Email Provider AWeber Shut Me Down After An “Investigation”


I believe that rebuilding the foundation of conservative institutions is going to require a wholesale divorce from all forms of mainstream S&P/Fortune 500 media starting with the service providers and working your way up the communication chain. It's an especially painful process for someone such as yourself who maximizes personal income by broadening his audience base but the intractable hostility of the left requires the rest of us to create new institutional resources that are reliably conservative.

Reestablishing institutional integrity of a necessity means recreating new institutions to replace those that have gone dark. I'm now engaged in trying to discern which alternative service providers are potentially reliable.

So, for instance, I've chosen to use Telegram in preference to but suspect that the owner's participation in the Davos World Economic Forum is likely to leave me disappointed with his integrity when (not if) push comes to shove and he's directed/compelled to breach privacy covenants in order to further his own survival or more probably just to advantage his leftist agenda.

Roosh, I've come to admire the changes you've made in your own personal life and would be inclined to rely upon your advice in matters of this kind especially because your own economic independence is at risk. I'd like to hear your recommendations on new communication channels that are both reliably secure and conservatively sympathetic in an age where disclosure of one's status as a conservative is potentially disastrous for those of us who are left trapped behind the lines of combat such as myself stuck here in Illinois.


The post office requires that all new PO Box customers show ID for verification. It is easier to set up a UPS Store box, which has a street address. Many companies will not ship without a street address (they will not ship top PO Box).

Also, the current simplest fixes to Internet abuse and lack of privacy are:

1) ONLY connect to anything online using a pro-privacy VPN, like ProtonVPN. No compromises on a quality VPN.

2) Only Browse online using either FireFox with many active privacy add-ons), Brave Browser, or Dissenter Browser.Clear cache after every browsing session. ONLY Turn VPN off when browser is clear and closed.

3) Email services should be end-to-end encrypted,m like ProtonMail --> ProtonMail. Anything sent outside ProtonMail is not encrypted, but at least your box itself is encrypted and comm between ProtonMail users is fully encrypted.

4) To text, talk, and share images/video/audio online, avoid at all costs WhatsApp or anything controlled by Silicon Valley Big Tech (Google, FB, etc). Try Signal, Threema, or Telegram (apps). The rest spies on you.

5) Wanna do social media? Go with (back up online now!) or The rest of social media will be spied upon, monitored, and censored. Never use your real name, use pseudonyms and fun avatars instead.

6) Use an iPhone rather than Android and keep stuff like Location Services always OFF and turn off crap like CoronaVirus-sharing/contract tracing, turn off "automatic updates", and turn off Siri. Period. Do not share photos online needlessly and do not allow your phone camera to GPS-tag your photos. Apple privacy is infinitely better than anything Google. Turn OFF Apple's "find my phone" feature and turn OFF iCloud/cloud storage of any kind. That storage is not encrypted and not private and Apple routinely shares the info with the govt. Your backUps should be done locally an an offline PC/Mac, using software like iMazing, for instance. Apple privacy is contained to a single device only, not online.

(If Apple is the local PD when it comes to privacy, Google/Android is the de-facto Statzi/KGB on steroids. You can buy a prepaid iPhone 8 at Walmart for $250 brand new and make it an un-registered phone - see below).

Also, NEVER use fingerprint or face scan to unlock an Apple phone. Why? Because under Supreme Court precedent today, the govt can (and does) force people to unlock stuff using biometric data. Just like the can force you to provide DNA sample or fingerprints upon arrest. Use a 6-digit code. This is established Court precedent now. Unless you are in China or Iran where they will beat you into telling them the code, in the USA, they cannot compel you to speak (i.e. be a witness against oneself).

7) Using a dumb phone can help. But the trick is to get an UN-REGISTERED phone. What do I mean by that? Buy a phone cash (say a TracFone, StraigthTalk, etc) + a minutes card (service plan card) at a local store, like Walmart. Register the cash-bought phone using fake info online. Create an email address to link to that account.

8) Cover all cameras with a sliding cam cover or get a case that has a camera sliding door. Put your cell on "airplane mode" and turn it off at night and place inside a shielding case for maximum privacy).

9) Wanna buy stuff online quietly and under the radar? Get OneVanilla prepaid MasterCards at Walmart using CASH (max $500, costs $5 to activate). Use them for all sorts of online service purchases, like subscriptions, eBay, and other online orders. Send orders to your UPS Store box. ;) Avoid buying from anti-privacy enemy hacks like Amazon, stick to eBay or go directly to physical or online stores to buy stuff.

10) Want to contribute to political causes or whatnot? Donate by mail, using money orders. You can buy money orders cash for .88 cents at Walmart. Mail it and use a fake name. Donations under $30 go un-reported as "cash donations". Once you donate to one charity/conservative group (like Alliance Defending Freedom or GOP, Trump, etc), your name and PO Box address will be shared across other conservative/Christian groups and you can pick and choose whom to donate to. And all under the radar. :)

This about sums it up. Hope this guide helps. :) Privacy today is still very much doable with right steps. Sounds like a lot of work, but it becomes routine after a while. Most people do not even know I use such privacy measures, but I do. I text, share photos via Signal, and talk on Signal or Threema all the time.

Captains' orders. ;)


The good news is that Right Wing platforms are growing compared to 5 years ago we had nothing. Monitor or talk to other people that are being banned and see how they are still in business and which platforms they are using.

I hear Gab is making its own phone and software and i think they are planning their own payment gateway.