Escape From 'The New Normal'?


Unfortunately I’m coming to the conclusion that this is hard for a Westerners to escape because this “new normal” is being driven primarily by the EU and WEF. That means if you’re in any Anglo or EU close country your country is either on the agenda or will be pressured there.

To sum up feedback the countries that aren’t trying to destroy themselves seem to be ones that are either too backwards to matter like Tanzania (which is fine. Being somewhere irrelevant is the best place to be during upheavals) or places that aren’t really part of the NATO/five eyes sphere such as Brazil (Russia/China political ally), Vietnam (doesn’t like China but don’t take their cues from the Technocracy. I’m told they’re mostly not even masking), UAE (playground and “neutral grounds” business hub for rich Arabs, Chinese, and various other shady Oligarchs vs. Switzerland which is the Western Oligarch haven), and other Islamic countries (some military aligned with the US but very few places seem to be even social distancing).

Upshot: it’s not easy. You’ll either be trying to fit into a radically different culture or need to have a skill set that puts you in demand in these places and isn’t necessarily reliant on a robust USA consumer economy (e.g. cyber security). It’s also going to be significantly less stable footing because you will need to be breakout out of your own country’s status quo circle of allies and going to places that don’t have that same relationship and may even be geopolitically opposed to your place of origin in the future.

That said it’s probably worth it. I expect that going forward as the USA becomes increasingly bullying in its behavior as it grasps about trying to hold on to its influence and the IS consumer markets vanish that having an American passport is increasingly going to become a black spot.


Slightly off topic, but talking about the UK...

What the shi[earmuffs] was up with that Captain Tom panto?

It was all an in your face sacrifice if you ask me...

I remember thinking 'why are the media making such a HUGE deal of this guy walking around his garden?'...

Cut to equally huge mourning of his passing... I guess after taking the vax.

An absolute co-ordinated media psy op.

The guy was real obvs, but the way it was taken up and rammed down everyone's throats.

I read a good take on it the other day, i'll dig it out.

Basically the only 'hero' white Britons can have is a 101 year old WW2 veteran limping around his garden on a zimmer frame for muh NHS Secular God.



From what you saw... could the globalist kun[earmuffs]s running the show in Serbia impose lockdowns without true civil unrest?

Can you imagine vaccine passports will be unswervable (meaning you won't be able to get a blackmarket solution, or grease the right people, or find an underground option?)

My friend is painting Serbia as a decent option to side-step the bullshi[earmuffs]... as most people don't trust the government or buy the lies.

Is that about right, or he's living in an expat echo chamber?

Serbia is a good option because the people are always willing to fight. And they don't like their own government they see it as a forced government. Albania is a food option because it has the least compliance of rules and it will be one of the last countries to be integrated into the grid.
Another good thing is because Serbia and Albania relaxed their rules in the summer and fall and because so many are unemployed, the acceptance of the corona doom never cemented like it did in America and co. The momentum they used from the shock is gone. Libtards accepted the narrative back in April and now are married to it.


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@OlderGuyGame @roncadillac I was also about to recommend Serbia out of your shortlist. I will visit Eastern Europe but not move there like a lot of people on the forum but have visited a lot of the countries, well, not the far east ones like Bulgaria or Ukraine or Belarus, but ones like Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro. There really did seem to be something right about Serbia, it was my favourite. It just seemed like a lot of bullshit just wasn't present there, it's a nice place. Would go back. Straightforward, good looking women and very masculine men.

@Elmore it sounds like that NHS thing can only be described as clown. I still don't get it, it must just be socialists who get a warm fuzzy feeling at the thought of handouts which includes the medical kind.
From what you saw... could the globalist kun[earmuffs]s running the show in Serbia impose lockdowns without true civil unrest?

Can you imagine vaccine passports will be unswervable (meaning you won't be able to get a blackmarket solution, or grease the right people, or find an underground option?)

My friend is painting Serbia as a decent option to side-step the bullshi[earmuffs]... as most people don't trust the government or buy the lies.

Is that about right, or he's living in an expat echo chamber?
Well, the government did impose a three-week period where everything was shut down on weekends except grocery stores and restaurant takeout, and during the week everything had to close by 5 p.m. I was kind of surprised, given that Serbs turned out in their thousands to shoot down a curfew back in July. I think the indifference in December coincided with a bad cold snap when nobody particularly wanted to be outside anyway.

I would have expected a little more militancy against government, given the assumptions I had about the Serbs' no BS personalities (I was in Serbia for a couple months in 2014, and found a nice combination of friendliness and cynicism). So we'll see what happens if government tries to take people's spring and summer away. It's hard to believe they wouldn't resist.

I hope your friend's optimism is on target, and he's right about a black market for vaccine passports and such. I'd imagine my landlady in Belgrade would be attuned to any such developments. She has several places that she rents to expats, and had a regular border run where they could go with her friend to the Hungarian border, loop around and get a new 90-day stamp, staying in Serbia indefinitely. A wrench was thrown into the works of that scheme when the PCR test requirement was put in back in December.
Ok, I can't make a decision on this one...

I want to head somewhere to hunker for the coming storm... where I actually want to stay once it passes (bearing in mind I'll likely have no choice).

(I want to stay urban whilst I can, as I'm single and I don't want to become a weird old man with no teeth or family who spent his whole life hiding in the woods.)


Ukraine (currently in Kiev). Pros - blackmarket/underground, police don't seem too crazy about enforcing the bulls[earmuffs]. Beauti... wifeable women. Cons. F[earmuffs]ing cold. Unable to access mcdonalds without mask. Lockdown likely. No residency (but could be sorted, anyway, if they ground flights, I couldn't go anywhere). Possibility of blackmarket covid passport.

Belarus Pros. Business residency lined up. Zero lockdown. Stunning models everywhere who'd take off with half you assets and your kids at the first opportunity (is that a pro?). Maybe an opportunity to build something (if things open up, and the Russian raiders don't swoop in). Cons. Not really a city where I'd want to live otherwise. People are morons... meaning they will just accept the vax, lockdowns, all the covid kool-aid if Luka gets whacked. Possibility of blackmarket covid passport?

Estonia (Tallinn). Pros. Residency. Very cool on enforcement (never wore a mask, never got challenged). For sure could live their long term. Se... wifeable chicks. Shi[earmufffs] weather Nov-April. Could probably get a submarine to the UK, if I had to. Possibility of blackmarket covid passport? Cons. EUSSR... dystopia light, but they'll keep a vax record and you have to register your address. I can't imagine they'd start rounding people up... but they could.

Serbia. My friend (who is also on the run from this hell) is in Belgrade, has already lined up resistant doctors and recommends I join him. Residency won't be a problem. Warm weather (huge plus). Beautiful girls. Good level of popular resistance (so I'm told). No lock-up without proper civil unrest. Possibility of blackmarket covid passport.


Furgedaboutit. Not without solid covid passport (but sounds like you'll be 'upgraded' if you leave).

Any advice appreciated.

Based on what you are saying Serbia sounds like a winner. Decent weather, beautiful women, corrupt docs who will sign whatever you pay them for, and a resistive populace. Sounds like the kind of place I would be able to live in.


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Serbia is certainly better than Poland but I wouldn't count on any of that and get the f away to Brazil. Even Mexico doesn't look promising enough.
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In short they got what they deserve. Pity because it's a pretty piece of land.
Greece is very similar, Italy of course being also very close in this regard. The EU reeks of this stuff. As a young man I lived for a short while in Spain. As clown world hadn't totally approached yet, and I was partying with friends from the US and Spaniards alike through school, it was fun and collegial. Looking back you could see most of the same "big city" stuff that afflicts us here in the US, which sorta goes hand in hand with their political system, which was easily 20-30% unemployment also at that time. That's why a friend I kept in touch with later told me (10-12 years later?), as we were hanging out in the Costa del Sol (he was from Madrid and I think traveled between, having just got married), "Las chicas en la costa son mas femeninas". Of course, that probably precludes Catalonia for various political and economic reasons, at least it sounds like it from my years of interacting with some guiris that have gone over and lived there. I love Spain but anything even closely related to the EU will be turned rancid as we know, in short order. The Europeans abandoned Christianity for things of this world (their towers of Babel) and they are receiving the first fruits of the decision, or possibly, the last.


Apparently, Belarus is on restricted country list for banking institutions (along with Iran, Somalia, North Korea, etc) because of US and EU sanctions. This means if one resides in Belarus, likely to be serious problems with opening new personal bank (and possibly broker) accounts outside Belarus and no way to open a business account, supposedly, according to multiple online sources. Status is similar to Crimea. Paypal doesn't work with Belarus residents/restricted (Ukraine too).

Moving to outside of NATO-friendly zone seems like one better have plan B in case all financial ties are severed with that world, stuff like money transfers blocked, etc.
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Serbia... let me remind of huge/insane/unimaginable (to me as I'm not a European) social security taxes in the lines of 50% of income (this is not including income tax, which can be big, progressive scale which jumps to 20% at what's considered low-income in developed countries). Self-employed are on the hook for social security tax there, unlike in some other jurisdictions.
Starting in 2019 Serbia had joined CRS/international financial information exchange system and shortly after that, in 2020, aggressively went after freelancers demanding 5 years of unpaid back taxes (got info on them from Payoneer and other institutions). CRS means they know what's coming into your bank or fintech account in most places on the globe.
Don't forget to check how much taxes you'd be expected to pay in a different country. Belarus or Russia would be low tax jurisdictions for me where I could be exempt from social security tax.
US citizens - don't forget to check Tax Treaty with prospective country, comb through it, check each type of taxable event and make sure there's no double taxation. And in the US case, social security taxes can be subject to double taxation even with general no-double-taxation treaty signed, so make sure you won't be on the hook at least in the 2nd country.
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UK RVFers...

If you were currently outside the UK (as I am) what would entice you back at the moment, with the risk of flights grounding, vaccine 'passports' and all that bulls[earmuffs]?

Pretty negative, so I apologize... but I'll miss a big opportunity if I don't go back to the UK next month, but I don't want to get mousetrapped and find myself in some quarantine internment facility in a decade.

From my limited experience, the only positive insights I can give are that there are no masks required outside (major parks are very busy with crowds walking side by side with no masks), and there seems to be at least some spirit of passive resistance (people from Eastern Europe certainly seem sceptical of the political motives behind the lockdowns, or at least neutral and open to reason) from many who are quietly living their lives as normally as they can.

While the government is blatantly dishonest about its intentions (e.g. COVID passports) and regularly reverses its positions after making public statements, it seems less likely/able/willing to use direct force in general; e.g. I can't imagine it being able to enforce such things against the various 'ethnic communities' around London all at once, for example (could be wrong).

The media uses a repetitive cycle of fear ("more cases, new variants") then hope ("we're almost there, just another six months and you can hug granny") to perpetuate the lockdowns and restrictions for reasons that I'm sure will become clear in the near term.

I don't like to give advice, but good opportunities don't tend to come around very often, so unless you have a real medium-term plan somewhere else it sounds like you will be judging something concrete against hypotheticals. Worth considering if you can escape the cities at some point and bear the cultural decline (e.g. ignore media and have a good group of friends/family). And are happy to stay put in the UK for a while I suppose...


The scam of PCR tests for flying - they charge in the lines of $300 for rapid PCR in the States right now (means you can meet 48 or 72 hours freshness requirement for long international travel, as regular PCR takes 3-4 days)- and is only avaialble in few cities. Still better than giving up all your belongings at the military cordon to escape the place, I guess.