Escape From 'The New Normal'?


This was only possible thanks to the smartphone. Their previous plandemic in 2010 and 1980's didn't catch on like they wanted.
Definitely, and it has simultaneously given more people the chance to wake up than ever. Although we have NPCs in their droves shilling for the narrative, I feel like we've not had this level of scepticism and resistance to governments before.

It's also astonishing how much effort they've poured into campaigns to try to make people believe in something that would be self-evident if it were actually real. Did anyone need to be convinced about smallpox or ebola?

TPTB must be soiling themselves right now because the cat is out of the bag.
From the US Russian embassy;

  • Businesses, transportation, and government institutions are largely operating as normal; most restrictions to slow the spread of the virus have been revoked. As a result, products and services are widely available as before the start of the pandemic. Grocery stores are well stocked and operating normal hours. Some jurisdictions place limitations on large gatherings and mass events.
I think a lot of people cling to the idea that this is a 'temporary' situation. At some point I would think that we'll have a critical mass of people saying ok this has to end and when that time comes the globalist will end it, but until that point is reached they will slowly boil the frogs. And they will keep the gains made during the slow boil, but the normie will be happy that the lockdown is over and his life is about 70% the same as it was before.

Maybe... the problem is we're fast approaching the point where it's not gonna matter anymore...

In fact, when the election in 'the land of the free' is flagrantly stolen and the capitol staked out by the military... you could say we're already there.


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Don't feel like being too precise here, but over the last few days I drove from Western to Eastern Europe, crossing a few borders. Was stopped at those borders, asked for documents, then waved through. Was a bit nervewracking as at one of the borders, as there was a long line of cars, a long wait and from what I could observe some were made to park, presumably to be sent back. Unfortunately the place I have ended up at is just as locked down as the place I left! No restaurants, no bars, no gyms.. And most people wearing masks outdoors. Still, I walked past a few police without a mask and nobody seemed to mind.

But, according to the information online, I should not have been allowed through. Among other reasons, one of the borders I crossed required a PCR test which I did not have. Yes, have had a lot of those in the past so as not to let covid get in the way of travel, but this time the testing centre was closed when I wanted to leave and it's not much fun anyway getting internal parts of your anatomy tickled by that probe, and I wasn't patient enough to wait for it to open. So the good news, as I have experienced before during the pandemic, is that the bark is worse than the bite.

I was mentally prepared for my journey to be broken by the need to get top of my nasal cavity tickled and wait a few hours but fortunately it did not happen. Am thankful this vaccine thing is not properly in gear (yet) as I would strongly prefer not to get it. It does not sound like a serious enough disease to be worth getting vaccinated for when the vaccine is only half tested. I know personally four people who have had covid, only one truly got sick and had to spend two weeks in bed, one of the people without symptoms was almost seventy years old, and had to simply isolate after testing positive.
Thanks for the follow up. Question: What is the situation regarding broadband in Kosovo? My business is mainly online so it's a criteria for me. If course Starlink should be available in Europe by next year...
Tbh, no idea. I have a shitty smart phone and don't even use a sim card when I'm here and just rely on Whatsapp where there's Wi-Fi. Fun part is, for a millennial I at times live like a boomer in regards to technology.
But, according to the information online, I should not have been allowed through. Among other reasons, one of the borders I crossed required a PCR test which I did not have. Yes, have had a lot of those in the past so as not to let covid get in the way of travel, but this time the testing centre was closed when I wanted to leave and it's not much fun anyway getting internal parts of your anatomy tickled by that probe, and I wasn't patient enough to wait for it to open. So the good news, as I have experienced before during the pandemic, is that the bark is worse than the bite.

I don't feel like going into details either, but from my experience a whole lot of the anti-travel info out there is to discourage people from travelling... rather than actually preventing travel.

I met a guy from the UK here (who's a normie prick as it happens) but I asked him if anyone checked whether he had an 'excuse for travel'. He said no one asked.

No one asked me, and even if they had I'm sure 'for work' would've done.

I've crossed at least two borders that required quarantine on paper, yet they didn't even ask for an address at the airport. I guess in theory they could have stopped me on the street, but I'm sure a convincing "Really? What? No-one told me!" would've been enough (and anyway, could've been true).

A lot of this stuff is bullshit.

Even the massive fines they threaten in the UK... it would take some chutzpah, but I bet if you have the stones you could collect a pocket full of fine tickets, not pay, go to court and win.

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Maybe Tanzania isn't quite the Great Reset escape it seems.
I reckon in parts of EE that are open at the moment (like Ukraine/Estonia (partly)) the MFers might be playing fractionation game, and waiting for spring to lock everyone up again.

I've got nothing to base this on really, except that having lived in this part of the world for a while, and as it's a sunny warm day today, it's made me remember how great those first weeks of spring are...

'Stay home, stay warm' isn't really too punative in February... 'Get Up, Be Cold' sucks enough as it is.

Op Lockstep's legit (if you ask me), so a two week lock-up in January doesn't really fit with 'a second more potent lockdown'... a drawn-out fractionated lockdown from January to May makes more sense.


Russia and Ukraine are pretty much all open.

I see daily Insta stories from friends in Ukraine and looks very normal. even the "cases" have dropped from averaging 12k a day since I was there in November to around 3k now.

Russia has even resumed in-person university lessons. A very trustworthy person I know in SPB who often has to visit hospitals for her work told me that doctors said in their conversations there aren't that as many Covid patients in Russian hospitals anymore and said in Russia it's pretty much back to normal completely.

I checked the border restrictions again and it appears it's still mostly closed, but it depends on your country of citizenship.

I was surprised to see Canadian state-media mention India's success without vaccines ... though of course it was delivered in a snarky tone: "India's dramatic fall of virus leaves EXPERTS stumped."

Meanwhile, I'm hearing mandatory double masking and asymptomatic testing for school children in Ontario is coming.

Not to mention the Canadian regime will now jail you in a hotel room for +$2000 out of your own pocket for 3 nights upon return to the country via air until you get a test result (for which you must pay an extra $200 at the airport)...yes, $2000 mandatory hotel stay where you get one smoke break a day. And the absolute idiots in this country are cheering it. The draconian law only impacts the lower and middle class.

Overall, it feels rest of the world is slowly moving on baby-steps except for Western Europe and commonwealth countries (o they are the worst). It's a pretty cold and shitty winter, but once spring comes, I reckon there'll be some decent places available to escape.


I have a friend in Samara, Russia. He says that clubs and bars are open since June 2020. I see his publications in Facebook partying with girls every weekend. He is a latino guy, you know.

If Russia is at that state, I think is pretty normal and livable there.


I think their AI showed a significant shift in civil sentiments, coupled with the growing number of protests and reopenings. I think it's better for them to lessen the narrative, even just for a few months rather than give the protestors fuel for their fire.
It seems corona is just their warm up and testing trials for the real story coming at us in the future. Bill gates comparing climate change to a world war '' Us versus climate change'' All out to reduce emissions. So when they have stretched covid use to its limits and theyve gotten some new laws through etc we will see a period of normalization before we head into world war climate change phase. Maybe its another 2-3 years off there is time to prepare

Better get ready you don't want to get caught a second time in the middle of such madness and dependant on the system ( mainly in the west )
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I'm not doing anything in particular, right now. But when the borders finally close for good and the police state takes its final form, I would rather be on my home turf.

If you move to another country (and you don't have citizenship), you are not a free man in that country. They can kick you out at any time. They can force you to do things that they couldn't force you to do in your own country. Go without a mask or refuse to get jabbed and see your ass get deported for breaking the law. And now you'll be forcefully injected anyway since you'll have to be flown back on an airplane.

Even if you managed to live under the radar and never defied the government's orders, you may not ever see your family again unless you submit and take the vaccine.

... or find a black market solution.


@ginsu I think you are actually being optimistic here. At most we have this year to get prepared as the globalist effectively have shut down or are at minimum strongly discouraging international travel. For a guy like me who has little to no desire to live in Asia however (despite me having friends there who could help out) this puts me a bit in a spot. Even EE seems to be toeing the line, even only to placate Brussels and to stave off the wrath of the EU meddlers and NGOs. So where to go?


From the North to the South - can we have a live list of EE countries? I provide one line comments to the countries I have done research on or that were reported here. Perhaps the community can help flesh it out?

Poland - Mask are obligatory.
Belarus - [please update]
Ukraine - [please update]
Moldovia - [please update]
Hungary - Masks are obligatory in closed spaces.
Austria - pozzed and almost completely locked down (real shame).
Czeck Republic - [please update]
Slovakia - [please update]
Hungary - [please update]
Romania - [please update]
Slovenia - gorgeous and conservative leaning but judging from news reports also completely locked down over the winter. Hard to get in.
Croatia - [please update]
Bosnia & Herzegovina - [please update]
Serbia - [please update]
Kosovo - seems to be fairly open and relaxed. Difficult to get to but relatively easy to get in.
Macedonia - [please update]
Montenegro - [please update]
Albania - [please update]


The nut case globalists have decided to destroy all human life. Ireland is now fining its citizens 2000 euros for travelling abroad for non essential Said even with vaccines done in july masks and social distansing Will remain .. these lockdown restrictions are not going away Any time soon. This might be. The new permanent new normal.permanent martial law as Alex Jones Said it. THE END of humanity. Unless we get rid of the psychopats in charge