Elon Musk thread


I'm speaking about the forehead. And MOTB doesn't need to be the same exact thing for both places.
Also, the MOTB is a mark the antichrist will require in order to buy or sell. As far as I know they aren't trying to put neurolink devices inside people's hands, as I doubt it will do much good there for what they're trying to accomplish. An implantable RFID chip is tech that already exists, and is a better match IMHO. There are even people who have voluntarily had them implanted in their hands so they can swipe their hand to pay for things, like you would a credit card.

I don't see how neurolink is suitable to be a MOTB when we already have RFID chips that do it better, and are in fact being used right now in the same way as it's being done in the bible.

RFID Chip for payments