Eddie Van Halen, RIP


My favorite VH song.

Was at this show in San Diego a few moons back with one of my best friends in life who i found out killed himself this year. 2020 really blows. We had a good time that night and at a lot of rock shows. But I've never been able to hear Van Halen again without thinking of that show. And now in particular without thinking of my friend. We got pulled over, pulled out, patted down and everything on the way to the show having a blast in his old piece of shit clunker he got. Almost getting in a tustle with a dude next to us because his wife was hitting on us. Subtly lying to some Russian girls that we had backstage passes. They almost took the bait but quickly realized we were full of it. Never ceases to amaze me how music can make manifest the most vivid memories in a guy.

RIP to Eddie. Thanks for the music and memories.


^ Funny story.

The video of Eddie, ooof, he was not doing well there. Age sucks, you can see it robbed him of speed and coordination.

He's human, sometime around the Sammy Hagar years he took a really bad turn and people speculated he might have been taking meth. He looked really really bad, there's a video on youtube where he plays his signature guitar at a music store and he looks and acts like a homeless wreck.

What anyone can learn from EVH if anything, is what love and obsession can do. From reading all the articles I could in Guitar Player magazine way back in the 80's, all I could takeaway is that this is what he did 24/7, play guitar. He lost girlfriends because of it, apparently after concerts he would go back to his hotel room and start playing again. You can't really 'work hard' to get as good as him, there has to be an unbalanced obsession. I suspect Tom Brady, Anderson Silva, and the best of the best are like this, obsessive. Of course EVH was gifted by his father, a professional musician, so there was that predisposition ready to be realized.

Here's a great clip of him at the Les Paul tribute ( Les Paul invented multi-track recording ). You can see the warmth and gentleness of Ed that people often mention.



As I sit here in the dark of my studio listening to Hot For Teacher (at reference levels). The lyrics are speaking to my soul. I’m hearing the music, not just listening. A couple of thoughts spring to mind

Guys like this you just don’t expect to die. Well you kinda do (because of the lifestyle) but it’s almost as if their music gives them an immortality and when it’s broken that doesn’t make sense. You just always expected EVH to be here.

What annoys me most about the rock n roll lifestyle is it often eats up the good for folks and spits them out, yet people like Nickelback will live forever.

Van Halen died after Dave left, now it is truly gone.