Electric Cars/Eco-Cult

I have to admit, other than Elon Musk, I don't know much about EV vehicles. I drove a Tesla only once. What I'm beginning to suspect is that EV's are not as good as contemporary gas-powered vehicles. Knowing how annoying it is to charge my iPhone or earbuds, plus, how dependent these applications are on a ready and reliable source of electricity makes me think that owning an EV is going to be a similar experience. Surely gas-powered cars need energy replenishment too, but, filling a tank takes a couple of minutes while charging a battery for a car could take hours. What's troubling, assuming this is true, is that EVs would be a step backward in technology, even though EVs are a form of advanced technology. The overall convenience and utility of the technology is inferior to conventional technology. It stands that technology should improve on convenience and utility if it is meant to advance. What muddies the water here is ideology, because from the context of "climate change" an EV is a lot "cleaner", therefore, its an advancement because its doesn't pollute.

I see this sort of thing emerging everywhere. We seem to be regressing in many respects.
Friend of mine got a new EV and took us on a short road trip. We barely made it to the city and then instead of checking in at hotel we had to spend 30 minutes at a gas station charging up.

We topped up the charge when we left the city but it didn't make it home. We spent a very stressful 45 minutes trying to find a charger. The first place we went needed a manager to turn the charger on - but no manager was there.

If the second place didnt work out we would have been stranded. The second place had an old style charger that would have taken 5+ hours to charge. We stayed for about a 90 minutes, just enough to get us to the next fast charger.

The "fast charger" turned out to be rather slow, it was going to take 2 and a half hours to charge up. We parked the car at the charger and walked to a restaurant.

After eating the car had enough juice to get us home, but a short road trip turned into a stressful struggle to find fuel. And we wasted hours going off course to find chargers and waiting for the car to charge.
EV seems like an industry and system purposely set up for inconvenience and failure. In this managed world so concerned about safety, what could be more unsafe than unquenchable lithium fires and being stranded on a moment's notice? It's yet another attack on civilizational stability.