European Fall Lockdowns - Sweepstake


Our glorious leader has announced the details of his "Roadmap"; we won't even have non-essential shops and hairdressers open until 12th April, never mind anything approaching normality. I'm betting that a lot of shop doors are never going to open again. To use someone else's Churchill parody, never in the history of this country has so much been sacrificed, by so many, for so few.
All the normies here in England are happy because the day after restrictions supposedly fall, England are playing football.

I like football but the memes and stuff celebrating this, I find sad. We're championing our inslavement.


That canadian and Danish document that floated on /Pol last year with the steps being undertaken is looking legit but the stages were in the wrong order.

This is the correct order.

They are normalising the use of the military as well.

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I thought this was worth it's own thread, although it doesn't seem to be getting much love or attention.