European Fall Lockdowns - Sweepstake


You test with those 90% false positive tests and you get a surge. You could even have 0% 'infected' and will get a surge if you test everyone through.

But note the terminology used - they are only speaking about cases - 99%+ of them asymptomatic - meaning healthy. They have only those stupid tests.

This is the world you want I guess:

And there are other reports about this woman - she not even being in quarantine, but being tested afterwards for some bogus reason.

We could test 7.5 bio. and have 100% test positive - the entire world up to quarantine and mass starvation. It's really as dumb as that.



(FIRST nation to have a major city locked-down)

France; 1/1

Czech Republic; 2/1

Spain; 3/1

UK (Cities not currently LD); 3/1

Belarus (if the MILF whore gets shoe-horned in); 4/1

@LD... of course it's not what I want. I just think the whole fucking thing's a parody at this point.

Serie A1

At sports events in Germany, lockdown restrictions are being gradually eased. Matches in the DFB-Pokal over the last few days have seen crowds of up to a few thousand spectators (the exact figure depends on the individual state's laws) allowed into stadia: