Saints Elder Ephraim of Saint Anthony Monastery

Tom Slick

It appears one of Elder Ephraim's photographs is weeping and that he also "spoke" or communicated spiritually according to a post on Instagram in Greek from here, then translated and duplicated in English here, where she said this:

As much as I had no intention of getting back on social media just yet, I HAD to come share this beautiful miracle that took place yesterday by our holy Geronda Ephraim of blessed memory.

One of his photographs began to weep and he appeared to one of his spiritual children.

Swipe to see photos and read what he said. These are unprecedented times were living in and in order to make it we need to be praying and repenting harder than we ever have in our life.

Thank you @filoi.geronta.efraim.arizonas for sharing!

Here are the pics for anyone not using IG.

Elder Ephraim weeping pic 5.jpg

Elder Ephraim weeping pic 1.jpg

Elder Ephraim weeping pic 2.jpg

Elder Ephraim weeping pic 3.jpg

Elder Ephraim weeping pic 4.jpg


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Please help me clear one thing. Should Christians pray to the Holy Mother? I always thought that we should pray only to the Jesus Christ as he is our only God.


We should yes. She intercedes for us to Her Son and she saves us.
Ontologically, Jesus is our only Savior.
The Saints are our saviors only relatively, because of their intercessions.
When Apostle Paul says "I saved you" he doesn't mean ontological Salvation (what Jesus did), but because through him the various local churches received God's Grace.