Earth Catastrophism


I could not find a subject like this on the forum, but I feel it needs to be discussed, perhaps in conjunction with prepping. We all know that the world is going nuts socially and politically, but there are also cyclical space-weather events happening that people need to be aware of. I'm referring to magnetic field weakening, polar flips, shifting tectonic plates, flooding, solar micronovae, etc. There are several channels out there that discuss different theories about what has happened in the past, and what will likely occur again in our lifetimes. Obviously, this is not to scare or alarm anyone, but to help keep the topic on the forefront, so we can discuss ideas, options, community, political ramifications, etc. All this, while knowing our hope is in Christ, regardless of what comes. Are these signs and wonders that herald Christ's return? Do the world elitists know this information, and are hiding it from the public? Are they trying to kill us off, so they can build their DUMBs and hoard the resources for themselves? This is just one of several channels that I've been following for years, and seems to make the most sense.