Ethiopians Block US Freeway, Demand US Govt. Intervention in Ethiopia


A famous Oromo singer was shot in his Addis Ababa home. So Ethiopians in Minnesota blocked a major freeway and demanded that Trump intervene.

Protesters march on I-94, through St. Paul
Updated: July 01, 2020 09:14 PM
Created: July 01, 2020 06:50 PM

Wednesday night, protesters marched onto Interstate 94 in St. Paul.
Police were seen blocking the entrance ramps to I-94 near Marion Street shortly before 6:30 p.m. Shortly before 7 p.m., the group was in the westbound lanes near Dale Street. The group slowly moved toward Lexington but stayed on the interstate for well over an hour.

One protester told KSTP reporter Tom Hauser they were telling the U.S. government to stop letting fake leaders run Ethiopia after a popular musician was reportedly killed Wednesday morning.

After 8 p.m., the group moved off the interstate and onto nearby streets. By 9 p.m., the group was near Dale Street and University Avenue.

Many protesters told a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS crew that they're upset over the death of popular musician Hachalu Hundessa, known for songs against the prime minister. Protesters said the Ethiopian government has detained many people, dozens have been killed, the internet was shut down in the country and journalists are being jailed.

They're calling for the U.S. government to put pressure on the Ethiopian government.
Back in Ethiopia, more than 80 are dead after rioting and the internet was shutdown afterwards.

They should be careful what they wish for as the US government might use this as a pretext to steal the Ark.
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Max Roscoe


So much careless Ethiopians Have gone astray
So much careless Ethiopians Have lost their way
They calling up an Antichrist Each night and day
Pray for a god to come from outer space

La Águila Negra


166 dead.. That's serious even for African standards

From what I know about everything in Etheopia is highly tribal.

Politics and business are heavily dominated by the Orthodox Tigray and Amharic highlanders

Yet their current leader Abiy Ahmed (Pentecostal I believe) is from the Oromo tribe (the biggest ethnic group). They are 40 percent Christian, 60 percent Muslim and live in the arid lowlands

The singer that was shot was from the same Oromo tribe. Allegedly he was a proponent for more autonomy and Oromo influence nationwide. Most of the rioting is taking place there as well

So what I don't understand is the current dynamics at play here. What segment of the current Ethiopian leadership took him out? What's their reasoning? Could there be outside interference from Egypt to create internal tension?

Anyone with knowledge on the subject feel free to chime in.