Estrogen - The Attack on Manhood

by Drawk Kwast – September 4th, 2010
Plastic is making androgynous pedophiles of us all. Put down the water bottle and listen up. The research is incredible. Most girls hit puberty now at age nine (you’re pretending not to notice, but I know you’ve noticed). If you take a look around on the Internet, lots of people are talking about why girls are becoming women so young, but the really disturbing news that no one seems to be talking about is how some of the same factors are turning boys into “little girls.”

Let’s start at the beginning, with why girls are hitting puberty so young. There are three major contributors to this. The first is childhood obesity, which America really excels at these days. Fat female children have an increased ability to convert hormones into estrogen. Nature has programmed a preference for a certain amount of body fat before female puberty. This is due to the extra fat needed to survive pregnancy, which also explains evolutionarily why women tend to carry a higher “healthy” body fat percentage than men. Give the female body more fat, at a younger age, and puberty happens sooner.

The second factor is what the US Food and Drug Administration allows to be added to our food. Two of the allowed hormones are progesterone and estradiol (which sounds very close to estrogen for a good reason). Both of these are natural female sex hormones. Pumping female hormones into food equals more female hormones in the bodies of young girls, resulting in puberty faster.

The third reason you’re feeling guilty for lusting after underage girls is plastic. Most plastic bags come with a “danger of suffocation warning” on them somewhere. The warning that needs to be added is the danger of estrogen-mimicking chemicals that easily leach out, and contaminate everything they touch. These chemicals are Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). Think about all those food and beverage containers and you understand how everyone is receiving a constant trickle of estrogen-mimicking chemicals. And you thought you were just drinking water.

I hate it when I have to agree with the tree-huggers, who have been claiming for years that we’re poisoning ourselves, but the reality is that we are poisoning ourselves. Young girls are getting an overdose of estrogen, but this is only the beginning of the story. Everyone is concerned about young girls, but no one seems to care that boys are getting that same overdose of estrogen. If too much estrogen is bad in girls, what do you think this is doing to boys?

When I look at the average boy these days, I cannot believe what I see. Most don’t even look like boys anymore. They are being pumped full of estrogen and pulled away from physical activities like sports. Physical Education in our schools is a total joke these days. Physical activity promotes the production of testosterone. Boys need testosterone to become men. A man with high estrogen and low testosterone is not a man. A fat 12-year-old boy with bitch tits is not on the path to healthy manhood.

So what can men like you and me do to prevent this in ourselves? One option is to start grocery shopping like a hippy and use glass containers rather than plastic. Another option is blocking estrogen. Ask the alpha male at your local gym, and you’ll find that he’s on some kind of anti-estrogen product. Estrogen blockers work by binding to the estrogen receptors in the body, preventing estrogen from binding to these sites, literally blocking the estrogen. The newer and more advanced anti-estrogen products are called “aromatase inhibitors” and they work by inhibiting the formation of estrogen in the body.

One final word of advice – stop eating soy! Soy is loaded with estrogen. I realize this ruins the idea of dipping your sushi in soy sauce (unless you happen to be on an anti-estrogen), but there’s a reason why only women and gay men eat tofu.


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Yeah, but can estrogen from soy affect a fully grown man? What about vegetarians who eat tofu?

I might be wrong, but I remember hearing that soy increases the risk of Alzheimer's as well.


I've heard that properly fermented soy sauce (ie. the good stuff) is better somehow, but have no source on it.

In any case a little soy sauce probably won't do much harm but anything else soy based should be avoided. It's hidden in a lot of processed foods too.

Here's a good article:

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A little OT: Personally, nutritional bullshit like this is one of my biggest beefs with libertarianism (aka libertards). The honest to God truth is that corporations fill our food supply with harmful stuff like soy to shave a few pennies off their cost per unit, and libertarians will defend their right to do so to the death. And when it comes to economic issues like this, 99% of conservatives are identical to libertarians. I was ashamed to see conservatives criticizing Michelle Obama for trying to rid schools of sodas and candy bars, as if it they were mounting some gallant fight against communist tyranny.

Of course, most Americans have no idea. For the modest fraction that are aware, they have very little choice and even less power to influence the market in a healthier, more natural direction. Even the healthy crowd, aka naive white girls, just swaps one form of bullshit for another: soda is bad! fruit juice is healthy! Vitamin Water to the rescue!

Thanks for the link, Caligula. Anyone else have any instructive links on these matters?


basil, one of the biggest issue in America is the corn syrup I think. I think this is because sugar is too expensive (import tax) so most of American food uses corn syrup instead of sugar.

Libertarianism would get rid of that issue. I don't know how it is with soy though. But regulations are not a good thing in my book.


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HFCS and Soy are both bottom feeders for nutrition, avoid at all costs. You only have to go over 25grams of Soy for it to begin to synthesize into estrogen. A little tofu won't hurt but downing soy products as meat or milk alternatives is a bad move. Plastics also shouldn't be used in the microwave same type of thing, it emits estrogen like compounds which leeches into your food. These things compound overtime and get stored in your body, 80% of your sex hormones are stored in your sack so just think for a second how manly your first born Son Timmy will be on a heavy Soy diet.


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bface said:
basil, one of the biggest issue in America is the corn syrup I think. I think this is because sugar is too expensive (import tax) so most of American food uses corn syrup instead of sugar.

Libertarianism would get rid of that issue. I don't know how it is with soy though. But regulations are not a good thing in my book.
Sugar cane isn't expensive. Govt has just made corn extremely cheap to the market and profitable to grow via subsidy. In a natural situation corn wouldn't be the USA's top cash crop if the artificial price floors were removed.

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bface said:
basil, one of the biggest issue in America is the corn syrup I think. I think this is because sugar is too expensive (import tax) so most of American food uses corn syrup instead of sugar.

Libertarianism would get rid of that issue. I don't know how it is with soy though. But regulations are not a good thing in my book.
Actually, that's the latest example. Corn syrup is not much different from good old table sugar. Corn syrup is 55% fructose, table sugar is 50% fructose, with the balance being glucose. Michael Pollan says the same thing. One is probably little worse than the other.

Under a libertarian regime, table sugar would be cheaper and corn syrup more expensive. We'd still be getting fat because we'd still be eating obscene amounts of sugar, specifically fructose. It's just an economic reality that the cheapest foods aren't always the healthiest, even if government intervention is minimal. The only viable solution I see is an added sugar tax.


I don't think the government should be involved in what people decide to eat.

The government should stand for the majority. So if the majority decides what the diet should be in America... You see where I am going?

People should make their own choices and have the freedom to do so. Otherwise you are not as free as you think you are.


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Table sugar is a laboratory monster also, your comparing apples to apples when trying to decide which is more healthy. Corn is still the choice because it is more stable to industrial and chemical manipulations, my assumption with table sugar once it is processed to that point the options after are (more) limited.

Its funny because real sugar and sweaters actually have vitamins or beneficial nutritional properties in it. Honey has been used in traditional healthy practices for thousands of years, unrefined sugar is high in magnesium, sugar in its real form is natural food like any other.

I wonder how testosterone plays into this tho? I am fuzzy on female growth dynamics, we all know testosterone is a natural HGH in both sexes would this rapid increase in estrogen across the board increase female T levels? Which accounts for the more prevalent man-jaws we see, female overactive sex activity, and a host of other messes the modern female exerts.


I went to see my physician a few years back to get a check up and get a full panel blood test (of my vitamin levels and shit). Brought all this hormone/plastic/soy stuff up to my doctor - he's an alternative practioner, very liberal, open minded, cool guy.

Me: "So what do you think doc? How can I protect myself, stay healthy and avoid all the stuff that messes up your hormone levels?"

Doc: "Honestly Brian, we're all fucked. The world is fucked. Just try to get through your life and be happy.



Bumping this thread because I've just started taking Calcium D-glucarate and returned to intermittent fasting with a vengeance after reading Dave Asprey's article on Bulletproof about the effects of estrogen on a man's body. Shit's fucked up. I'm now closing in on my one year anniversary of discovering RVF and beginning a tough nutrition and fitness regimen, but fat that hangs on my thighs, hips, and most importantly, my face, just won't FUCKING GO.

I'm looking at cutting out beer entirely; it's empty calories, carbs, and the more hoppy and dark, the more xeno/phytoestrogens. Wasn't that big on it anyways, I'm going straight to low-sugar mixed drinks and wine and staying there.

I'm almost a week in taking it daily, and I can already see the stubborn fat shrinking down, with my usual exercise, supplements, and fucktons of water. Today I combined it with intermittent fasting to try and speed up the liver detox.

As of now, I plan to take it for another week solid, then go to once a week; it lowers all steroid levels, testosterone included. After that I'm gonna look at boosting my T levels with T+ from Onnit and try and lower cortisol as well, which is another hormone that makes fat cling on for dear life.


Very good Article below, on increasing Testosterone and reducing estrogen levels via supplementation. I have been doing this below now for roughly 6 months, and i feel like i'm 20 years younger ( im 48) D aspartic acid mixed with gym twice a week has increased testosterone and with this come the other benefits of :

Increased Energy
Better Mood
Sense of well being
Sharper Mind
Increased Confidence
Harder Boners
Increased Lobido
Leaner and meaner
Stronger Bones and Heart

The D aspartic acid mix i take is also mixed with an aromatase inhibitor, but you can also eat ginger, or nettles and this will also reduce estrogen.

To restore DHEA levels i take 25 mg per week of this, and also Progesterone, i've got my own personal theory that by increasing these hormone levels back to youthful levels, systems in your body start to work better, like when you were younger,and i feel great , so much energy.A good thing to do is to also remove alcohol as a crutch and use alternatives methods for giving you less stress in your life, i.e. exercise or other methods.

Please do your own DD, and this is just my opinion after 6 months use of the above method , i'm not recommending you use this method for an extended period, but i find a lot of men (particularly divorced men) around my age group go through anxiety and depression and turn to medications from doctors/psychs to give them support. By lifting weights and by increasing hormonal levels ( especially testosterone) you will find that it does improve so many aspects in a man's life as he approaches middle age, I'm glad to say i'm still attractive to young birds in their 20s and bed a on a regular basis is good :banana:
Another reason why girls are hitting puberty so young is because of antibiotics [one] [two] [three]. They keep pumping them into farm animals like pigs and cows so that they don't get sick just so the farm doesn't have to deal with dead animals wasting them time and money. This is causing what the British government (and more) call the biggest threat to public health due to a thing called antibiotic resistance.

It's not even safe to feed your daughters cereal every day any more.

We've already covered how males are adopting female speech patterns. Men are becoming more feminised and it's so bad that even BBC News says so. [one] [two] [three] [four] [five].

Basically people are blaming feminism for men becoming feminine or effeminate.

Feminists trying to spread their cultural marxism (cultural identity is oppression and gender is a social construct and humans are born as a blank slate) nonsense are only making it worse. Laci Green and her ilks want men to show their emotions and wear dresses and skirts. What the gynocentric media wants to do, is blur the line between masculine and feminine, white people and coloured people, hetrosexual and homosexual, religious and atheist (atheism plus) and create an androgynous homogenised society where everyone is one big universal group and anyone who differs from the group is exiled or demonised by sjw's, just because they think that "cishet white males" hold all the power, despite the fact that most white, straight or male people aren't in a position of power.

They are pushing this cultural marxist androgynous changes through the media, where they are putting homosexuals and transsexuals in adverts to make being gay "trendy" [one] [two] [three] and a "better alternative" than being straight. Anyone with half a brain can see the media is trying to promote minority lifestyles as better than common lifestyles. It's not about acceptance any more. It's about making everyone of the same affiliation. You see it with the feminist move to shut down male safe spaces, urinals and gendered toilets, whilst they can keep their safe spaces.

I could explain more on what cultural marxism is as I wrote an article on it on my wiki site, but that would be changing the subject. Just know that the media and the feminists is trying to make everyone feminine, gay, transsexual, transracial, muslim and transabled. That's why they like mass immigration, so the white race can die out like they're a minority in London, so all the coloured ethnics (especially muslims), can get all the power. Every single institution you can think of, religion, marriage, television, church, they want to get rid of. They would get rid of the government if anarchy was a viable solution.

Men need to be taught two things.

1. Men are disposable. (There's an article explaining this which will go viral and common knowledge once all the gender bloggers read it.)
2. Cultural marxism is evil. (Nobody knows what it is and how it works. Someone tried to write a wiki article on it that is very long but it needs more data as searching Google and Wikipedia for it gives rubbish results.)

Someone on Twitter called Roosh a homophobe for writing an article on his blog that gay marriage being legalised marked the end of heterosexual rights and masculinity. Well take a look at this.

People think Roosh is joking about cultural collapse and the decline of society and the rise of degenerates. People read the about page of ROK saying "ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men. Sadly, yesterday’s masculinity is today’s misogyny." and think he's talking complete nonsense.

Get ready for the decline.

Soon public polls will be against whites, heterosexuals, males, neurotypical and healthy bodied people and being straight will be in the DSM. It'll be the reverse.

Men build society and women destroy it. No wonder 72% of income tax is paid by men and most spending decisions are made by women [one] [two] [three] [four]. No wonder neomasculinity builds and helps men to make money, get laid, lift weights, read books, self improvement, whilst feminism fights "rape culture" that doesn't exist, airbrushing, lack of female protagonists and lead characters, protein world beach body ready and barbie dolls.

Lazuli Waves

16-year-old boy given estrogen for behavioral disorder while at L.A. County juvenile hall, lawsuit alleges

A 16-year-old boy being held at a Los Angeles County juvenile hall developed enlarged breasts after he was prescribed estrogen to treat a behavioral disorder, a move that baffled doctors who said the treatment defied medical logic, according to a lawsuit filed last month.

The teen, whose identity is being withheld because of his age, was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, two days after he was arrested and housed at Eastlake Juvenile Hall in June 2019, the lawsuit said. Medical records reviewed by The Times show that the teen’s testosterone levels were “slightly high” when the doctor who diagnosed him prescribed daily doses of estrogen.

Estrogen regulates the development of female sexual characteristics and reproduction. Men produce the hormone at much lower levels.

After taking approximately 13 daily doses of the hormone, the teen was diagnosed with gynecomastia, defined as the enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in males whose estrogen level is too high, medical records show.

ODD, a behavioral condition that is sometimes suffered by patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is normally treated with therapy, said James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA.

“Estrogen is not a treatment for ODD. I can’t be more emphatic about that,” McGough said. “You won’t find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen for ODD.”

The lawsuit described the treatment as “experimental.”
The doctor who prescribed the estrogen, Danny Wang, could not be reached for comment.

Los Angeles County’s juvenile detention facilities are overseen by the Probation Department. Medical needs are provided by Juvenile Court Health Services, which falls under the county Department of Health Services. In an e-mail, a Department of Health Services representative confirmed that Wang has been employed by the county since 2012 but declined to comment on his current status with the agency, describing it as a “confidential personnel matter.” The department declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The suit — which names as defendants the county, Wang and David Oh, medical director of Juvenile Court Health Services — alleges medical battery and negligence.

Probation officials and the teen’s attorney, Wesley Ouchi, declined to say why he was in custody. Ouchi said the boy, now 17, was released in April and will require surgery to treat the physical issues he developed as a result of the estrogen treatment.

Wang prescribed a daily regimen of 2 milligrams of estrogen to be taken in pill form, according to medical records. The boy’s parents were not aware that he had been diagnosed with ODD or was undergoing treatment until late July 2019. Doctors said the treatments should not have been carried out without the parents’ consent.

The boy’s father, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his son’s identity, said he found out about the estrogen pills when he visited the juvenile hall one weekend last July.

“When I found out they were giving him the pill, I was like, why didn’t they ask me? When I found out what kind of pill was it, I was like, this is terrible,” the father said. “He’s only 16, and they were forcing him to take it.”

The father said he later confronted Oh, the medical director, over the phone. Oh admitted that Wang had made “a mistake,”
the father said. The health services representative declined to comment on Oh’s alleged remark due to the ongoing litigation.

The treatments stopped last July, after the teen began to complain of negative side effects and refused medication, records show. Prior to that, Ouchi said, his client felt compelled to take the pills because he feared that disobeying Wang would have a detrimental effect on his pending criminal case.

Reports from probation officers about a youth’s time in custody can carry significant weight at sentencing hearings, and the teen’s case had not been adjudicated at the time Wang prescribed him the estrogen, Ouchi said.

Ouchi also alleges the boy was bullied by other youths in custody once his gynecomastia symptoms developed.

“As a teenager, he felt self-conscious already,” Ouchi said. “Going through these changes made it a lot more traumatic for him.”

Sara Coffey, director of child and adolescent psychiatry at Oklahoma State University, said ODD is normally diagnosed in children between the ages of 6 and 12. Children diagnosed with the disorder often struggle with authority, in school or in social settings. Common treatments include family therapy or medications that have had success in aiding juveniles with ADHD, including Ritalin and Adderall.

Using hormones to treat ODD might actually worsen the situation, Coffey said.

“The other concern I have, as a psychiatrist, is that we know hormones play a role in mood,” she said. “If his mood got disrupted, that could only further complicate things.”

Estrogen is normally stocked at L.A. County juvenile facilities for use as part of hormone therapy for contraception and treatment of gender dysphoria, according to the health services representative.

The boy’s father said the hormone therapy has had a long-term effect on his son, who now scares easily and has become antisocial.

“He’s like a different person. He just wants to be in his room, and he don’t come out for nothing, all day in his room,” the father said. “He was never like that.”

Times staff writer Jaclyn Cosgrove contributed to this report.