Eating at restaurants with woke employees

Ah a head start on one of the threads I was going to make. I lost count the amount of times I saw a restaurant owner, manager, or kitchen staff making a burger or a sandwich and one of the unfortunate condiments slips from their grasp onto the tile floor, which is either dirty with footprints, drops of sweat, dirt in the tile grout, or recently scrubbed with disinfectant (can't consume that stuff) only for their greasy grubby hand to pick it up and throw it into the dish, not a word, not a sound. Most of the food is old as shit, if it comes in cans which most of the sauces do, its months old, if it is frozen, there's a chance it could be older than you.

Eat at gatherings, I've been going to more of these lately, where 7-10 people share a meal and there are lots of laughs and talk. Much better than going to a restaurants with restrictions that would make uncle joe blush. Start circulating your money to the producers of food. Cut out the middle men of restaurants, self-glorifying woke establishments, and horribly overpriced supermarchés.


Cooking for yourself is indeed best. I try to buy nearly everything I eat from farmers - local and in season. An independent grocery co-op for the rest.

Go to farmer’s markets or drive out to the farms themselves (if they sell from their farm). Strike up relationships with them. Ask questions. I’ve been trying to find a farm that will let me volunteer labor in exchange for learning.

I agree with never patronizing chain restaurants, but I absolutely try to spend some money with family-owned, values driven local restaurants that take care of their clientele. Now more than ever, really important ti support the BBQ joints, roadside diners, local pubs etc.

It’s all about community.


A lot of farms will deliver, too - either to your door if you buy enough/pay a fee, or they'll have drop-off points where you can go once a week to pick up your order. I order from several, I get basically all my meat, eggs, and onions from them. Just search "farm delivery <your city>".

I’ve been trying to find a farm that will let me volunteer labor in exchange for learning.
Good luck, let us know how it goes. If I were a free man that would be my number one priority. Instead I'm making money so I can give financial runway to the farmstead community I'll be building and will have to build my parachute as a fall. So it goes. Look into WWOOFing - a lot of it can be kind of a scam, and it has attracted unfortunate types before (hippie backpackers who flake or OD one night and the farmer has to drive them to town - probably why a lot of those farms that remain in the program are iffy/scammy, because the good ones don't want to deal with that) but it's a place you can start looking at least. But, also, search as suggest above, and ask them if they need help with their deliveries for starters, build some good favor and I bet you could swing a kind of apprenticeship out of it.


Aside from serving the absolute cheapest food they can get away with and the questionable food handling practices of the back of the house another reason to avoid restaurants is they are typically cesspools of degeneracy. Drug abuse and hookup culture run rampant amongst the staff, especially at the chain restaurants.

My wife is a shy eater so we stopped dining out years ago with the exception of going to an actual fine dining establishment on our anniversary. Even that has become disappointing in recent years. I decided it wasn't worth it to pay for shit tier food I could prepare better myself, especially considering she would take a bite or two then eat the rest at home.
A local Baptist minister in my hometown took a public stand against the gay agenda, and suffered death threats along with vandalism to his large church building (vandalism by bullets). At one point he got an anonymous letter, from someone claiming to have been at one time a chef at a local restaurant where the minister liked to frequent with his wife. This person said that he put his own feces into the pastor's food, as punishment for his stance!
Just don't go if they're promoting "wokeness," which is really just a PC term for severe mental illness. Me and some friends walked into a cafe recently to grab coffee. When I saw the big sign on the wall, I said "Let's go somewhere else, I don't want to give money to a store that supports BLM."

I'm told the barista gave me a very angry look on the way out.

Timothy Crow

Just don't go. I never eat out, oh, I have tried a couple of times in the past few years but I readily notice the poor quality of the food. Most places over salt their food, I guess to cover up the crappy quality. Even the better places have fallen. Money you know, cut quality, up the price, get rich, shaft your employees and customers.

Fast food, I gave that up over ten years ago. Did a little experiment, didn't eat it for months, tried it once again, my body felt ill. Did that at least three times, decided fast food was poison.

I learned to cook in my early twenties, my first wife's father was a retired Navy chef and he would spend the weekends with us. He always watched the cooking shows that were on all day Saturday on PBS. Just picked it up and kept going.


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The upside is my cooking skills are rapidly improving. Cooking Thai food nearly ever day, eating farm fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast, and found an awesome and easy Hungarian stew I will link below.

You inspired me to make that for my dinner last night. Good stuff.
Me and a buddy went out for burgers and beers after a hike the other day to a rural-ish red county, former safe haven from all this hysteria. Not this time. Taped lines on the floor with one-way arrows, X's six feet apart to stand on in line, enter and exit only doors, order at the counter instead of at your table, masks required even on the smoker's patio, and the plump hostess was incredibly snarky about the mask enforcement, going so far as to harangue me for letting it slip off my nose as I walked outside to my table. I left no tip, didn't bus my own table and won't be returning to this place. I was surprised, honestly, as this place touts themselves as a rough 'n tumble joint that primarily caters to loggers and sawmill workers. My eating out options are dwindling by the day.

Thomas More

I've found a number of bars that only pay lip service to the requirement for masks. I prefer this, because it gives me more of the pre-panic bar experience. I've found these guys tend to have better food as well. The cook comes out and asks how you liked the food, and you can tell they take pride in what they're making.

I get put off by places that are extremely zealous about enforcing mask usage. I do wear masks in public when required, because I'm not interested in being militant about the issue. However, I keep my eye out for places where they are only going through the motions and don't enforce the masks any more than they have to.

It seems to me that I can trust the food more in these places, even though many people would consider them unsafe based on their mask enforcement.


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My girl and I are adding more and more "restaurant quality" recipes to our collection pretty regularly now. Before Covid I never thought I could go so long without going to a restaurant or going to fast food but now it's easy. It's also one of the reasons I never thought I could live rural before.

Didn't we have a recipe thread before? We should revive it or make a new one.

Dr. Howard

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Reading these stories makes me feel blessed that I live in Greece and there is no woke/sjw cancer here. We do have graffiti from antifaqs/ lbgtgfys and other Soros funded degeneracy, but no cultural rot of the magnitude that the Anglosphere is currently suffering from. Orthodoxy is strong here, it seems.
I agree, but from rural Wisconsin. All mask/corona requirements are optional here. The area is packed with farms and farmers markets and all of the good stuff is currently in season.

We go to mom and pop restaurants also, if we eat out, because they usually have low turnover. When the owner works in the restaurant, and the staff are long term instead of teenagers and drug addicts, they tend to be more accountable for their service and establishment.

I sympathize for you guys that have to decide between a) chain restaurants staffed by antifa and b) ethnic restaurants staffed by people with 3rd world health standards.

edit: Also, in the times of coronavirus, you can probably bet that the local health inspectors are not doing as many visits as they used to and the restaurants know it as well.


I have no use for bars and restaurants anymore. In the US/West at least. It is far too dangerous and I'm not muzzling myself and obeying senseless rules. The local ocean side bar/restaurant with overpriced food is charging over $20 for a basket of clam strips now, you have to muzzle to and from your table, and you have 45 minutes to scarf it down before they kick you out. No thanks.
This has always been an annoying feature of the US business model for restaurants - one that pushes churning as many tables in and out as fast as possible. The covid mess means now it is less crowded in restaurants, but the overall experience is even more scheduled - never mind putting your damned mask on just to go to the rest room.

Plus you can be sure the restaurant business is the largest employer of wannabe revolutionary Antifa twerps who never even got admitted to the PhD programs in grievance studies. Existing risk factors just tripled with all the wokeness going on in the kitchen these days. No thanks.

Johnny Rico

After traveling through Europe, Asia and the Middle East and dining at local joints I cannot understand the desire to go to a US restaurant. A decent steak dinner for two ($55) with an appetizer ($12) and bottle of the cheapest red wine ($25) with an 18% tip you're looking at over $100. Then they bring you your check before you finish the last bite and usher you out passive aggressively.

In Vietnam I had a family style meal with a group of 8 or so that was absolutely delicious, alongside half a dozen beers over the course of four hours and my share was $8.

Even France had reasonable prices outside of major tourist zones. That same dinner from America would be around $40 and far higher quality with no getting the boot. The way American businesses bring you the check without being asked by the customer comes across as "You're done feeding... now GTFO" and most Americans actually like that because they see a restaurant only as a feeding trough.