Enemies of the people (traitorous reporters, politicians, corporations etc.)

Is this guy retarded? He believes the city of Portland is under siege by federal troops?

Wow. My brain.. how can anybody be this stupid?

Federal troops are being sent in because there are rioters in his city and he's not doing anything about it. The SIEGE is his own citizens creating chaos, and this idiot is fueling that by letting them riot, and he has the nerve to say it's federal troops that are the siege?

Just LOL @ him saying he had it under control before the feds came in.

The mental gymnastics.. I just can't comprehend how this guy got elected.
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You’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people
LOL, alright I think it's time for a little break from the internet for awhile. This shit just pisses me off too much sometimes. Don't think I can listen to anymore of this right now.

Can we please just get ONE candidate that won't lick Israel's balls for once?
Don't worry Hawley will take good care of you. So will young Chad Cawthorne and that gay black guy.

Actually I'm excited about the right wing tranny but most people haven't heard heard of him. I hear when he isn't giving head at the glory hole though he is going to kick some serious deep state fanny.


Sportsball had a good run in the United States. Many people were able to numb their existential pain, sitting on a Lazy Boy and drinking Bud Light every Sunday (myself included). Now it's akin to reflecting on a band that you used to follow - there were some good concerts, but now the lead singer is dead.

We have to become like a snake at times: i.e. willing to shed our dead skin and become a new being.


I have never heard of this Hirano woman before but she is clearly shitfaced in that video.
There was a story awhile back that was written about the Pharmacy that serves Congress.

TLDR: You’re probably unironically correct.

Long version: one thing to come out of the article is that a significant portion of Congress are on extremely powerful psychotropic drugs.