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Ok confirmed. More lockdowns on the way in Europe. Yesterday secret meeting in France. Today in germany. Italy will take unprecedented measures. Swiss also.
Where did you get the info on this from ?, do you have any source we can read the details on these plans


I t looks like the UK is in it for the long haul. Browsing the football news today, the lower leagues have suspended all play until 6th March, as they do not believe there is any prospect of the lockdown being lifted before that point.


Quebec in Canada is on full lockdown at nights. Nobody allowed out unless essential worker?

When Biden gets in does anyone know how a Federal mandate for a full national lockdown would work if the Red states dissent? How would they handle it?
I don't think there's constitutional authority to institute such lockdown in the US.
For one thing, there's interstate commerce clause to the constitution that they can't violate and other limitations on federal powers. Lockdowns are up to the state governments.
The Supreme Court is still conservative (though they can pack it, but it'd take them a lot of time).
Biden can play with withholding federal money from the states to pressure them.
The latest from the UK:

Got to say that this increasingly comes to mind:

A mate of mine is dating a woman who has a number-crunching job in the NHS.

Apparently, she has been briefed to class deaths completely unrelated to China Virus as... China Virus deaths, should they be related to hospital overcrowding. For example, if somebody dies of a heart attack or an old lady falls and breaks her hip but they don't get to hospital because the perception is that the hospitals are full, whether from the patient or anybody else.


Statistics suggest that the proportion of NHS beds occupied by patients is actually lower than usual.

The data shows hospitals were at about 87 percent capacity in December and early January.

This figure was increased to just over 90 percent during the same period for London and the South East.

So for every 10 hospital beds available in England, roughly nine had a patient occupying them on any given day.


This occupancy rate is, however, noticeably lower than normal.
During a normal winter, occupancy for hospital beds tends to average between 93 and 95 percent.
But NHS England warns against using comparisons such as these, because it’s not possible to compare like-for-like exactly how hospitals are being run.
Effectively, bed occupancy shows how many beds are available if patients need them, but fails to paint a picture of how much work is needed to tend to these beds.

This figure is set to reduce the risk of staff becoming overstretched or being unable to deal with an unexpected surge in patents for whatever reason.

The Covid crisis has meant hospital bosses have deemed it necessary to ensure there’s even more wiggle room than usual due to the rapid rate at which the virus spreads.

The number of patients in hospitals in England with the virus has increased by 8,000 since the start of December, hitting a record high of 22,534 at the beginning of the month.

And another effect of the pandemic is the impact on healthcare staff themselves.

Once the virus is prevalent in a community, hospital staff inevitably need to take time off due to sickness or self isolation.

During the first wave in April, 6.7 percent of staff were absent from work, compared with just four percent in 2019.

So it’s understandable that while hospitals are feeling the increased pressure this winter, they also need to ensure they have enough room to manoeuvre and plan for unexpected crises.

Outside the NHS, the Government is able to work with private hospitals and look at using the Nightingale hospitals, but this is also likely to be affected by staffing shortages and pressure.

Problem is that the Nightingale Hospitals - hastily built and opened at great cost to the British taxpayer - aren't being used. From the comments section of this article:

The way the government is screaming now about hospitals "so called" all being over-run and in "disaster mode". You'd expect all Nightingale hospitals would have been opened up by now. None have and the last pictures we saw of them - showed they was all stripped bare since. Is that why they ain't opening them, because they know they can't and still all stripped bare?
Makes you wonder if the Nightingale hospitals was just another stunt the government pulled for some to make money out bogus contracts

Building the Nightingales was kneejerk response to China building 14 new hospitals to manage the outbreak. Everything we do is on the back of China as well as total miscalculation and error-riddled data spreadsheets by scientists who use the same software they developed their climate change models with. Errors compounded by errors compounded by ego+power+control initiatives by the Government and WHO.

TLDR: people are dying needlessly of causes unrelated to China Virus because hospitals might be overcrowded.
This is despite the huge empty Nightingale Hospitals built last year.
And we are told to stay at home to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.


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How long until this hits Europe? I bet February.

I made a separate thread for this.
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The hospitals are not busy whatsoever in many areas. The places which are busy are those which always are, in dense metro areas.

You have to take into consideration it is winter and there are those types of people who go to the hospital with a nasty cough or chest infection thinking is Covid and then you have the illusion of "busy hospitals".

They also had an excuse for not using the Nightingale hospitals and that was a lack of staff! Which doesn't make sense because 1: We have thousands of former health workers asking to come and help and 2: The British military has plenty of medical staff waiting.

None have been brought forward because that would destroy the illusion that there is a "crisis".

All this is is the typical winter failings of the NHS that happens every year with the added problems of some new flu on the block.


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How long until this hits Europe? I bet February.

I made a separate thread for this.
Probably in June. Probably small blackouts in west with news of grid problems. they are testing it in Pakistan first. Theres a new calendar supposedly it happens in 21st.
if you had told me 5 years ago I would be writing this sentences...
Starting Monday, hairdressers are allowed to open their salons again after almost 3 months closure in Austria.
But here's the catch:
Customers willing to enter a hair salon are required to provide a negative sars cov 2 certificate not older than 48 hours.
Government testing facilities reported heavy attendance this weekend.
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