Dream interpretation thread


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debeguiled said:
Here's one. I dreamed I was logged in to the forum in real life, not on the internet. It wasn't a meetup, it was the forum in real life. The only one I recognized was Witcoff, probably because his avatar is a picture of him. Roosh wasn't online.

Everyone was debating increasingly finer points of theology.

Suddenly, unseen hands grabbed me and shoved me into a huge duffel bag filled with cobras, not the forum member Cobra, real cobras. This dream was insanely vivid, and I could feel the bites from the fangs and the poison starting to spread through my body.

It was really jarring, as if it didn't belong even in my dream world, it was too real, and too far to go to make a point, whoever it is that makes points in your dreams. I am trying to fight it all the way, and finally it ends, and I am dumped out of the bag, and all around me I see people still just debating theology, apparently with no reaction to what just happened to me.

I say, hey, everyone, did you see what just happened? I was attacked by snakes. Didn't you see it?

So Witcoff goes, oh, yeah, okay, and then they go back to debating finer theological points.

So what does it mean?

Aside from WTF Witcoff, what are you doing in MY dream?
I like it inside duffel bags but...

.. this wasn't me.
I was in a huge, spherical spaceship on a cruise vacation. As I stood in a crowded passageway, an attractive woman rushed up to me and urgently said something I did not understand. Suddenly, I was on top of the ship, in space. Shocked that I was still alive, I looked around and realized there was an artificial atmosphere with a green hue surrounding the ship, as well as gravity keeping me from floating away.

Suddenly the ship began to shrink and quickly fall. Soon it was only about six feet in diameter, and we were plummeting towards the surface of a rocky planet. Instead of crashing, the ship fell into a winding tunnel. The tunnel was not man made – at first I saw dirt and tree roots everywhere, then quickly it became all rock faces and stalactites.

The ship kept jarring against the surface of the winding tunnel as we crashed through it at breakneck speed. It took the skill of a gymnast to stay atop the sphere and avoid being crushed against the rocks. I was frantically scrambling around trying not to die. This went on for a very long time without slowing down.

When I woke up I remembered it really vividly (unusual for me), and had a strong feeling there was something significant about it.


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I fasted yesterday, and went to sleep last night very hungry. I dreamed I was eating a giant marshmallow.

When I woke up, my pillow was missing...


The other day I dreamt I was standing outside of an ancient city in a desert. Floating above the city's gate was a large circle and within the circle was a living lion's head. I looked at it solemnly. It looked at me sternly, but embracingly, and said nothing.

Edit: I felt better after I woke up than when I went to sleep the night before.
Had a funny one last night. Roosh picked me up in a Volvo type station wagon that seemed to have 30 seats instead of the standard 5-6. In the car were other forum members and we were all being driven to a meeting. (one of his talks maybe?) There, there were people I attended high school with, randoms from the forum, and women as well. We all went around the room stating our height (if we were males), and what exactly led us to the red/black pill. My answer was: I googled "why do women lie so much even when they know you know they are full of shit". Which is almost verbatim what I typed into google 7-8 years ago, and here I am today. Oh, my high school football coach was taking random target practice outside this meeting with a .12 guage. Random, huh?!?! Oh, also Roosh seemed taller than 6 ft 2 in person. He was closer to 6 ft 6 and was very, very skinny. Kind of resembled a Persian version of former NBA player Manute Bol.


I had one of those dreams before the snooze on the alarm this morning.

I just remember looking at my hand, and it was like there was a translucent borg implant in the left hand. It was black with almost a screen of sci fi circuits. I was lying in bed (in my dream) and I put my hand up and looked at this implant technology.

It woke me up.

There was a distinct feeling that this was some sort of tele communicator of sorts. And I felt a startling connection to holding my phone now, and that holding my phone would lead to this, or that it was already happening to me by having my phone in my hand.

(I double checked revelation, and mark of beast is right hand)