still dominated by the Mystery Method and canned routines, cold reading was a key way to increase Comfort with the target. Given Roosh's advanced level of game, it's not surprising he's skilled at it.


I had a lucid dream this morning that blew me away. I get them time to time but they only last a minute or so. This one lasted for what I estimate a half hour.

I was in the living room of an apartment I rented in Budapest last year. I realized it was a dream because it was a blizzard outside and I know its October. Prefontal Cortex is up and running. Me, this hot girl from High School, and her parents. I'm trying to get the bang and her parents are cockblocking me. They leave and we're getting it on on the couch. I manage to get her clothes off and her vagina is a metal box with this plunger thing you'd see on a pinball machine. :laugh:

As I pull the plunger, it pulls out another box. Then another one. Over and over. So I go back to her face, and theres a box where her mouth was. Then it starts to brighten and blind me, and I realized the dreams over and I wake up in bed.


I don't want to resurrect Lucid Dreaming thread just for this post so I will write it here. Also its connected to all lucid dreams experiences you guys have/had.

My advice to all who have/had lucid dreams, and that advice stems from my spiritual practice of Sorceric Dreaming is following.
When you realize you are lucid, do the following exercise:

Look around you and notice things you see. After you done that, look at your hands. Your hands will have non human characteristics, such as too many or too little fingers, no fingers at all, no fists, etc.
After that look again around you and notice things you see. Things you saw when you first looked may have changed. Then look again at the hands.
REPEAT this exercise as many times needed until your hands look like your physical body counterpart and when the scenery around you stops changing.
This exercise is probably from the antique, used to make experiencing dream reality more "solid". In order to have control in the lucid dream world, you have to be solid and things around you must need to be solid. Everything other don't work.

A reference to this is famous movie Inception and how female character destroys scenery around her when she realized it was a dream. You don't want that to happen. It will not be destroyed but you will be immediately catapulted into waking state, presumably in the state of mild shock because of sudden change of reality.


Just made a dream, which I think shouldn't be taken litteraly and has a deeper meaning.
I'm trying to understand it, so writting it might help.

In this dream, I'm back in my parents home, but strangely my room is different : the door isn't the same.
I'm with a blonde girl, who has very long hair, laying on my back, getting a fellatio.
It's the first time with her, we never had sex before.

Suddenly the door begins to open, I quickly jump to it, put up my underwear to see who's trying to enter.
It's my dad, he's bringing me food I like, he doesn't see there's a girl inside.
We talk briefly, I thank him for the food and go back inside.

The girl doesn't seem shocked at all by the fact we were almost seen.
She looks extremely calm and sure of herself.
She desires me and is not afraid to show it.
She puts on a transparent top and looks extremely sexy in it.
Her hips are wider that most of the girls I ever slept with, but her waist/hips ratio is very feminine.

I take her in my arms from behind, and she's now quite tall, at least 1 head heigher than me.
I'm surprised, as I didn't notice this height before, still find her very attractive.
She's then the perfect model of a woman's attractiveness in my eyes, except the strange height, maybe she's even a goddess.
She has a very powerfull aura, mixing both sexuality, confidence and calm.
I'm very excited to be on the merge to have sex with such a woman, the most beautiful and feminine I ever had.

But I feel I'm about to wake up, like if my alarm was about to ring.
I try to stay inside the dream, but still wake up...very frustruted to have missed that "dream opportunity".

To better understand that dream, I'll add that I recently decided to live back with my parents, in a month.
It won't be long (a few months top), but I want to spend some time with them, as they're getting old, and won't stay on this planet eternally.
I don't plan on bringing any girl home during that period, still will have sex in other places.

I don't think this dream is about frustration, but more about the essence of feminity.
I don't put women on pedestrals, but this one was a goddess in my dream.
Something like Aphrodite.
If someone wants to share his interpretation, he'll be very welcome.
I'm puzzled about its true meaning.


sterling_archer said:
I don't want to resurrect Lucid Dreaming thread just for this post so I will write it here. Also its connected to all lucid dreams experiences you guys have/had.

My advice to all who have/had lucid dreams, and that advice stems from my spiritual practice of Sorceric Dreaming is following.
When you realize you are lucid, do the following exercise:

Look around you and notice things you see. After you done that, look at your hands. Your hands will have non human characteristics, such as too many or too little fingers, no fingers at all, no fists, etc.
After that look again around you and notice things you see. Things you saw when you first looked may have changed. Then look again at the hands.
REPEAT this exercise as many times needed until your hands look like your physical body counterpart and when the scenery around you stops changing.
This exercise is probably from the antique, used to make experiencing dream reality more "solid". In order to have control in the lucid dream world, you have to be solid and things around you must need to be solid. Everything other don't work.

A reference to this is famous movie Inception and how female character destroys scenery around her when she realized it was a dream. You don't want that to happen. It will not be destroyed but you will be immediately catapulted into waking state, presumably in the state of mild shock because of sudden change of reality.
I guess you read that practice in a book.
Was it "The Art of Dreaming", form Carlos Castaneda?
I came home today at 5am, had a good night out celebrating a friend's birthday, had a very crazy dream, which is not unsual for me, specially when I sleep late.

I can not recall it fully but I was something like this: there was this guy who was a reporter, this female asian mma fighter and I. We were at a mma ring, lots of people cheering, I was supposed to fight the girl but something happened and the girl was gonna fight the reporter and I'd fight whoever won. Their fight did not go very well for the girl, the guy was basically torturing her, absolutely destroying her in every way possible, she was desperate but kept on fighting, eventually a blow to her head decapitated her cleanly, but he was like "oops, my bad" and put her head back on her neck and I saw her face as she struggled to breath, eyes bloodshot and gouging out of her head.

Then it was my turn to fight, but suddenly the reporter and I were not at the mma camp anymore, but instead we were by the side of a river, a stone bridge over it, a truly beautiful day, hte magins were green and blossoming. Before the fight I started saying how he was not a true reporter because he would not report what he had done to the girl and that I would avenge her, then I went on about how I was a true entrepreneur, and started talking about a Thomas Pay(i?)ne guy, then things seemed to go into the past and I was seeing this guy, Thomas Payne(or Paine) from a third person view, he was young, wearing clothes from the time of the late XVIII/early XIX century, I went on about talking how he was an entrepreneur and how he made the world better and there was something about a pen, how he invented a new kind of pen or some thing, I dont remember, I only know whatever I was talking about him, a pen had a great importance, things were truly confusing at this point and my doggo woke me up licking my face.

Some more details, the dream was 100% in english, which has happened many times before, specially during and after my time as an exchange student in the US, but it had not happened in a very long while. When I started talking about the Thomas guy, I was using words that seemed out of my vocabulary, some that I know but never use, I can not recall any except for pen quill, which I have never uttered before in my life. Also, in my mind the guy's name was Thomas Payne, but I went on to google it and it showed me Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers, and one of the phrases associated with him is "Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain."
I am well versed in history for the most part, and while I knew other founding fathers, Thomas Paine was 100% unknown for me, at least as far as I remember and I do have a very good memory.

I have some mystic beliefs about dreams that I do not take seriously for the most part, beliefs that maybe dreams can be a vision of the future or past, that the dead can speak with you through dreams, things like that. This dream seemed exceptional, maybe Thomas Paine's ghost was whispering into my ear? We will never know.


Latan, Castaneda's teachings are basis of modern Sorceric Dreaming, also called Nagualism. It is really powerful spiritual practice and my experiences are very like the ones in early works of Castaneda (not his level though).


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As I mentioned on page 1 of this thread, I've been paying close attention to my dreams for years now. I really try to listen to them and to my gut feelings on things.

This past week I've had two meaningful dreams.

The first one: at some point in the dream, I was next to a grassy plateau which sloped for a few feet and ended in an abbyss. My family was around. Everyone was smiling and having a good time - we were not in danger. There was some kind of machine crossing the plateau and going over the abyss, like a ski lift. Something was falling down and I prevented it from falling. In the next moment, my little sister got her clothes stuck on the ski lift and got close to the edge of the abbyss. She freed herself but started falling down the slope. I saw it about to happen but couldn't stop it; I managed to jump and grab her hand but she slipped and fell.

I woke up from the dream and sent her a message (she's still a kid and we're living far away from one another). She replied a couple of hours later saying that was well and that the day before had been her birthday - I had completely forgotten about it. That broke my heart. I literally had to hold back tears sitting in my office desk. My eyes are watery just typing this.

Clearly I need to pay more attention to my family. Living in a different country, working a lot, studying, partying, banging girls - I inevitably spend much more time doing these than caring for my family. I'm very worried about how my little sister is growing up and I think the dream also reflects my worry about "losing" her - her love, my place in her life, losing her as a sane and decent person (I'm scared of the influences she's around). It was a good wake up call.

The other dream was last night.

I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks now. I really like her. She's beautiful, my friends like her, her friends like me. And she's awesome - most of the time. Except when she drinks. And she drinks a lot...

The dream: I'm outdoors at a party.

I'm talking to people, having fun. I look towards the crowd and see her kissing a guy. I can't believe it. I go up to them and start clapping. I say: "That's beautiful, you're a beautiful couple", in a sarcastic tone. She replies something like "Well, whatever" and dismisses me - she's clearly drunk.

The guy kissing her starts apologizing. She steps away. I'm talking to the guy, he says he didn't know she had a boyfriend. When she told him, he said he didn't want to force her to do anything, but if she was game he'd be in too - and so they kissed.

Me: Look man, I'm not mad. She's...
Guy: ...got some issues.
Me: Yeah. She's not a bad girl. But she does...
Guy: ...have an alcohol problem.

I look to the side and there's a big container (like a dumpster) filled with ice and water - it's a cooler for beer and other drinks. There's a bunch of cans floating about, some of which are empty - so the container is also half full of alcohol. A chick jumps in. People cheer.

Me (looking at the container): What the hell. That chick must be crazy.
Guy: Yup.

I turn back to the guy. Then i hear a noise. I look over - my girl has just jumped inside and is having a blast too.
I wake up.

I think this dream is my subconscious trying to tell me that this chick is not going to change, that she does have a drinking problem, and that I've got some terrible disappointment waiting for me further down the road if I keep seeing her.

The guy in the dream is a mirror image of me. He does exactly what I'd do -
who cares if the chick has a boyfriend? At the same time, he apologizes - although I'd definitely bang a girl with a boyfriend, I'd feel terrible if I saw the guy emotionally crushed by it.

The guy completes my sentences. But while I try to be diplomatic about what I say, he's emphatic. And he's a product of my own mind - I think deep down I know clearly that her issues are real.

As to the ending - that's pretty obvious. I call the first girl to jump in crazy, and then my girl jumps in - she must be nuts too. And not in a good way. She's also jumping into a literal pool of alcohol, drowning herself in licquor and beer. I mean, it doesn't get clearer.

This has been messing with my head all day because I don't think there's been enough reason to break it off yet, but I'm scared of going against these visions because things never work out when I do.

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I decided to do a sexual cleanse some time ago. No sex, no masturbation, no porn for a month. Then about 10 days in I had a dream that felt very real. I met a woman I last saw almost 10 years ago when we were working at the same place. I hadn't even seen any photos of her since then. Anyway, we meet in the dream, then suddenly we are in bed. I'm railing her from behind, then I pull her up and start kissing her neck while still thrusting. I've never had a sex dream that felt so real. Then I woke up, looked her up on social media, and yes, she looked almost exactly like in the dream, only less beautiful because she's nearing mid-30's.

I think it's perfectly normal to have sex dreams when you abstain but why her specifically? When we were working together, we never even fucked, and because she was older than me, she felt like more of a big sister to me than a target for banging. Any ideas?


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Here's one. I dreamed I was logged in to the forum in real life, not on the internet. It wasn't a meetup, it was the forum in real life. The only one I recognized was Witcoff, probably because his avatar is a picture of him. Roosh wasn't online.

Everyone was debating increasingly finer points of theology.

Suddenly, unseen hands grabbed me and shoved me into a huge duffel bag filled with cobras, not the forum member Cobra, real cobras. This dream was insanely vivid, and I could feel the bites from the fangs and the poison starting to spread through my body.

It was really jarring, as if it didn't belong even in my dream world, it was too real, and too far to go to make a point, whoever it is that makes points in your dreams. I am trying to fight it all the way, and finally it ends, and I am dumped out of the bag, and all around me I see people still just debating theology, apparently with no reaction to what just happened to me.

I say, hey, everyone, did you see what just happened? I was attacked by snakes. Didn't you see it?

So Witcoff goes, oh, yeah, okay, and then they go back to debating finer theological points.

So what does it mean?

Aside from WTF Witcoff, what are you doing in MY dream?

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I had a doozy last night.

I was at some kind of speaking event and I was in the crowd with Anonymousbosch, who I couldn't actually picture because I don't know what he looks like. He was off screen. I just knew I was with him. We were joking about interpreting the symbols on the tablecloth in front of us which were apparently obvious to us to be Masonic symbols or something like that. The empty black suit speaker on the stage didn't really have our attention at all.

All of a sudden some huge whacko bursts into the room and runs to the far end of the hall sort of like a zombie. His pants are around his knees, and bear with me, he's crapped himself.

Then he turns around and fuck me dead, it's this guy I used to be friends with that I haven't seen in fifteen years or more. Haven't even thought of the guy in recent memory. It even took me a moment to recognize him. A note about this guy. He wasn't very nice. A narcissistic sociopath of some variety and we parted ways on bad terms after he became completely intolerable and burned every bridge in the social circle. Very obsessed with good vs evil (always doing evil while thinking he was doing good) and in retrospect a prime candidate for demonic manipulation.

Anyhoo, in my dream he was even paler than normal (he used to avoid sunlight) and he was in some sort of a trance, but the worst part was that from under his coat crawled this dirty great spider about 10 inches across, brown and shaped like a tarantula but with a shiny carapace (I did a bit of a digital search and couldn't find anything similar).

Well he doubled back like he was looking for someone in particular and in a terrifying moment I realized he was looking for me. I froze and he set his dead eyes on me. The spider moved into a central position on his chest and I intuited that it was controlling him but he was almost dead. I also sensed that he was about to rush me and the spider would then attach itself to me instead. I fought the dream paralysis and made a bolt for the door but my former buddy was too quick and I woke up from the dream just before he intercepted me.

Suffice to say I was wide awake and not getting back to sleep any time soon.

Aside, AB pissed off some time during the whole event and I don't blame him.


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I've had similar poignant dreams like this and found they weren't really relevant to my current life. They were just symolised meanings of past experiences that if interpreted can give you a deep meaning - deeper than what most people will compute in their noggin in their lifetime... If I can find one I will post it....

My guess with this is your mind is simply reminding you of the nature of the narcissist/sociopath - the goal of which it to turn your into a 100% complete prop for their own physical, mental and/or emotional needs. I think this is the possession aspect - seeing them as possessed by something malignant. The spider is something you get stuck in the web of - again possession - to be devoured. Though I can't really think of the relevance of the spider to the whacko. But it seems like the spider had just about sucked him dry and was about to move on to you. As Bosch is on the scene it could just be a reference to demonic possession.

I think the Bosch part symbolises you have something good going on, you are enjoying yourself in some higher activities with good people. You are so lost in that that you don't realise what is going on around you. Into this window slips the wahcko. He wants to come into your life and posses you, or his demon wants to posses you when he drops dead.

I can't really think what the tablecloth's significance is.



My parents were having a party at home. And for some reason lots of people came who were essentially my guests, but I knew few of them and how they arrived. JA was there and G who brought a large number of people. One of them was a guy I remember seeing at a house neighbouring primary school on occasion at playtime. We were told to keep away from him. The only time I remember him he was brandishing a knife in the presence of some children, including myself, and using it to cut holes in his jeans. A dinnerlady told us to get away. I later saw this guy skulking around a road, when I was 16-17. He lookeed like he was a heroine addict.

G brought him and there was a lot of somewhat excited buzz about his arrival. He arrived wearing some grey face paint and was with a girl. He also had a large axe, which I put in my room. He also brought a bag with meat in it that he'd killed. He went to wash it in the upstairs sink. It was covered in seasonings and baste. When he came back it was very clean and I'd arranged some vegetables for him to cook it with.

At this point everyone was very interested in him and he was the center of attention. But it soon went bad. He said that he thought he was the second coming and that he was going to kill people. At this point it was about 10 pm and there were about 40-50 people there. Many of them were scrubby heavy metal outcasts, but there were also a lot of general adults.

G took me up to my room and told me we needed to get rid of him. At this point I hid his axe under my bed. I suggested some ways we could get rid of him. I don't remember our conclusion, but when we left my room we immediately found him standing at the door and he intimated that he had heard everything we'd said. He swept sinisterly into the room and began talking about killing people. G grabbed hold of him and careered down the stairs with him. They both landed on their backs but this odd guy landed in an odd way with his head slumped. It was obvious he was in a bad way and when G moved his head it was apparent he was dead.

Several days latter I was on Craggy Island. The sister of the odd guy was here. It was just after his funeral and I was trying to explain his death away to her as an accident. Father Ted was also roped into this and he was explaining from a pulpit in a small activity how he had died for a few minutes.

The next thing I remember is being with several people including GR and A discussing the contents of our lunch boxes as we awaited transport off Craggy Island.



The alternative rock music culture is a dead end. If you go into it your options in life narrow massively and if you are still in it at 30, listening to Sepultrua (which you probably don't even like) and wearing black cloaks then you are beyond help.

Owing to negative (but not abusive) and unfair treatment in the system (school) I was impressionable to alternative systems/value structures which I could have a place within, rather than one I was not valued in and was being pushed down in. I started to identify this at in the late 12th year on this planet. Seeing certain older people who had already gone down this route was a point of inspiration.

The odd guy who came with an axe represents the culture of rock music. He was my first sight into it. I remember seeing him in his ripped jeans and his Nirvana shirt. He must be about 15 or so years older than me. And as mentioned I saw him about 7-8 years later, looking awful, as if he was on scagg. He was the worst example of what could happen if you go into the rock world.

He was brought by G. And it's not the G I know today, who has been very negatively effected by the same rejection and rock-alt world. It was the G I knew of 15-16 year old, a guy who found a slightly cool niche for himself, but hadn't gone deep into that world yet. G represents myself at the same age, at which I'd been tempted into the world and it was still cool and interesting.

The odd guy came with an axe, which represents the destructive force of the rock-alt world. He gave it to me and I took it to my room, but I was aware it was not mine and was wary of it.

So when G brought this guy (rock culture) everyone was really interested an curious about him, this represents the high level of attention that I gave to the culture at that time.

He also came with a bag of meat he'd killed and prepared with seasonings and baste. This represents his previous victim - this is your 30+ Sepultrua fan.

The seasonings and baste are a way to mask what it actually is, but he goes upstairs to the bathroom to wash all the seasonings and baste off, revealing red meat - he reveals what he really is - the end of your life.

Now he starts going insane - saying he is the second coming of Jesus and talking about killing people - this represents when the rock culture starts to go wrong, after the initial excitement and belonging.

I go up to my room to hide the axe (rock's destruction) under my bed to try and stay out of harm's way now that I am in it.

Then G (myself back at 16 or so) takes me to my room (safe space) to try and find a way to get rid of him.

But the rock culture knows I am trying to get out of it and is at my room. So G (my young self) takes rock and jumps down the stairs with it. G/I survive and rock is dead.

This made me realise something I'd completely forgot. When I was very young, about 4-6, I often didn't want to go to school. When my grandmother was at home I'd regularly be able to stay at home and I remember doing things like turning the furniture over and making castles out of them. However, when my mother was at home I remember wanting to fake falling down the stairs so I could stay at home. I can't remember if I ever did it.

So throwing myself down the stairs symbolises getting out of something via extreme means.

The last part is a period of awkwardness before retuning to the normal world.

This was a deep crystalisation of something I was already aware of, which is as a youngster I went into the heavy metal sub-culture as an alternative to the mainstream culture of school (accademic) which I had been rejecteed from.

All these young kids you see with their baggy trousers and KoRn, Slipknot t-shirts have something of the same - they've been rejected from something and are looking for a place of belonging - somewhere that is broadly antithetical to the mainstream. You won't go into a world where every other song is about being raped, depression, cutting your wrist open if something mainstream either wasn't available or had burned you.

This world is a lot like the world of lesbians, many of who go that way after bad expiriences with men. They don't really want to be there, they are there out of hurt. Thus they can never again be honest to themselves with what they really value. This is the case with metal heads too. And if you can never admit what you really value and have to pretend you value something broadly antitetical to mask the pain you are never getting close to what you want; and your life will progressively decline.

And this is what I've seen from people I knew who stayed in the alt/heavy metal subculture. You see them skulking about in their 30s-40s, still in their hoodies, whacked out on all manner of consumables. By this stage it's too painful to admit you spent 15+ years wasting your life because you didn't confront the hurt in your past.


In ancient times, dream interpreters were in high demand because they had the ability to "read between the lines" about their meanings. The classic example is when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dreams regarding "seven cows, attractive and plump, and they fed in the reed grass" and "seven other cows, ugly and thin, came up out of the Nile after them, and stood by the other cows on the bank of the Nile", meaning that famine was soon to come and the 7 years of plenty offered ample time for Pharaoh to develop a strategy as to how Egypt could survive the hard times when they finally arrived.

Dreams are supposed to represent a memoryless, timeless, dimensionless insight into what could potentially happen taking into consideration all of our experiences. They could be used to predict future events or they could be used to give the dreamer foresight as to what could potentially come.

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Well, no luck on dreamless sleep for me.

Last night I attended a huge mosque and converted to islam during the prayers. I was doing the bowing thing but couldn't bring my head to actually touch the ground. The imam seemed worried that I was causing a disturbance, as if the rest of the congregation would flare up like a poked ants nest. He put a braided metal necklace around my neck which was not overly large yet it was exceedingly heavy. My body still resisted allowing my head to touch the ground and the imam panicked. He took off the heavy chain and replaced it with one that had subtle Christian iconography.

The scene shifted and I was at a small house-gathering being run by one of the muslims from the mosque and being attended by a bunch of generic liberals (American definition). I was wracked with the sense that I did not belong there but for some reason was determined to remain until all the other guests had left.

That's about it.

I'm not sure what's causing such vivid dreams for me lately. Normally whatever I dream I forget in the moments after I wake up but these ones have been staying with me all day.