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What is hilarious is, after spending hundreds of millions helping Democrats get elected, appeasing woke employees and users around every corner, literally being the perpetual poster child for Democrat shilling billionaires... she STILL throws Zuckerberg under the bus like he is some big oil executive that lives on a ranch in Texas surrounded by guns and cheerleaders in cowboy boots. It doesn't matter how much you pander to these people, they WILL toss you in the trash the minute they gain even the shortest term benefit from it.
To be fair, Zuckerberg does live on a big ranch like estate, with his own private and heavily armed security force.


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And, your point is?

If all those conspiracies are true, so what?

You (I mean you) cant or wont do anything to negatively impact those issues, so why worry about them when you could spend your time being more wisely?

Why not just be optimistic and just keep one eye open for anything nefarious, instead of being all doom and gloom?

"Authenticate all humans" could perhaps refer to the fact that most of Twitter is just automated bots and maybe authenticating humans means getting rid of the bots. Who cares if you have to prove who you are to be on Twitter? Twitter is lefty nonsense and I dont know a single real person that uses it. But, maybe some will if its bias is removed.
I don't expect anyone to agree or disagree with what I say. Its just my gut and how I see it.

All the same.

Feel like I've stumbled into a parallel universe and a parallel universe version of Roosh V Forum with these replies Im getting :)
Reminds me of the guy who "debunked" the influence of, and any nefarious intentions within, the Frankfurt School some time ago..

It seems the Jurys out right now and remains to be seen. Everyone seems to be treating events as just Musk and his personal journey in life.
I appreciate your take on not getting wrapped up in doom and gloom as one catastrophises and conspiracy-theorises about events one cannot control..
Maintaining positivity and ones own initiative in life is important I agree.

However, seeing things the way I see things and being generally happy in life are not mutually exclusive. When people say their gut tells them something it isn't a statement about their endorphin or serotonin level.
I still think these things are looking conspiratorial and those on this forum who have seen things in a similar way have been able to adjust to events and prepare in advance over the years.
People who have focused on the obscure leftist engineering to impose the Duluth model of Domestic Violence or fake histories surrounding people like Ezra Pound have been copiously accused of wearing a tinfoil hat. If it wasn't for these people I may well have believed the vaccine schtick and been duped.

It would be interesting to see what the forum members think. There was a 911 thread not long ago that had people saying "no tinfoil hat theories please!".

*As a kid I was told by relatives that Charlie Wilson dumped $1 Million dollars per head of population of weapons on Afghanistan's NW Frontier in order to "bleed the Soviets white".
It was only after being introduced to Christopher Bollyns here work did I find out that Charlie Wilson was run by a Mossad agent and that Mossad created the mujahedin in order to create the later Al Qaeda which was their created bogeyman as Mossad themselves curated the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam bombings.
they had created the villain for their own 9-11 bombing and brutal wars for Israel.
And having inculcated the west with guilt for the wars that they planned long before they had the mechanics to accelerate their long awaited Kalergi Plan with "Asylum Seekers"!

Intergenerational planning.

I think it behoves us to see if there isn't some intergenerational planning at work here with "Elon" of his technocratic Grandfathers dreams and Werner Von Brauns fictions being used as a chess piece.

As for me I can hang out with my girl or go to the local pool in this heat to see my buddies who, as people interested in this stuff, tend to be more robust and positive than the normies around them.

I believe the question is still worth-while.


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Theres a monumental difference between.“knowing” and “believing“ . When it comes to “conspiracies” we know very little in contrast to what we believe. Thats why discussions when had in good faith are worthwhile regardless how ridiculous the topic might seem initially.

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If you want to believe in a conspiracy, try this one:
- Elon Musk is determined to build off-world habitats for people to live on, and survive a potential mass extinction event, but, because of his white South African heritage, those off-world colonies will be very monochrome in nature!

Here's the run-down of the Tesla board:

Elon Musk - Germanic
Zachary Kirkhorn - Norwegian
Andrew Baglino - Italian
Hiro Mizuno - Japanese
Robyn Denholm - Scottish (woman)
James Murdoch - Scottish (son of Rupert)
Ira Ehrenpreis - Estonian (surname can be Jewish or Christian)
Kimbal Musk - Germanic
Larry Ellison - absent Italian father, single German-Jewish mother, raised by Jewish aunt and uncle
Kathleen Wilson-Thompson - black

There is no one here who is particularly against the borg bar Kimball Musk, that I'm aware of. Ellison is a liberal/libertarian, who donates to both parties, obviously doesn't care about social conservatism. And I think that is the crux here. In the case of Elona, we are dealing with (IMO) someone who is a good fit for someone of the vein of true, John Locke liberalism. That is, he believes you get the best results when people are left alone the most.

I think what sets Elona apart from most of the other real neo-liberals (neo-liberalism has very little to to with liberalism) is that he doesn't seem to be very close to the idea of helping "communities of weakness", the underprivileged, the marginalised, etc. He doesn't seem to care or believe in that; whereas you find all of the liberal IDW-types giving lip-service to this - the Weinsteins, Rogan, Sullivan, Weiss etc. In fact, most of those types feel perpetually needing to prefix what they say with preambles that they are not saying we should marginalise, harass, blockade, torment and march left wing constituencies into death pits.

This is the exact same thing you see from The UK Conservative Party. They prefix all their centre-left to left policies with something like, "We support social democracy, liberalism and inclusion. These are the cornerstones of our democracy o_O. But, we also need to question how much money we are spending and if we are getting a good return." Once you start down this route, you are going further and further left. Increasingly the so-called right's position is criticising the left from not supporting centre-left going left policies, e.g. "the Democrats are the real racists" and "it's disgusting transgender-women marginalising women in women's sports". Anyone who does this is the left.

I think that is one reason that the mainstream/left are so hysterical about Musk. He doesn't believe he needs to prefix everything he does with memos that he isn't trying to lynch everyone on the left on the way up. As noted before, I've found that the real thing leftist deeply fear is a world where Donald Trump and Jeremy Clarkson drinking a bottle of champagne in a convertible, a couple of 80s pinups in the back, spinning off and leaving them in a trial of dust. Try telling them that is what they really fear and watch the Triggly Puff levels of reeeee. They despite Musk's caviller style as he rides over them and upwards. It plays on their deep materialist and Darwinian fears. We're meant to be going from a society where bowing to the left while you let them do whatever they want is enough; to them requiring you constantly submit to their demands for speech and action. Musk recent activities make a mockery of their new religion.

On his affinity for technology. I read his leaning to tranhumanism and scienceism as liberalism. It is clear to see that the globalist/WEF-borg is interested in these things for pervasive control and depopulation. Musk on the other hand wants more people on the planet, all engaging in his liberal-scientific hierarchy. I guess he wants an open environment, where the best people float to the top, rather than neo-con grifters and soycialist affirmative action wasters. He appears to be part of the set of people, which broadly includes his brother, Ellison, Theil, Marc Andreassen, Weinsteins, Yarvin, who has at the top of their list of concerns the invasion of leftism into science, which is threatening their tech-science projects. These are all people who see even more science as the next stage of liberalism, and essential. They aren't content with staying in the present. They want to go further. Being natural and successful liberals, they don't really have much of an issue with the problems of modern technology, like phone addiction, videotaped evidence of prostitution addiction, junk food etc.

One thing I have picked up on is that there is an increasing number of VC/silicon valley types who are increasingly at odds with the Democrat Party (sic :) and all that is behind it. I have noted that some of those people are even making hints that they don't really believe in democracy. This is 100% natural, as *natural liberals (a few percent of Western populations) will become increasingly suffocated by social democracy, which will always go further and further left. Behind the doors these people are discussing the ideas of things like tech-CEO monarchies; in the same way that some/most here lean towards orthox-monarchy.

* natural liberals are those who can identify opportunities, come up good ideas and execute them - they are natural liberals, as liberalism is conducive to their material, idealistic and social success

Natural liberals are about 5% of the population, while if you consult polling, you'll find about 10% of people have a positive view of monarchism (or a perverted implementation of similar impulses - secular monarchism or fascism). Natural liberals should also be the most of the most richest/powerful people in society. That's enough of the population to be able to take control. We know most people are barely conscious if not unconscious. They will just do whatever the current thing is. I am increasingly seeing the actual right (people who don't preface their right-wing ideas with bows to the left) tweeting some of the tech-CEO types due to increasing overlaps.

Another thing I've noticed is that the disillusioned (with leftism) tech-types have been tweeting out a lot of memes that have their origins on 4chan and other parts of the right, in particular the NPC and current thing memes. I don't think they really know where they have come from, but there is increasing alignment in the memetic energy. Both traditionalist and tech-liberals are increasingly seeing the same things at levels deeper than can be easily expressed with words.

Theoretically an alliance between these two groups that amount to about 15% of the population could be quite powerful. Traditionalist are essentially all of the foundation of society, without which society will fall apart and loose its ability to be coherent or even project itself into the future. While natural liberals should represent essentially all of the wealth in society. There is a Jordan Peterson lie/manipulation that you can't have a very conservative society, because it ossifies, become stagnant and dies. But that's not true. Traditional societies have stayed together for 100s of years. They may have stayed more or less the same, but they propagated themselves. The threat to traditional societies comes overwhelmingly from outside conquest. And the way a power is able to conquer other powers is by becoming more liberal and thus generating more wealth. Thus there is some sort of trade you need to make between actual liberalism and traditionalism to be able to both protect your society from outside threats (liberalism required) and stop it degenerating (traditionalism).

The main problem with liberalism is its final form - social liberalism. If you can ban it, and just leave liberalism to the realm of science etc., it's a much better deal than now - ruled by wall-to-wall leftists, peados and depopulation obsessed technocrats. Even if you have a strong case against technology.
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Elon Musk says there aren't 'enough people,' birthrate could threaten human civilization
Business mogul Elon Musk is more concerned with under-population than over-population. The Tesla CEO said Monday that there are "not enough people" in the world and it could threaten human civilization.

"I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birth rate and the rapidly declining birthrate," Musk said at the Wall Street Journal's annual CEO Council. The 50-year-old was answering a question about how the proposed Tesla Bot could solve some of the world's labor issues. Musk had previously called the bot a "generalized substitute for human labor over time."

"And yet, so many people, including smart people, think that there are too many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control. It's completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers – if people don't have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words."
Musk, a father of six, added in the same interview that while he believes population growth is ideal, how long people live is a different story. He said in regards to aging that people shouldn't "try to live for a super long time."

"I think it is important for us to die because most of the times, people don't change their mind, they just die,"
he said. "If they live forever, then we might become a very ossified society where new ideas cannot succeed."
"I'm not poking fun at aging. I just am saying if we've got people in very important positions that have to make decisions that are critical to the security of the country, then they need to have sufficient presence of mind and cognitive ability to make those decisions well — because the whole country is depending on them,"

Last week, he suggested on Twitter that anyone over 70 years old should be barred from running for political office.

Elon Musk and Jack Ma agree: The biggest problem the world will face is population collapse
When it comes to the future of humanity, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba founder Jack Ma disagree on whether people should be scared by the potential of artificial intelligence. Ma is optimistic about AI, while Musk is more apocalyptic. But the two billionaire businessmen do agree on the biggest problem the world will face in the future: not enough people.

“Most people think we have too many people on the planet, but actually, this is an outdated view,” Musk said while on stage with Ma at at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai on Wednesday. “Assuming there is a benevolent future with AI, I think the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years is population collapse.”

“The biggest issue in 20 years will be population collapse. Not explosion. Collapse.”
“I absolutely agree with that,” Ma said. “The population problem is going to be facing huge challenge. 1.4 billion people in China sounds a lot, but I think next 20 years, we will see this thing will bring big trouble to China. And … the speed of population decrease is going to speed up. You called it a ‘collapse,’” he said to Musk. “I agree with you.”

“Yeah, accelerating collapse,” Musk said.

Fears of overpopulation due to immigration are short-sighted, according to Musk. “The common rebuttal is like, ‘Well what about immigration?’ I’m like, ‘From where?’”

‘There won’t be enough people for Mars’: Elon Musk warns about population collapse

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants people to be concerned about having more children. “We should be much more worried about population collapse," Musk wrote in a tweet.

The tech billionaire said that if there aren’t enough people for Earth, "then there definitely won’t be enough for Mars."
In his tweet, he wrote, “UN projections are utter nonsense. Just multiply last year’s births by life expectancy. Given downward trend in birth rate, that is best case unless reversed."

While also quoting birth rate in Japan, he said, "last year, Japan had ~800k births & life expectancy is 85 years (impressively high!), implying future population of only 68M, dropping almost half from current population of 126M. That’s a lot of ghost towns & cities."

Elon Musk says population collapse ‘potentially the greatest risk to the future of civilization’
SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is warning his followers against the threat of population collapse to humanity’s future.

Musk on Monday shared an article on Twitter from The Wall Street Journal detailing how the yearlong decline in the U.S. birth rate and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused population growth to grind to a halt.

The billionaire, who is aiming to one day colonize Mars, has previously spoken out about the issue.

“Population collapse is a much bigger problem than people realize and that’s just for Earth. Mars has a great need for people, seeing as population is currently zero. Humans are the custodians of other life on Earth. Let us bring life to Mars!” he replied to a tweet earlier this month.

"I’m trying to set a good example!"
(he has 6 children)
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Is this a real tweet?

In Internet-speak "N" is a codeword for something that rhymes with "wigger".
I thought it was legit, I mean, nothing really surprises me anymore.
Maybe it wasn't his official account though? It was linking to a real twitter account, later it said this post violates our terms of service. They have locked down twitter so much I can't find the original tweet now.


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I find it hilarious. Elon's above average intelligence means he is "red-pilling" at an accelerated rate and his FU money means he wont cave to personal attacks.

He will however likely grow bored by it all quickly. Hopefully other notable individuals will draw courage from his cover in the meantime and speak up


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I find it hilarious. Elon's above average intelligence means he is "red-pilling" at an accelerated rate and his FU money means he wont cave to personal attacks.

I definitely have reservations about this; feels like projection, or motivated perception, to assume that anything he is thinking even remotely resembles anything I'm thinking.
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I definitely have reservations about this; feels like projection, or motivated perception, to assume that anything he is thinking even remotely resembles anything I'm thinking.
There is only one alternative to countless falsities and that is Truth. Whether the formula is explicit or recursive is irrelevant: the solution is the same

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[Musk] appears to be part of the set of people, which broadly includes his brother, Ellison, Thiel, Marc Andreassen, Weinsteins, Yarvin, who has at the top of their list of concerns the invasion of leftism into science, which is threatening their tech-science projects.

This thread popped up in ZeroHedge, referencing a WSJ piece:

The Wall Street Journal report claimed that many people had nudged the Tesla Motors CEO to get involved in the struggling tech firm. The newspaper referred to this group as a “shadow crew” that included Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, billionaire investor Peter Thiel, entrepreneur David Sacks, and early Tesla investor and venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson. Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, also advocated for Musk to purchase a stake in the microblogging website, the report claims.

Marc Andreessen, general partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, shared a screenshot of the story on Twitter, prompting a response from Musk.

Vanity Fair recently wrote a piece on how Peter Thiel is funding anti-democracy and post-liberal commentators.