Events Under The Sun As Bitter Medicine



Psalms 90:15 “Make us glad according to the days wherein thou hast afflicted us, and the years wherein we have seen evil.”​

What are your thoughts on the extent that bad news and world corruption to our ears brings edification? For me, there are many times in which it is good to not think about all the bad in the world, at the same time, it is often that seeing immorality in society, even in high places can remind me of the paths we're not supposed to take, to be confident in what is right and wrong, and to learn useful things about certain situations. Without knowing many of the things that aren't spoken enough about, I wouldn't have insight into many things, and that insight can be used to protect from doubt and confusion, and also bring others to the knowledge of how increasing evil is, and therefore the necessity of a good God. Immorality can also be an opportunity to examine ourselves. I think there is a good balance to be found between heavenly hope and earthly knowledge. I agree that there is a point when people get too comfortable, because they focus only on how others are speeding up our decay and therefore only consider their confidence in being right, but many more seem to be within the mind of the martyrs when watching the corruption of our country, who saw the evils of the corrupt emperors, and were emboldened to fight the evil with their zeal, but not with unholy violence or prideful anger either. Like many things, I think bad news as bitter medicine is up to the person receiving it to make what of it they will, and it's not the fault of the one who shares it if that person gives off a watchful and caring energy, rather than a gloomy or confused disposition to the one hearing the news