Eschatology: Mark of the Beast, Great Tribulation, Second Coming


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I pulled out my dusty copy to check this.

From a quick scan, there is very little about "the mark".

Odd. I double-checked, but, yes, the book suggests Book 20.

It's the correct chapter -- that is where Augustine talks about Revelations.

I just meant that the notes that followed were pretty much the only things that were mentioned about the mark of the beast.

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Also, I'm happy you're reading the Bible, but I'd strongly encourage using either the New Jerusalem Bible or the New Revised Standard Version. They're the most faithful to the original Hebrew/Greek's meaning. The KJV is a masterpiece of the English language, but relies upon outdated manuscripts.


I recommend to any interested to do some research on the strategic misinterpretations of the doctrines, missing verses and calculated subversions in many modern bible translations.


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Regarding DNA manipulation:

God stopped creating anything on this earth a long time ago except one thing - a new soul at the conception of a new human. I believe this is partly why sexuality (all facets around the relationship of male and female, motherhood, fatherhood, pregnancy, abortion etc etc) is under such attack by the devil. This is the topic for another post though.

Lets say that scientists (with diabolic help) managed to create a "human" body through means other than male / female procreation such that God refused to create a spirit/soul for it. The devil would then be free to occupy it 100% as it was not made in Gods image.


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Now I want to mention a theory, something I can't possibly verify. I believe that many world governments do experiments with psychedelics to explore other dimensions. They have figured out the right dosage and mix of drugs to create encounters with "advanced" beings who then give them instructions for ways at world domination (high technology). Alex Jones talked about this in his last podcast with Joe Rogan, and how when we do what the beings instruct, things work. If this is true, those beings must be demons. In other words, it's very possible that this "world system" of "globalization" is not just Satanic in spirit, but also in formulation.

Roosh, 2 important questions towards you regarding this important theory:

Many RVF members in the years past talked exactly about this topic in the DMT and Ayahuasca threads, and/or started threads related to the world elites ruling the earth through their constant contact with demons by using very advanced use of psychedelics. Some have even theorized on this forum they are working on new technologies to open portrals to bring these demons into our world. Are you familiar with these old threads on RVF ?

Knowing that hallucinogenics can put you in contact with evil spirits that give you hidden information...can you be sure what you saw or heard or experienced while taking mushrooms was not something demonic that was impersonating something holy ? Satan himself was angel of God before the fall. The word "lucifer" means "light bringer". His greatest powers have always been in the ways of deception and offering people shortcuts. Are you 100% sure what you experienced was really genuinely coming from God, and not a trick ?


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For the mark of the beast it could well be a blatantly physical mark, although I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. It could quite well be a mark on the soul which is visible to everyone through the metaphorical "right hand" and "forehead".

The right hand can be thought of as the acting force of will that one outwardly exudes onto the world. This you would consider as someones actions. They will be known by their fruits. Jesus sits at the right hand of God, and was the force that God sent into the world.

The forehead has been considered center to the mind which is why we see the all-seeing eye in the center of the forehead. It's what Hindus call the "ajna center". This you would consider as someones way of thinking, someones worldview, what they worship or who they follow.

I think in the end times there will be a huge shift in the spiritual realm where the volume knob is turned up 10x. You will not need a physical mark to discern where peoples alliances lie. It will be blatantly obvious by their actions and what comes out of their mind. Indeed we already see it now. Gays are not getting banned from paypal...

There will be many Christians looking for a literal 666 on the hand and forehead. I hope for them that there is, otherwise they will find themselves in trouble.

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The concept of a pretribulation rapture is false and a lie that will fool most of the hardcore Christians to believe they weren't good enough to be saved before the trials.

There is no biblical explanation for such a concept and it came about during the 19th century (eg the great awakening) . I pissed off a few folks with that one.
Sword and Board said:

I recommend to any interested to do some research on the strategic misinterpretations of the doctrines, missing verses and calculated subversions in many modern bible translations.

I can read the original Greek and Hebrew and have also worked with facsimilies of the earliest manuscripts of the NT. The KJV relies very heavily on a textual tradition that we now know is less original than the Alexandrian text type (closest to the original).


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Roosh consider that the mark of the beast and many of the events in Revelation already have happened - particularly with the Roman's destroying the Temple in 70 AD.

The ancient historian Josephus writes about this and events surrounding it if you haven't read him yet.

For more information:

You mention that it doesnt seem to hold water because Jesus didnt "come back". He did. Look at how his Kingdom has been established and gone forth.

Remember the Left Behind interpretation of Revelation, Mathew 24, Daniel, etc is relatively new one that took a foothold with Evangelicals and Baptists in the 1830s.

Most of the Church throughout history didnt have this interpretation - despite incoming events and conquests that made it seen like the end of the world was nigh - even during the "Prophets of Doom" era in Munster during the Reformation.

Basically there are 4 different ways to look at it.


Heterosexuals should reclaim the rainbow. The phenomenon of viewing a rainbow is one of the most magnificent sights to see on Planet Earth. We as a society have allowed ourselves to relinquish the beauty and grandeur to a set of Sodomites, effectively tarnishing the idea of one of the greatest phenomena in the world. At the very least, return the rainbow to the leprechauns.
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"The texts and scholars of Islam teach that all Muslims must strive for global domination at all times

That part of the Muslim religion is why all non-Muslims in the world have conflicts with Islam. Especially since far too many Muslims seriously and consciously believe in and pursue this.

This is why Islam is a political ideology for world conquest and the pursuit of geopolitical goals instead of a religion of any form ...

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I'm with some others here on the orthodox Preterist interpretation of Matthew 24 and most of Revelation. On the other hand, I think that Roosh and Scorpion raise valid points about how things like one-world government and genetic engineering could be used by satanic forces. I just don't think it necessarily cleanly lines up with with the relevant scripture passages.

I definitely think some bad stuff is going to go down, but I don't know exactly what it's going to look like.


Scotians theory of DNA manipulation intrigued me. We are inevitably going to reach that point and science fiction has included it in many fiction stories over the years so it is already in the sub-concious of many.

Further to this a new game is coming out next year that sort of glorifies body modifications called Cyberpunk 2077. This isn't related to DNA manipulation but it could be considered a stepping stone?

They could be conditioning people for this based on what we know.

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About the (apparently unstoppable?) progression of the nefarious (satanist?) gay ideology:
For the first time, the Global Establishment organized yesterday a gay-pride in France's Muslim neighborhoods.

These last years, the lesbian crowd had not dared stage their "gay-pride" in Muslim areas, but, now they've done it. No-one is safe from them.

Just like there was I think a gay-pride in Serbia, on orthodox land. So, the LGBT Corruptors of Civilization, having almost won over the Catholic church, are now boldly targeting Orthodox and Muslim lands.


In another thread last year, I posted my modern take on God's hellfire destruction of the faggot ruled cities of Sodom and Gomorrah from the biblical book of genesis.
Am re-posting it again (and Horus' original post I replied to) as it seems very relevant here.

Horus said:
At the beginning of the gay rights movement, it was all about ending discrimination regardless of the way that God/nature had made them. They just wanted the right to live their lives without interference from zealous busybodies trying to stick their noses into matters which were none of their business. It was difficult to argue with - even if you were disgusted by their lifestyle, it makes sense to treat everyone with respect as long as they are not causing any harm.

Then as soon as they got what they were asking for, it's like the dam was burst and there was a cascade of unforseen consequences. Gays in the military. Drag queens in schools. Anal sex in sex ed. Tranny bathrooms. Mothers encouraging their sons to be transgender. Deviants prancing around the streets in leather BDSM gear in front of children in their "pride" parades. Gays adopting children. Gay wedding cakes controversy. Now this platonic parenting heresy. And coming to a Western country soon, paedophile acceptance.

Is almost as if our ancestors have been through this before in various forms, and the ancient prohibition of homosexuality was the result of accumulated wisdom from the experience of what happens when gays are allowed to be out and proud. It's nothing to do with hate and everything to do with keeping societies healthy. Sure, that sucks for gays who can't help the way they were born, and I don't want to see them being punished or facing harm for the way they are. But it's necessary for them to stay strictly in the closet, to keep their degeneracy well away from prying eyes, and to be in no doubt that if they flaunt their lifestyle they will face unpleasant consequences.

In the biblical story of God's hellfire destruction of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah there is a story in there that alludes to what you are saying.

The main protangonist is a man named Lot is visited by 2 (very good looking male) angels who are sent by God to to warn him and his family to get out of the city of degenerate sodomites before God destroys it. However, many faggots in the city saw the good looking angels walking to Lot's house and come to pay him a visit, demanding to have anal sex with the angels.


Lot refuses to let the homos into his house...but offers BOTH his HB10 VIRGIN daughters to the mad crowd of faggots. The sodomites refuse. That's right they refuse sex with Lot's 2 HB10 virgin daughters because they want butt sex with the male angels from God. When Lot stands his ground, the faggots get angry, call more of their homo friends across town, and soon an enormous gay pride parade is pounding at Lot's door demanding butt sex with God's angels.



The angels take charge of the situation, come out of Lot's house, and with their superpowers blind the eyesight of every member of the crazy gay pride parade.


With the homos blinded and unable to locate the nearest male butthole, the angels & Lot & his family make a break for it and get away from crazy gay pride parade. When Lot and his family are at a safe distance, God tells them to look away cause he wants to show the sodomites His version of tolerance.


I'm not even a follower of Christianity, and even I believe in this story.
All that we are going through now, has probably ALL already been seen by our distant male ancestors thousands of years ago.


Good post, but
Then as soon as they got what they were asking for, it's like the dam was burst and there was a cascade of unforseen consequences

Uncucked Christians have been warning years that gay rights are a slippery slope for much worse things. There's really not an aspect of surprise to be found here.


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Roosh there's also plenty of evidence and analysis as to why Revelation would have been written before 70 AD.

First, if the apostle John were indeed writing in AD 95—long after the destruction of the temple— it seems incredible that he would make no mention whatsoever of the most apocalyptic event in Jewish history—the demolition of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple at the hands of Titus. Imagine writing a history of New York today and making no mention of the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2001. Or, more directly, imagine writing a thesis on the future of terrorism in America and failing to mention the Manhattan Massacre.

Consider another parallel. Imagine that you are reading a history concerning Jewish struggles in Nazi Germany and find no mention whatsoever of the Holocaust. Would it not be reasonable to suppose that this history was written prior to the outbreak of World War II? The answer is self-evident. Just as it stretches credulity to suggest that a history of the Jews in Germany would be written in the aftermath of World War II and yet make no mention of the Holocaust, so too it is unreasonable to think that Revelation was written twenty-five years after the destruction of Jerusalem and yet makes no mention of the most apocalyptic event in Jewish history.

Furthermore, those who hold that the book of Revelation was written long after the destruction of the temple in AD 70 face an even more formidable obstacle! Consider one of the most amazing prophecies in all of Scripture.

Jesus is leaving the temple when his disciples call his attention to its buildings. As they gaze upon its massive stones and magnificent buildings, Jesus utters the unthinkable: “I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down” (Matthew 24:2; Mark 13:2; Luke 21:6). One generation later this prophecy, no doubt still emblazoned on the tablet of their consciousness, became a vivid and horrifying reality. As noted by Josephus, the temple was doomed August 30, AD 70, “the very day on which the former temple had been destroyed by the king of Babylon.”

As incredible as Christ’s prophecy and its fulfillment one generation later are, it is equally incredible to suppose that the apostle John would make no mention of it. As the student of Scripture well knows, New Testament writers were quick to highlight fulfilled prophecy. The phrase “This was to fulfill what was spoken of by the prophet” permeates the pages of Scripture. Thus, it is inconceivable that Jesus would make an apocalyptic prophecy concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple and that John would fail to mention that the prophecy was fulfilled one generation later just as Jesus had predicted it.

Finally, let me highlight an additional piece of internal evidence that should give pause to those who are overly dogmatic about the late-dating of Revelation. In Revelation 11 John says, “I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, ‘Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count the worshipers there. But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles.

They will trample on the holy city for 42 months’” (vv. 1–2). In context, Jesus has sent his angel “to show his servants what must soon take place.” Thus, the prophecy concerns a future event, not one that took place twenty-five years earlier.n summary, among the reasons we can be certain that the book of Revelation was not written twenty-five years after the destruction of Jerusalem, three tower above the rest.

First, just as it is unreasonable to suppose that someone writing a history of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, would fail to mention the destruction of the twin towers, so too it stretches credulity to suggest that Revelation was written in the aftermath of the devastation of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple and yet makes no mention of this apocalypse.

Additionally, if John is writing in AD 95, it is incredible to suppose he would not mention the fulfillment of Christ’s most improbable and apocalyptic vision. Finally, New Testament documents—including the book of Revelation— speak of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple intact at the time they were written.

If Revelation was written before AD 70, it is reasonable to assume that the vision given to John was meant to reveal the apocalyptic events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem—events that were still in John’s future but are in our past. This, of course, does not presuppose that all the prophecies in Revelation have already been fulfilled. Just as thoughtful Christians should distance themselves from the fully futurist fallacy, they should disavow a predominantly preterist (i.e., past) perspective.

I was raised in both Evangelical and Pentecostal circles who had a pre millennial interpretation of it, as well as later in Reformed, Orthodox, and Anglican circles who either had a pretarist or all millenial view of it.

Theres a book you can get which addresses Revelation from all 4 lenses. › Revelation-Four-Views-P...
Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary: Steve Gregg: 9780840721280 ...


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End Times are a derail of Christianity.

Jesus said that no one knows the time or the place, and he has also said, it might be tonight.

The point is,

1. Don't dwell on it or make predictions.
2. On the other hand, live as if it were just around the corner.


1. People don't waste their time in vain speculation.
2. People don't waste their time, period.

This stuff is like a break from the hard work of Christianity.

Some fun time to bat ideas back and forth.

The Book of Revelation is Harry Potter for Christians.


After reading the thread title, I threw my Rob Zombie CD in the trash - he always has a mark on his forehead.

Girlfriend's "father" (I suspect, grandfather), a pastor, dies for talking about the End Times.

He's a typical boomer who loves watching (Fox) news on tv all day, trades in his leased SUV for the newest model, and without asking will brag about his new surround sound system.

(And a strange hate for Santa Claus because he's not real. We pretended to listen while he went on about him to us last Christmas while everyone was preparing supper)

Constantly watching the news, loving the book of Revelation - both may have something to do with his heart attack, being pre-diabetic, and nearly hospitalized a couple months ago because he couldn't breathe - blood pressure levels and the End Times don't mix.


The Christians that are martyred in the dispensation of The Tribulation period are called "Tribulation Saints" who are obviously not saved by faith ALONE. It is faith PLUS works during the tribulation period and they CANNOT no matter what, receive the mark, or else they are permanently sealed and damned to hell... However, if you are saved today in this current dispensation of The Church Age, then we are blood washed and sealed permanently through faith in what Christ did for us ((ALONE)) plus NO works, for The Rapture. The ones left behind are the ones who need to be worried about the Tribulation. Since you belong to the Ortho sect where they teach faith PLUS works for salvation thinking they can be "co-savior" with Jesus or they can somehow "maintain" or show "evidence" of their salvation, i can safely assume that you will be left behind and endure the Tribulation for a second chance at salvation. Sounds like you went from one extreme of Degeneracy to the other extreme of RELIGION. As the saying goes, "The scoundrel's last refuge is in religion." Bottom line: The saved ones are looking for what the bible calls "the blessed hope" Jesus Christ, we are NOT looking for the antichrist... While you guys are living in fear and splitting hairs about the antichrist, i am living in peace and joy waiting for the rapture. If youre a bible normie, none of what i said will make sense. Also, not to "correct" you but BABYLON is basically talking about the Roman Catholics.... and whoever the antichrist will be, one thing is for certain. Islam will be at the forefront during the Tribulation and will behead anyone who refuse them... P.S. Dont forget that the bible is mostly a Jewish book.. Not every verse you cherry pick in the bible is addressed to us The Gentiles.. Remember to "rightly divide the word" as God instructs us to do in Timothy. If you dont do that, the bible will have "contradictions" and you will eventually end up like the cults and become a religious nutcase.. Not trolling, just being blunt..