Evidence of 2020 Election Violations

Will anyone be held accountable for violations?

  • Yea

    Votes: 24 31.6%
  • No

    Votes: 52 68.4%

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There going to need more than a few boxes with some ballots to be erroneously placed either by accident or on purpose to do anything massive. As someone posted before somewhere on here, its not that there's fraud. Its that the fraud is significant enough to alter the results in a meaningful way. Otherwise those involved might get in trouble but nothing elelection side will change.


Seems like the Democrats have done a pretty good job keeping poll watchers out and hiding the evidence of their crime. However, the fraud is in plain sight if you look at the statistical anomalies in the data. Things like voter turnout between the States and the percentage of the mail-in vote that Biden is getting where he needs to win. Post what you have got.