ESPN will cut more than 100 employees today


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John Skipper is the level behind the curtain. I can't say what is left at ESPN now that he is gone. He had his fingers on everything.


Happy Hour (when PTI actually has Mike and Tony on and not these guest-host fags like Isola and Gutierrez) is the only thing E!SPIN is good for now anyway. I'd watch First Take again if they let Max and that token female "moderator" move to a different show and brought back Skip though. Watching SB and Stephen A. out-stupid one another was great entertainment, at least to me.


Personally I’m tired of having women “moderators” on NFL or other sports talking head shows.

They don’t contribute, they just annoy like a dying housefly buzzing around slowly.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that ESPN is dying or that the NFL ratings are in the toilet.

It started with the pink socks and other nonsense to “raise awareness” for breast cancer. Then the domestic abuse campaign followed by the anthem kneeling etc.

It’s a turn off. People don’t watch sports to be preached to.

To paraphrase Bill Burr...who exactly do they think they are reaching?


It struck me yesterday watching British TV that most panels of sports pundits must have a female moderator in attendance. It follows the model of Red Army regiments having a political officer assigned to their dinners to ensure that conversation is politically orthodox.

Soon the only all male groups that young men will know about will be Masonic lodges and military cemeteries.
N°6 said:
Soon the only all male groups that young men will know about will be Masonic lodges and military cemeteries.

Unless they'll want to diversify those too. I can already see the headline "10 reasons why we need more females in military cemeteries and why that's a good thing" :wacko:


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I'm in my 30s now so I have good memories of watching ESPN with my father and later with friends in college. For the most part I just enjoyed watching the highlight reel of different sports games I missed. And the commentary before the games was from what I remember mostly just guys talking exclusively about sports. I can't recall any politics being discussed ever. I also don't remember any female commentators except for women who interviewed football players on the sideline.

I pretty much stopped watching ESPN around 2010. In that time, with the internet you could by pass ESPN and watch highlight reels of the game at your convenience on youtube. That aspect alone, has had to have caused tons of fans to stop watching ESPN over the years since you don't need to wait for a show and sit through commercials to watch the best parts of the game you missed. The declining ratings because of this must have caused them to change the programming/ kind of hosts for the worst by focusing on stuff less related to sport analysis. This change of strategy already has and will continue to backfire badly. Now boys growing up are not going to want to hear political commentary on a sports show and they will never grow into life long ESPN viewers. The older generation of men who would still watch ESPN, even despite having youtube for highlight clips, now won't want to be insulted by 30 year old loud mouth women who remind them of annoying HR coworkers.

Once ESPN loses viewers its unlikely they will come back even if they change directions with the content. After all there are a million options for digital entertainment now, it is a very hard to believe that the current shows/hosts on ESPN can retain viewers when guys have the option of video games, 300 cable channels, youtube, netflix/amazon, etc.


Tebow and Kaepernick have a lot in common actually. Both have been criticized a lot for taking a knee, although for different reasons. It seems like they BOTH used sports as their own personal soapboxes.

I don't really care about what these guys do on the sidelines. If the media would simply ignore it, it would not be an issue. Of course, Tebow would bring it up in most of his interviews.